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Video Proof

In Georgia in appears that allegedly it is possible that democrat operatives operated tabulators After Hours in the State of Georgia with no one Supervising…

This is huge!

IT has been alleged that there is video that shows Democrat Operatives who appear to be processing votes without supervision as IS required by GEORGIA LAW!

If you live in Georgia!

Call Your Representatives
in Georgia!

Call Your Senators!

This is so so important!

We have seen over the last few days hundreds of examples where not only were ballots treated differently but many appeared to have been manufactured.

These Ballots were 98 percent for candidate Joe Biden!

These things are not isolated events!

These things are not just some strange thing that happened a few times and can be explained!

No No No…

Contrary to what the Sec of State is alleging the Georgia Election was not secure and it was not fair and it was not free from Fraud!

Simply Put it really appears that Both the Governor of the State of Georgia and the Sec of State for Georgia are allegedly either incompetent or they have a Dog in the Hunt!

Now If you have ever lived in the State of Georgia you know that anyone that makes broad statements about the election integrity of the state of Georgia would have to actually Look at the Ballots and that is something that has not been done!

For someone to say that Election Fraud does not exist when there is PROOF! When Experts have uncovered Verifiable Proof! Moreover hundreds of Georgia Poll workers, Voters, Personal and more have Sworn under penalty of Perjury that Serious! SERIOUS!

Egregious Horrible Problems in the Georgia Election!

The Georgia Election….

There is even a report that so called “Dark Money” Or Money that has been provided to democrats allegedly from Billionaire and Facebook Owner, Zuck Zuck, now this is not only disturbing but it is seriously concerning when we have reports Center for Tech and Civic Life that Millions of dollars went to Dozens of Georgia Election Offices. (funds were also provided to republican counties but pennies on the dollar compared to what was given to the largest democrat counties.) Just Wow!

The idea that a state official would deny all of this truth!

Allegedly make statements affirming that no vote fraud existed! But when you begin to look at the truth here you see some very amazing things.

Money was reported to have been received by 44 of the States 159 counties.

Wow, this is huge and it is Amazing…

Millions of dollars from The organizing institute.

Going to Georgia County Election Offices.

55 percent of Biden Counties were funded by allegedly Partisan Organizations by the tune of Millions and Millions of Dollars.

It appears allegedly that democrat voting jumped by 530,000 What happened when these counties received hundreds of thousands of dollars!

What appears to be Privatized Election funding!

This Funding appears and has alleged to come from Zuck Zuck.. Zuckbook… Just like the huge millions of dollars that went to only certain counties in the State of PA!

Can you imagine for a moment how in the world that Millions of dollars went to only certain places in Georgia and those places increased the Vote responses by Democrats by a huge amount!

We have serious problems in Georgia!

more than 14,000 voters are alleged to have voted in the Georgia election who moved away from the State of Georgia!

Thousands of voters who voted in the 2020 election who were casting illegal votes in Georgia!

Witness after Witness have come forward to testify about the problems that have been documented by Photos, Videos, Physical Evidence!

This brings into question the idea that nothing happened!

Something Happened!

People are coming to stand up for the truth!

The American People are not brainwashed by the insanity of the media and the psycho babble from democrats that attempt to try to justify what is allegedly and very likely fraud in instance after instance.

It looks like we are seeing the Media attempting to black out the news so that people are not getting information that tells the truth about what are more than just anomalies more than just isolated instances.

The Media may believe that they can hide the truth…

They may think that if they deny the truth that no one will care…

They are so wrong…

The People of America know what is going on and even if every single media bobblehead in America deny the truth it does not change the truth!

The Truth will be Revealed!

The Truth will come out and it is coming out!

2020 election 2020 election fraud 2020 election integrity

Look at the Ballots

The one thing that seems beyond belief here is that we have hundreds of thousands of suspect ballots.

No one has looked at them.

Is it possible that they do not want to look at the Ballots?

IF that is the truth then what can we expect in the future if anything concerning the truth about this election.

In the State of Georgia they have not done the right thing.

