democrat scandals and Media liars

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You may not hear about the scandals that happen when it effects a democrat, but this kind of one sided news is what is causing a rush to the internet for most information consumers, they can get a more balanced approach with internet news.

What is interesting here is that so many people seem to think that were limited to what they show us, when the truth is out there.

We know that scandals are everywhere, for both republicans and democrats, it really does not matter what any one says we are still human the only difference is that the media will ignore one news story if its a democrat and show another news story if its a republican.

This is Evil and must stop…

Why the media are so bold is that they hide behind freedom of the press, but the truth is that the constitution does not protect a corrupt press.

Its time to send a message to the corrupt media, start reporting the news in a fair way or get out of the business.