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  • Supreme court rules against the people?

    So now we have a situation where the Supreme Court, the alleged clowns in black robes, have ruled that the people of a state have no right to uphold the constitution of the state or the Constitution of the United States… What is wrong with the highest court why are they trying to legislate from […]

  • Supreme court, Kangaroo court,

    Imagine you lived in a nation where the highest court in the land no longer ruled from the basis of their oaths. ┬áSupreme Justices or Clowns in black robes…

  • Make my Day, Clint Eastwood

    Imagine a day when a man can express his opinion in a good way that no only communicates the truth but also does it in a humorous way? One thing about it, if the liberal clowns think that the 82 year old actor and director cares what they think they are sadly mistaken. It was […]

  • Teachers Go on Strike…

    Well here we are just a few more days until its time to vote the clowns out of office that sit now in the Senate and have failed to pass a budget for three years, (probably a record for sure and for sure those that have failed to do their duty should have a record […]

  • obama administration set to hair lip the devil?

    Hair lip the Devil, or in this case the voter… Perhaps you have heard that old adage, hair lip the devil it is usually reserved for the most onerous of behaviors, with the way you see some of the insanity of this present white house and how they trot out the clowns to spin everything, […]

  • Fox and Friends Liars?

    What is going on over at Fox news, Are they really the news at all or are they really more like an entertainment company? In a news story that aired this morning they make this statement, paraphrased statement, there are 434 thousand more job claims, than last week, BUT it was less than what was […]

  • Standoff in Wisconsin

    Well it appears at least allegedly so that the unions have won out against a weak governor who cannot apparently stand on his principals or beliefs. Life changes, if you doubt that just ask Charlie Sheen how much his life has changed over the last two years. The thing is that apparently the unions do […]

  • is this the end of the internet?

    Will they shut down the Internet? Amazing but could this really be true, will they try to dismantle allegedly the internet, really that is the most important thing they can be doing up in Washington, really, we have people sleeping under bridges out here and they want to do this? Are we facing the end […]

  • chase bank strikes again, what is up with these clowns?

    So what up with that… We just shredded three offers from Chase bank, mostly because we don’t want to do business with jerks that don’t believe in the time honored traditions of America. In so many ways, it is this bank that allegedly makes so many customers angry, what is up with a bank that […]

  • Come November we will remember.

    They have thought to enslave the people with taxes. They have thought to emulate a failed health care system, even after seeing Canada and Europe in Turmoil. With little or no real health care provided. They have thought to do great things, but they are only human as human as any others that have tried […]