They have not looked at the mail in ballots that are alleged to have been either manufactured and or altered ballots.

IF this is true then there are so many issues that we cannot even begin to understand how bad that this has become.

WE have reports of the dead voting, we have numerous whistle blowers who are risking everything to tell the truth about this election.

Open up the Ballot Boxes.

Look at the Ballots in order to get to the truth.

The Media can no longer cry that there is no evidence when in fact there is so much evidence that it defies the imagination.

So much evidence.

But nothing happens?

How is this not the subject of an official investigation.

Why are we not hearing this on the News.

We must have a faithful adjudication and so far that is just not happening anywhere.

2020 election 2020 election fraud 2020 election integrity Politics

Bulk Mail Center

It has been alleged A Bulk Mail Center Processing facility in the State of New York may be implicated and alleged to have been used to transport suspect Ballots for the 2020 Presidential Election!

There are serious implications.

The time frame that this happened was in October of this year!

If proven true then this is the missing evidence that the media have been screaming about in fact anyone that watches this video will have no doubt that election fraud occurred and it was Massive…

Here it is, watch the Video below.

IF proven true then we have a serious problem…

There appears to be a serious problem that has been documented that could allegedly implicate the use of a USPS facility which may have been used as a means of delivering bulk loads of votes and ballots that have been reported to have been already filled out and ready to count.

When you begin to look at this issue you have to understand that the media can no longer say that there is not a smoking gun.

Mountains of Evidence
are appearing all over the United States of America.

So many people telling the same story in different ways but it all adds up to a systematic approach to creating an atmosphere of hostile intentions toward the GOP poll watchers / observers for the sole purpose of disrupting the chain of custody of huge numbers of votes in this election.

Thousands of people are coming forward to reveal what we all know is the truth about this election.

Frankly this is so big and so coordinated that you can no longer ignore that in fact Election Fraud Happened!

It happened and the Media are ignoring this problem.

It is likely that the Media will continue to ignore this amazingly corrupt election process because they are not afraid of consequences.

They are not afraid because there are no consequences.

We have seen the truth revealed.

Hundreds of people are coming forward and there are even more that will come forward because you cannot perpetrate this level of huge fraud and not leave behind some trace of what happened and what is still happening.

We have seen evidence that is so substantial that there is no way that you can deny it because it is just too big now.

The Media may try to hide this but the truth is being revealed.

Reports indicate that There are photographs, Video, GPS vehicle information. Testimony and physical evidence of completed ballots moving across state lines from one place to another.

These are literally alleged to have been produced and or created in one state or another location and then transported and counted in another states election.

Came from NY went to PA counted in PA.

Now this is a serious problem one that authorities cannot ignore.

This is Amazingly Explosive News!

Was the USPS used as an alleged “Mule” to transport illegal ballots across state lines to deliver illegal ballots to one or more states.

This is just Mind Blowing information and the fact that the media are not covering this massive news story then you have to know that they believe that the fix is in (allegedly)

WE must have an Audit in every state.

We must have answers.

The People of the United States must have relief.

There is far too much evidence.

There is a mountain of evidence.

There is a serious problem that must be adjudicated.

WE know what happened and in some cases we have seen physical evidence that proves that massive fraud did take place, (allegedly)

The Truth is coming out and the Media are going to be exposed as the liars that they are.

The Media have been taking part in this election process and actively attempting to mislead the American Public about the true nature of this huge problem.

WE know the truth and it is time that the Authorities take action because this is not going to be swept under the rug.

You cannot count on Politicians to cover up the truth because in the end when it is their skin that is under the microscope they will reveal the truth.

The Truth is coming out!

America will know the truth and it is time that we see those persons who are responsible to step forward and to do the right thing for this nation.

Some people may believe that they can say what ever they want to say everyone will believe them.

WE know what really happened.

Now the truth is coming out.

When will we see the authorities come forward to do their jobs and if they refuse to do their jobs then what good are they?

Is there any Justice?

With the way that so many serious problems are being documented it is just beyond the imagination that there is no justice.

Will we see Justice in this
nation ever again?

