Fox and Friends Liars?

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What is going on over at Fox news, Are they really the news at all or are they really more like an entertainment company?

In a news story that aired this morning they make this statement, paraphrased statement, there are 434 thousand more job claims, than last week, BUT it was less than what was expected…


Kidding me?

How is that less my friends, do you know how to add subtract and divide over there at Fox news or are they as allegedly stupid as they appear to be…

There is no way that 434 thousand more jobless claims is a good thing I do not care how many lies you tell people know the truth and I am sick and tired of Steve and those other clowns on TV sitting there talking Bull puckey off the top of their heads.

People are no where near as stupid as you think that they are.

The real story here is that somewhere in this nation there are now 434,000,00 more people that might be starving to death in a few months time… That is the news story but amazingly Fox news is not covering that news story they are covering some imaginary story that does not even exist.

Is fox news Lying to the American People?

Should they be shut down?

Are just stupid?

I suppose they are about as dumb as all the others out there from NBC, to ABC, it seems like our media are all just plain dumb…