Supreme court rules against the people?

So now we have a situation where the Supreme Court, the alleged clowns in black robes, have ruled that the people of a state have no right to uphold the constitution of the state or the Constitution of the United States…

What is wrong with the highest court why are they trying to legislate from the bench? (allegedly)

Why are they doing such foolish thing as this?



Supreme court, Kangaroo court,

Imagine you lived in a nation where the highest court in the land no longer ruled from the basis of their oaths.

 Supreme Justices or Clowns in black robes…

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Make my Day, Clint Eastwood

Imagine a day when a man can express his opinion in a good way that no only communicates the truth but also does it in a humorous way?

One thing about it, if the liberal clowns think that the 82 year old actor and director cares what they think they are sadly mistaken.

It was not the normal method of illustration but it was very effective…

Not crazy at all….  Like a Fox my friends…


Now I have to say I was surprised and I was somewhat humbled, by this mans stopping by to do the right thing.

 It was an enjoyable presentation that really produced the kind of results that we need to do.

Mr. Eastwood was certainly a little frail and at times he was a little unsure of his dialog, but you know what you make it to the age of 82 and do half as good a job as this man did last night and you will have earned the admiration of our fellow Americans.






Teachers Go on Strike…

Well here we are just a few more days until its time to vote the clowns out of office that sit now in the Senate and have failed to pass a budget for three years, (probably a record for sure and for sure those that have failed to do their duty should have a record to remember in the future)

So, now we have these so called “Teachers” who look like a group of alleged fanatical wackos, than they do actual teachers, but why has the media ignored the real story here?

Likely its because they are also union, the media that is, its really interesting to watch the special interests play their games and no one reports on the real news story…

So, since Bill Hemmer and Martha Wa Wa, failed to allegedly cover the news story this morning here it is…

  What about the Kids, do we really need teachers that care less about the children that they are supposed to be teaching and more about how much money they make which by all accounts is more than the average.

So really whats up here, do these people think that they are doing such a bang up job that they deserve a raise.

What about performance teaching, you know actually produce real life class room results and get paid for that result.

Because if this school system is half as messed up as other Union facilities are across this once great nation then they would own the state of Illinois, money not the other way around.   They say teachers work hard, they do great work, ok great Prove it, I want to see the results, I want to see how many actually graduated then went to college and excelled…

That is the true test of how well a teacher performs, you know what I am sick and tired of these people who think that they are owed everything while doing allegedly nothing to earn that money.

Its time for performance pay, or no pay at all.

You want a 60 percent Raise, increase your students performances by 60 percent and then you can get your raise.

But this is all rather stupid if you think about it these so called alleged teachers really should all be fired and replaced with teachers that want to teach and will do the job for which they have been hired not walk the street dressed like alleged street walkers, its offensive and its dumb, but that is what we have come to expect from Chicago



obama administration set to hair lip the devil?

Hair lip the Devil, or in this case the voter…

Perhaps you have heard that old adage, hair lip the devil it is usually reserved for the most onerous of behaviors,

with the way you see some of the insanity of this present white house and how they trot out the clowns to spin everything, as if we the people are really that stupid?

Oh well, now here is the latest in the hair lip the devil, donkey jumping off a cliff ideology or dare we say ideologue, sure why not that is what it is and this is what it is, the NYC, Trials, which 86 percent of the united states is against because it is burdensome, cumbersome, and every other some you can think of, it is just plain stupid some…

How can 150 years of American Justice be wrong?

Health Care, Trials that have in the past 150 years been handled by the Military, the list goes on and on and on, are they really this stupid…

It really defies the imagination…

If you really want a funny laugh just listen to how they will try to blame the last administration. It was a problem from the last guy, or the SODDIT, Defense… Some other dude did it…

Your kidding right?

They are really trying to blame all their mistakes on some other dude did it…

Something you hear all the time in the court system, but it just never works, unless apparently you are a liberal democrat.

But guess what that just does not work not matter what you are, even if you are stupid, it still does not work….

Adults, at least those that have a modicum of intelligence, take care of business.

They don,t blame it on someone else, they Man or Woman up and get the job done, what we are seeing from these

liberals is just plain "Goof Ball" stupidity…

When you think about how ignorant these people allegedly are you have to just scratch your head and wonder, what is next, banning Ronald Mcdonald?


fox news biased news

Fox and Friends Liars?