2020 election 2020 election fraud 2020 election integrity Politics

Michigan Fraud!

The Media are already reporting that there is no evidence of vote fraud in Michigan This story is being reported even before witnesses are presented that can confirm the fraud that the Media say does not exist!

Think about that for a second…

Before evidence is presented in a public hearing officials are saying there is no evidence! This would be funny if it were not such a serious issue which is not only valid but there is allegedly verifiable proof of tampering and fraud.

In what is becoming clear to every honest American in these United States of America is that there is a story that is replaying in almost every state and this is not just rumors these are sworn affidavits under penalty of perjury.

These People are risking their reputations and their personal safety!

These in large part are not paid but volunteers who without pay agreed to take part in observing the election process to be sure that the result was fair, But they were denied meaningful access… As well as the liberty guaranteed under the Constitution of the State of Georgia and the United States Constitution.

This story is being told by Patriots and concerned voters who have eye witness testimony and physical evidence to present that will show the shocking truth behind the 2020 Election Fraud Event!

In every single case it is clear that the “Mail In Ballot Counts” show a clear connection to not only questionable voting results but outright fraud and possibly even criminal acts by Dominion Voting personal and allegedly democrats who are taking every step to deny the voters the truth about this election.

It Started in Pennsylvania where more than a million “Mail In Ballots” appeared overnight after tabulation centers where summarily shut down in several states and the common denominator has been dominion voting machines, Broken chain of custody, Denial of poll observers to meaningfully examine Ballots including Mail in Ballots!

This story is undeniable!

There are just too many Eye Witnesses that are all giving accounts of what happened and what they saw that goes against State Laws!

When a few people say something its easier to just say Oh its isolated but this is not just a few people this is thousands of people and they all have said that they were denied the opportunity to see the ballots or see the signatures or to have access to view these questionable ballots.

Most notably the State of Georgia which has election laws governing the examination of ballots.

The Sec of State for Georgia allegedly has denied the voters of the state of Georgia their Constitutional right to have their votes count.

Then allegedly this man who claims to be a republican but allegedly made a deal with democrats to treat ballots differently in the 2020 presidential election.

This guy has the nerve to then stand up and tell what is likely and allegedly a known lie.

He states that the Trump voters are being misled?


Who is doing the misleading here?

The State of Georgia has an election law governing the examination of Ballots. The Sec of State without authorization of the legislature agreed along with democrats to allow mail in ballots to be subject to lessor levels of validation and almost no oversight.

They allegedly did not accurately or thoroughly examine mail in ballots which is corroborated by the rejection rate of ballots in the 2020 election is at a rate far below the normal rejection rate for most elections in the state of Georgia.

In the 2018 election 3.5 percent of ballots were rejected for things such as signatures that did not match, incorrect addresses, invalid ballots being cast using the same address is just one possible example.

In the 2020 election .3 percent of mail in
ballots were rejected!

This means that approximately 3.2 percent of those mail in ballots with exceeded 500 percent greater numbers than previous elections in the State of Georgia. IF the average per one million ballots is 32,000 ballots that likely were defective in some way and should not have been counted then that is just one example of how the Sec of State is failing to do his sworn duty to the State of Georgia Voters!

Now, his defense is that he settled a lawsuit, (which allegedly Stacy Abrams was a party to either by association or by direct participation)

The lawsuit was from democrats and the settlement thereof was to allow mail in ballots to be treated differently than in previous elections.

They was done even though Georgia law clearly states that the Legislature alone holds this authority and did not agree to this and allegedly they likely were not even consulted?

It makes you wonder what is going on in Georgia!

They allowed the Established Georgia Election laws to be subverted by the Sec of State and the democrats…

This is why that allegedly Stacy Abrams said that “They have 750,000 absentee ballot requests” For the Runoff election…

Because these ballots will not be treated the same as ballots that Republican voters will cast in the runoff election!

Basically what this appears to say to voters is that Democrat Sponsored votes which are claimed to have been received by mail will be held to a lessor standard than other ballots.

To date the State of Georgia have NOT had a valid count of the election results.

