Bulk Mail Center

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It has been alleged A Bulk Mail Center Processing facility in the State of New York may be implicated and alleged to have been used to transport suspect Ballots for the 2020 Presidential Election!

There are serious implications.

The time frame that this happened was in October of this year!

If proven true then this is the missing evidence that the media have been screaming about in fact anyone that watches this video will have no doubt that election fraud occurred and it was Massive…

Here it is, watch the Video below.

IF proven true then we have a serious problem…

There appears to be a serious problem that has been documented that could allegedly implicate the use of a USPS facility which may have been used as a means of delivering bulk loads of votes and ballots that have been reported to have been already filled out and ready to count.

When you begin to look at this issue you have to understand that the media can no longer say that there is not a smoking gun.

Mountains of Evidence
are appearing all over the United States of America.

So many people telling the same story in different ways but it all adds up to a systematic approach to creating an atmosphere of hostile intentions toward the GOP poll watchers / observers for the sole purpose of disrupting the chain of custody of huge numbers of votes in this election.

Thousands of people are coming forward to reveal what we all know is the truth about this election.

Frankly this is so big and so coordinated that you can no longer ignore that in fact Election Fraud Happened!

It happened and the Media are ignoring this problem.

It is likely that the Media will continue to ignore this amazingly corrupt election process because they are not afraid of consequences.

They are not afraid because there are no consequences.

We have seen the truth revealed.

Hundreds of people are coming forward and there are even more that will come forward because you cannot perpetrate this level of huge fraud and not leave behind some trace of what happened and what is still happening.

We have seen evidence that is so substantial that there is no way that you can deny it because it is just too big now.

The Media may try to hide this but the truth is being revealed.

Reports indicate that There are photographs, Video, GPS vehicle information. Testimony and physical evidence of completed ballots moving across state lines from one place to another.

These are literally alleged to have been produced and or created in one state or another location and then transported and counted in another states election.

Came from NY went to PA counted in PA.

Now this is a serious problem one that authorities cannot ignore.


This is Amazingly Explosive News!

Was the USPS used as an alleged “Mule” to transport illegal ballots across state lines to deliver illegal ballots to one or more states.

This is just Mind Blowing information and the fact that the media are not covering this massive news story then you have to know that they believe that the fix is in (allegedly)

WE must have an Audit in every state.

We must have answers.

The People of the United States must have relief.

There is far too much evidence.

There is a mountain of evidence.

There is a serious problem that must be adjudicated.

WE know what happened and in some cases we have seen physical evidence that proves that massive fraud did take place, (allegedly)

The Truth is coming out and the Media are going to be exposed as the liars that they are.

The Media have been taking part in this election process and actively attempting to mislead the American Public about the true nature of this huge problem.

WE know the truth and it is time that the Authorities take action because this is not going to be swept under the rug.

You cannot count on Politicians to cover up the truth because in the end when it is their skin that is under the microscope they will reveal the truth.

The Truth is coming out!

America will know the truth and it is time that we see those persons who are responsible to step forward and to do the right thing for this nation.

Some people may believe that they can say what ever they want to say everyone will believe them.

WE know what really happened.

Now the truth is coming out.

When will we see the authorities come forward to do their jobs and if they refuse to do their jobs then what good are they?

Is there any Justice?

With the way that so many serious problems are being documented it is just beyond the imagination that there is no justice.

Will we see Justice in this
nation ever again?