What is going on over at Fox news, Are they really the news at all or are they really more like an entertainment company?

In a news story that aired this morning they make this statement, paraphrased statement, there are 434 thousand more job claims, than last week, BUT it was less than what was expected…


Kidding me?

How is that less my friends, do you know how to add subtract and divide over there at Fox news or are they as allegedly stupid as they appear to be…

There is no way that 434 thousand more jobless claims is a good thing I do not care how many lies you tell people know the truth and I am sick and tired of Steve and those other clowns on TV sitting there talking Bull puckey off the top of their heads.

People are no where near as stupid as you think that they are.

The real story here is that somewhere in this nation there are now 434,000,00 more people that might be starving to death in a few months time… That is the news story but amazingly Fox news is not covering that news story they are covering some imaginary story that does not even exist.

Is fox news Lying to the American People?

Should they be shut down?

Are just stupid?

I suppose they are about as dumb as all the others out there from NBC, to ABC, it seems like our media are all just plain dumb…


Standoff in Wisconsin

Well it appears at least allegedly so that the unions have won out against a weak governor who cannot apparently stand on his principals or beliefs.

Life changes, if you doubt that just ask Charlie Sheen how much his life has changed over the last two years.

The thing is that apparently the unions do not feel they should ever be included in any type of change that the rest of the world is forced into.

They feel they are owed, allegedly, not sure why they think they are any better than any other man or woman that exists on the face of the planet, but apparently we have no leaders that are capable of actually leading. While it is notable that, the democrats will pay a huge price in the end for this folly they have engaged in they will eventually be voted out of office.

So, do what ever you have to do and then when that walking trash can shows up for work, then there will be trouble, it is time to vote these democrat clowns out of office, they have proved that they will not do their jobs, they have proved that they are not capable of working.

They should be fired and voted out of office, and that is what will happen.

end of the internet power play

is this the end of the internet?

Will they shut down the Internet?

Amazing but could this really be true, will they try to dismantle allegedly the internet, really that is the most important thing they can be doing up in Washington, really, we have people sleeping under bridges out here and they want to do this?

Are we facing the end of the freedom that the internet has offered us for years, and is the FCC allegedly going to close it down for good?
In a recent post we can see that this is something that must be challenged, and soon folks, because if your invested in the NASDAQ you had better be watching this closely.


Tomorrow morning the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will mark the winter solstice by taking an unprecedented step to expand government’s reach into the Internet by attempting to regulate its inner workings. In doing so, the agency will circumvent Congress and disregard a recent court ruling.

How did the FCC get here?

For years, proponents of so-called “net neutrality” have been calling for strong regulation of broadband “on-ramps” to the Internet, like those provided by your local cable or phone companies. Rules are needed, the argument goes, to ensure that the Internet remains open and free, and to discourage broadband providers from thwarting consumer demand. That sounds good if you say it fast.

This is scary stuff folks and if you do not take action soon watch as the NASDAQ drops like a rock as investors see that the tech sector will not survive regulation by the Washington clowns that know nothing about the internet and how it works try to blow it up, (allegedly)

Will the FCC determine the way you can use the internet?

chase chase anti christmas? chase bank Why you might not want this bank

chase bank strikes again, what is up with these clowns?

So what up with that…

We just shredded three offers from Chase bank, mostly because we don’t want to do business with jerks that don’t believe in the time honored traditions of America.

In so many ways, it is this bank that allegedly makes so many customers angry, what is up with a bank that just allegedly does not care?

Why are they acting like this? (allegedly)


Come November we will remember.

They have thought to enslave the people with taxes.

They have thought to emulate a failed health care system, even after seeing Canada and Europe in Turmoil.

With little or no real health care provided.

They have thought to do great things, but they are only human as human as any others that have tried this in the past, sadly they have failed to prove they are different.

It is time to vote this failed car in the ditch speech out of office.

Back of the bus, is that really what was said, they want the rest of America to sit in the back of the bus?

Folks after two years, of lies, and change that no one voted for, after two years of special interests controlling Washington you can now make a difference, in the way your voice is heard, yes you can.

Yes you can fire those clowns in Washington.

Those clowns that have been lying to you for years, while they robbed the social security trust fund and never paid it back.

While they took money from the social security trust fund and now they say its your fault, because you lived too long.

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