They allowed ballots by mail to be held to a lessor standard than all other ballots. They did not apply the same standards to mail in ballots. Think about that for a second. The laws of the State of Georgia clearly state that all ballots shall be treated the same way but this did not happen in 2020 Georgia election.

So Georgia has not yet had a Valid election!

By allowing potentially invalid ballots to be counted at a higher rate of acceptance than all other ballots the State of Georgia has effectively created an invalid election result.

Now to add insult to injury the State engaged in an allegedly wasteful expenditure of tax payer funds to engage in a recount which was not lawful because they did not apply the correct standards of the examination of mail in ballots.

They recounted the same invalid ballots without applying
the law of the State of Georgia!

Now they are actively engaging in another recount…

But until the invalid ballots are audited and adjudicated then the State of Georgia has not yet provided a valid election result.

This clearly is a failure of those respective political officers to both perform their oaths of office and to follow the laws of the State.

You cannot ignore the Laws in one election in order to obtain a different result than all other Georgia Elections.

So, it appears that these actions might well be illegal were it to be examined under the appropriate authorities and judicial oversight.

Yet, these officials are not addressing this issue.

They along with the media are ignoring this change in the application of Georgia Laws to Election Ballots.

The Democrats ignored the Valid election laws governing the examination of ballots. Specifically Mail in Ballots however this very flawed process continues in the State even during the Recount of the Recount! Does that sound familiar? It should because this same thing was done in Florida during the 2000 election!

They were counting and c0unting and counting until they had enough votes.

But even more troubling here is the fact that there is evidence that the Dominion Voting machines were not effective in preventing potential fraud along with the abuse of authority and you have a recipe for a voting system that will never again be valid.

They have evidence that proves this and it is not only valid but also it is demonstrable.

When you add all of this up what you get is what is assuredly an unlawful election and possible criminal actions.

Should the people of the State of Georgia fail to receive appropriate relief from the judicial authorities Never again will elections in this nation be safe from fraud and tampering.

When you see and hear politicians stand up and omit the most egregious violations of the law from a statement they make that has to tell you that they know the truth but are choosing to omit the truth from what they are saying.

That is wrong in so many ways that it is literally impossible to believe anything they say or to trust them to do their duty or perform their oaths of office.

We know the truth!

2020 election 2020 election fraud 2020 election integrity Politics

Arizona Fraud!

Today some of the most egregious violations of election laws were documented by Eye Witnesses along with Actual Physical Evidence was presented by poll watchers / observers / Representatives of Elected officials along with observers and personal that were witness to Irregularities, Glitches, Anomalies, Errors, Accidents, Machines that were shut down and then restarted with ZERO oversight!

Plus So much more…

Circumstances that were so much alike that it was impossible not to see that these things that were so closely related to what happened in PA, GA and other states.

WE know what happened!

Yet, the Governors of the states of PA and GA as well as AZ have gone against the people of their respective states to certify what is most certainly a deeply flawed vote tabulation that must be investigated.

When Elected officials refuse to do their duty and they refuse to honor their oaths of office and then ignore the factual representative affidavits that not only demonstrate the actual breaking of state laws but likely and allegedly criminal behavior then it is time to remove those persons from their offices.

Additionally there has been experts in mathematical science that have proof as to what has been done in these voting and tabulation machines. Yet they are dismissed by the Media as false news?

The truth is clear and it is real!

We cannot just accept that the Media have any authority to declare a candidate won an election and even more so when you look at how all of this happened.

This is the time to stand up and to be certain that the alleged criminal actions that have taken place are investigated and are adjudicated by addressing the truth and not the lies of the Media.

It takes great courage to stand up and to testify about fraud and actions in a few areas in so many states that point to election fraud and malfeasance.

On election night we saw things happen that had never happened in our history of elections.

We saw ballot counting machines that were shut down in several states.

We saw as democrats blocked poll observers from doing their duty as afforded by law and by civic responsibility.

We saw windows that were blocked while democrats were allowed to do what ever they wanted to do with no one watching.

We saw in the State of Georgia where a false report of a water pipe bursting prevented the poll observers / watchers from being allowed to see what democrats were doing.

