Is it too late?

Would it have mattered if the Senate had passed, the right bill for the American people?

Could the Senate pass Cut cap and balance and reverse this madness that we find ourselves in now?

 Are we about to see history repeat and is this our Great Depression?

This just in, received in an Email today, (may not reflect the opinions of the owners of this website.)

Dear Patriot, Hold on it’s about to be a bumpy ride. S&P has downgraded the United States AAA credit rating and the economy is volatile. It is clear that the projected federal deficit over the next ten years brings into question the long-term stability of the American economy.

Washington missed the opportunity to address their spending addiction during the debt ceiling debate. They provided even further evidence that under the current system they are incapable of the solemn responsibility that the American people have granted them. Only one plan was presented during the entire debt ceiling debate that would have preserved America’s credit rating.

It was Cut, Cap, and Balance which passed the Republican/Tea Party controlled House of Representatives and was immediately tabled by the dinosaurs and Democrats in the Senate. The only way that we can avoid finding ourselves in this situation in perpetuity, is to amend the Constitution to require the federal government balance their budget. Click here to to demand a balanced budget! When the government failed to address the sub-prime mortgage crisis by addressing the incompetence and corruption within Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the American people suffered when the value of their homes plummeted.

When the government granted exceptions to certain banks to behave as speculators in critical commodity markets, the American people suffered from higher gas prices. Now, Washington is unable to address long-term spending and it is ‘We The People’ who continue to suffer from their inability to lead. This cannot be about maintaining the pressure we have already put on Congress. If we are going to pass a balanced budget amendment, we need to dramatically increase that pressure!

Already we have sent more than 65,000 letters to Washington demanding that they pass a balanced budget amendment. If you will take just a few moments to participate we can get that number well past 100,000 today! Our system makes it quick and easy to participate, and the best part is that there is NO requirement to donate in order to MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD!


Thank you, Todd Cefaratti Freedom Organizer To make a contribution by mail, please click here or address to: | 1717 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Suite 1025 | Washington, DC 20006 Toll-free: 866-928-6555


Real solutions that can save America

There is one simple thing that can help save Billions and Billions of money that has yet to be spent.

It is just two words, simple when you think about it and

it can fundamentally change America.

Two words that will change our current system and fundamentally change America, the kind of change you voted for, two words, it is really just that simple.

These two words will eliminate more waste and fraud out of the budget than anything currently being proposed by the white house.

These two words would actually bring in more money into the government.

These two words would help save America, but the politicians in Washington are afraid to say these words because it would mean that they would have to balance their check books just as we have to do every month.

These Two words.

Flat TAX, you read it correctly folks, the flat tax would bring in more money and more revenue and it would help us in building up the infrastructure while we reduce pork spending.

Amazing I know, those two little words can save America.

Will congress learn how to say those two words?

They say that it will not work but the fact is that the numbers say it will work, they say it is not possible, but the truth is that it is possible.