We later learned that this was a complete falsehood!

Then we watched in shocked disbelief as the Sec of State of Georgia deny the voters of the State of Georgia their rightful and due diligence by not allegedly not allowing mail in ballots to be examined as required by Georgia State law.

To add insult to injury we then watched as the Gov of the state of Georgia then failed to do his duty and failed to honor his oath of office and ultimately he failed the people of Georgia by being AWOL during this election integrity issues.

The truth is available to anyone that cares to look at the voting process.

I encourage you to watch the Arizona and Pennsylvania election fraud hearings because once you see the truth you can’t Un-see it!

The truth is being exposed and the truth will come out!

We need to call our representatives.

The people of these states need to do the right thing.

The one clear thing that you can see when viewing these videos is that there was fraud, there was dishonesty, it is so much the same thing, over and over again.

WE see the same things play out from people who saw what happened.

Eye Witness Testimony!

Physical Evidence!

Facts Figures and real life verifiable information that cannot be denied.

Perhaps if there were just a few people who observed these issues you might be less inclined to agree that there was fraud but this is not just a few people this is hundreds and hundreds of people that have seen the same things in different states.

There is no possible way that these things are not related.

These things are proof that we must address this issue and we must adjudicate it and we must hold those politicians and state officials that have either knowingly or ignorantly failing to do their duty and failing to honor their oaths of office and finally failing the people of the state where they swore that they would do the right thing but now have failed to do what the constitution insists that they do.

America must stand up and address these issues.

We must stand up and be counted.

2020 election 2020 election fraud 2020 election integrity Politics

Georgia Corruption?

Is the State of Georgia Corrupt?

Right now a huge legal battle is going on and the Media are not covering anything.

But this is a nation of People!

Take a few minutes to see this video because it is very revealing and it could possibly reveal criminal and civil wrong doing in the Government of the State of Georgia.

Is the Devil down in Georgia or has he been there all along?

There are serious problems in this election and the result is not what the media are trying to create by saying that nothing is going on!

The truth here is something that is very clear!

Someone Better Investigate Soon!

The truth about what is happening in Georgia…

When you begin to see the truth here you have to begin to understand that what we are facing as a nation of People, We the People must have relief.

We must shine the light of truth on this corruption even though it may be ugly and full of depravity by
omission from the Media.

The truth here is so clear that there is no way to even begin to deny it.

It is time to put aside politics and begin to seek the truth no matter where it leads.

Without the truth this nation faces a very real threat from people who are not real Americans. They have placed the liberty of all Americans at risk and the people cannot allow that to happen.

The Media are blocking the news from getting out but it is beginning to crumble under the pressure of the public.

Call your Senators, your congress leaders, If you saw something come forward and stand with the millions of Americans who have been effected by this dastardly plan of corruption!

In a breaking news story it was revealed that the Sec of State of Georgia was in the process of allegedly wiping and or updating software on the voting machines in order to allegedly start doing a recount of the recount of the recount of the alleged election fraud which may have taken place in the state of Georgia.

The real problem here is the idea that the state of Georgia is going to use the same voting machines that were suspected of creating serious bias in the alleged unlawful counting of mail in ballots without following Georgia Election Laws.

To date there has not been a meaningful count of the election result in the State of Georgia.


No way you say?

Well, Georgia Law is clear.

Absentee ballots, must be handled the same way as all other ballots in addition they must be inspected and documented as to the time and date of receiving the ballot. Additionally there are a number of other checks and balances that are required to occur with regard to reduce the opportunity of fraud.

Reports indicate that none of these things happened with regard to Ballots allegedly received by mail in the 2020 Presidential Election.

What this means is that the state of Georgia has not followed its own laws when counting Mail in Ballots.

Yet, they claim that there is nothing wrong?

They want to continue to use these suspect voting machines to do a recount of the recount, while still not abiding by the Georgia State Laws governing Ballot submission?


That is just really getting to the point of complete insanity!

It may be time for the people of the State of Georgia to look at Recalling the Governor and removal from office the Sec of The State of Georgia.

Because it is beginning to look like they are not going to fulfill their oaths of office in this very important election as well as the upcoming runoff election.

We have seen almost no news coverage from the Media!

It is time that the People receive the relief that they must have in this election process to force the allegedly corrupt political officials to do their duty to the people of Georgia and follow the laws of Georgia as written by the legislature.

But so far we hear nothing from the Gov of Georgia!

The Silence is Deafening!

2020 election fraud 2020 election integrity Politics

Search Engines

Just like much of the Media there is an ongoing “Blackout” of Factual news. This is a real problem because lying is the same thing by omission. When you only allow one point of view to be shown and that view is proven as false or fake then you are not providing impartial information.

Take Google for instance, when you search for Election Fraud on Google all you see is stories about fake and false election fraud which to the less educated reader might mislead the reader to conclude that election fraud does not exist.

But that is not the truth..

In fact there are literally thousands of people currently in jail and many more that have been charged with election criminal behavior.

But when you search on Google you do not get the truth you get only a dismissive search result.

Does that sound like a good business decision?

What about the Advertisers on Google…

If you are advertising on Google and Google is allegedly engaged in slanting the search results with lies and fake news stories, that seems like a bad deal for advertisers on Google.

CNN has a headline which shows up when you search google for election fraud, it is not real and it is a lie of a headline, “Trump phones into GOP lawmakers baseless voter fraud event.

But wait, they presented verified evidence and presented real statements about fraud.

So, the statement by CNN is a lie, because it is not baseless.

So again all of these corporations that are advertising on CNN what must they be thinking about how the network is reporting?

When a large percentage of Americans stand up for the truth and we see the truth advertisers may face a consumer backlash that will create serious financial losses.

So while Google may be engaged in blanking out the news and hiding the truth in its search results, Americans are not deceived.

Americans who are the customers of these advertisers are taking note of all of these media corporations that are doing everything they can to Gaslight the Republic.

When the truth does come out…

The Media must be adjudicated for its coverage and its stance as well as its news reports over the last five years.

IT is time for the Media to be held accountable for what they have been doing for years without consequence.

The Truth Will come out!

People are not ignorant and people know the truth when they see it just as they know a lie when they see it on Google, (allegedly)

We have to push forward in spite of the media opposition.

When we have social media and search engines that are silencing the news because allegedly they do not like the news that is wrong and must be adjudicated.

We are a Republic.

We are not going to allow the media to lie to the American People about this election.

2020 election 2020 election fraud 2020 election integrity Politics

Mail in Ballots!

Reports have come in that Stacy Abrams has indicated that they are mailing out 750,000 ballots to be mailed back for a Vote Fest!

How can any Republican ever win an election again in such a corrupt state where the Gov does not even abide by the laws written by the legislature.

All Ballots should be treated the same…

There should not be hundreds of thousands of mail in ballots!

The 2020 Presidential Election in the State of Georgia was subverted by mail in ballots.

Mail in ballots were not subjected to the valid Georgia Election Laws which require multiple steps to be taken when processing a ballot.

Yet, thousands and thousands of thousands of mail in ballots were not even checked for proper signatures, addresses, dates on mail in ballots were not even checked.

So… To all you Republicans that are just sitting on your duff and doing nothing …. You are part of the problem!

Without a proper election canvass and count which abides by the rule of law and not allowing ballots to be treated differently in one election and not other elections that is just wrong…

Now Republicans are crying to be saved!

But how can you be saved when you have the chance to do the right thing but you are doing nothing…

Right now you have the opportunity to do the right thing and examine all of these thousands upon hundreds of thousands of mail in ballots!

Do the right thing because WE cannot save you as long as mail in ballots are going to be used as a way to win elections by Fraud!

You better investigate because should you fail the people in this you will fail them in all other areas.

Google and Social Media outlets are blacking out information and data about the Fraud that created a mathematically impossible vote.

In some states, votes were allegedly counted for Biden at the rate of 20,000 per hour but machines are only able to process 600 ballots per hour.

Yet, Google only has stories about how mail in voting is the safest and fraud free way to vote.

We know that is not true because states like PA and GA materialistically changed the way that mail in votes would be counted.

They simply changed the rules during the game…

Lets say that you win at a game you are playing but before you can collect your prize, they come up and they say sorry but we changed the rules and you did not win…

You would not be happy about that…

That is what happened…

Georgia changed the rules, without changing the law.

The reason why this happened was that only the legislature can change election laws.

But the Sec of State changed the way that Ballots would be treated this created a disparity.

Ballots cast in person were validated, you had to present ID you had to be registered.

Ballots received by mail were not subjected to the same rules.

No ID, No signature, No Address, no validation required.

Do you think that the Gov of the State of Georgia should be in office?

We have corruption in Georgia (Allegedly) but hey you know the truth and we do too.

2020 election fraud 2020 election integrity Politics

Facebook Crime?

Is Facebook participating in crimes against the United States of America? That is something that at this point might be a serious issue both in terms of the election results and the systematic black hole shadow banning of posts that reveal potentially damaging information that could reveal some eyebrow raising concerns about Facebook and its role in this election scandal.

A post by Breibart on Facebook just came across the news feed but almost immediately after looking at the post the item appeared to just disappear.

Looking back on the feed the post was no where to be found.

A user would have to go into security and settings then look at activity.

Then the post shows in the left hand column.

But again something strange happens when you click on the post nothing happens.

Click again..

This time the page loads but right away it goes blank.


Nothing there.

Will not load from the Facebook console.

The only way I got it to load at all was to go directly to the Breibart Facebook page then it loaded and Wow…

You need to read this post.

I am including the text of that post along with a link to the Breibart Webpage so you can see it yourself.

What Facebook is (allegedly) doing here is serious.

IT is not only censorship but they are literally Blanking out the news.

Blacking out the Truth is What Facebook is doing here and that is something that must be not only investigated but adjudicated.

There is an old saying where there is smoke there is fire.

Well in this case there is so much smoke that you cannot deny the implication of potential Fraud…


REVEALED: Seventy-three percent of Joe Biden’s 126,649 vote margin gain in Pennsylvania, compared to Hillary Clinton’s performance in 2016, came from the seven counties and one city in Pennsylvania that received more than $18 million from the Mark Zuckerberg-funded Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL) “safe elections” project.

The CTCL provided more than $18 million in “safe elections” grants between September 1 and October 31 to at least seven counties and one city in Pennsylvania: $10 million to the City of Philadelphia, $2.5 million to Chester County (suburban Philadelphia), $2.2 million to Delaware County (suburban Philadelphia), $2.05 million to Allegheny County (Pittsburgh), $863,000 to Centre County, $474,232 to Lancaster County, $471,000 to Berks County, and $148,000 to Erie County.

Ninety-three thousand two hundred and ninety-three votes (93,293), or 73.6 percent of Biden’s 126,649 vote margin gain in 2020 Pennsylvania, compared to Hillary Clinton in 2016, came from these seven counties and one city.

CTCL has refused to provide a breakdown of funding by counties in any state. Though press reports confirmed the CTCL funding of many of the counties identified by Breitbart as funded by CTCL in Pennsylvania, there was apparently no report in the press or by the CTCL of the $2.5 million grant made to Chester County, unanimously approved by the three member Chester County Commission on September 16, until Breitbart unearthed the details of the minutes of that board meeting. (Notably, the beginning date for the grant as initially approved was September 1, but a subsequent report (see page 37 of an obscure 41 page report of the agenda) for the October 8, 2020 meeting of the Chester County Commission showed the beginning date of the grant as June 1.)

Breitbart News contacted Chester County election officials and requested a breakdown of the use of proceeds of the $2.5 million grant from the CTCL, but has not received a response.
The analysis of the impact of Zuckerberg-funded “safe elections” grants from the CTCL to counties in Pennsylvania is similar to the results of Breitbart’s report of the impact of those funds on the electoral results in Georgia:

Most of Joe Biden’s 221,751 vote margin gain in Georgia, compared to Hillary Clinton’s performance in 2016, came from three metropolitan Atlanta counties that received more than $15 million from the Mark Zuckerberg-funded Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL) “safe elections” project.

Those three counties — Cobb, Fulton, and Gwinnett–accounted for 168,703 of Biden’s 221,751 vote margin gain, or 76 percent.
Facebook founder Mark Zuckeberg and his wife donated $350 million between September 1 and October 31 to the CTCL “safe elections” project, as Breitbart News reported.

Critics say those funds were used to privatize the administration of the 2020 election and help Democrats Get-Out-the-Vote.
Here’s a comparison of how the state and these seven counties and one city voted in 2016 and in 2020: (2020 election results as of 11:00 a.m. ET, Thursday, November 19, as reported by Real Clear Politics)

State of Pennsylvania
Donald Trump: 2,970,733
Hillary Clinton: 2,926,441
Margin of votes for Trump: 44,292
Joe Biden: 3,454,686
Donald Trump: 3,372,329
Margin of votes for Biden: 82,357
Net margin of votes gained by Biden 2020 vs. Hillary Clinton 2016: 126,649

Seven Pennsylvania Counties (plus the City of Philadelphia) That Received $18 Million from Zuckerberg-funded CTCL
Net margin of votes gained by Biden 2020 vs. Hillary Clinton 2016: 93,293, broken down as follows:

Delaware County (suburban Philadelphia)
Hillary Clinton: 177,402
Donald Trump: 110,667
Clinton margin: 66,735
Joe Biden: 206,709
Donald Trump: 118,639
Biden margin: 88,070

Net margin of votes gained by Biden 2020 vs. Hillary Clinton 2016: 21,335
Chester County (suburban Philadelphia)

Hillary Clinton: 141,682
Donald Trump: 116,114
Clinton margin: 25,568

Joe Biden: 182,372
Donald Trump: 128,565
Biden margin: 53,807
Net margin of votes gained by Biden 2020 vs. Hillary Clinton 2016: 28,239

Allegheny County (Pittsburgh)

Hillary Clinton: 367,617
Donald Trump: 259,480
Clinton margin: 108,137

Joe Biden: 429,065
Donald Trump: 282,324
Biden margin: 146,741
Net margin of votes gained by Biden 2020 vs. Hillary Clinton 2016: 38,604

Centre County
Hillary Clinton: 37,088
Donald Trump: 35,274
Clinton margin: 1,814

Joe Biden: 40,054
Donald Trump: 36,371
Biden margin: 3,683

Net margin of votes gained by Biden 2020 vs. Hillary Clinton 2016: 1,869

Lancaster County
Hillary Clinton: 91,093
Donald Trump: 137,914
Trump margin: 46,821

Joe Biden: 115,847
Donald Trump: 160,209
Trump margin: 44,362
Net margin of votes gained by Biden 2020 vs. Hillary Clinton 2016: 2,459

Berks County

Hillary Clinton: 78,437
Donald Trump: 96,626
Trump margin: 18,189

Joe Biden: 93,113
Donald Trump: 109,917
Trump margin: 16,804
Net margin of votes gained by Biden 2020 vs. Hillary Clinton 2016: 1,385

Erie County
Hillary Clinton: 58,112
Donald Trump: 60,069
Trump margin: 1,957

Joe Biden: 68,286
Donald Trump: 66,869
Biden margin: 1,417
Net margin of votes gained by Biden 2020 vs. Hillary Clinton 2016: 3,374

City of Philadelphia

Hillary Clinton: 584,025
Donald Trump: 108,748
Clinton margin: 475,277

Joe Biden: 604,175
Donald Trump: 132,870
Biden margin: 471,305

Net margin of votes gained by Biden 2020 vs. Hillary Clinton 2016: – 3,972 (negative 3,972)

Of the eight local governments in Pennsylvania that received grants from CTCL, only one–the City of Philadelphia–saw a decline in Joe Biden’s electoral results versus Donald Trump’s in 2020 compared to Hillary Clinton’s electoral results versus Donald Trump’s in 2016.