Arizona Fraud!

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Today some of the most egregious violations of election laws were documented by Eye Witnesses along with Actual Physical Evidence was presented by poll watchers / observers / Representatives of Elected officials along with observers and personal that were witness to Irregularities, Glitches, Anomalies, Errors, Accidents, Machines that were shut down and then restarted with ZERO oversight!

Plus So much more…

Circumstances that were so much alike that it was impossible not to see that these things that were so closely related to what happened in PA, GA and other states.

WE know what happened!

Yet, the Governors of the states of PA and GA as well as AZ have gone against the people of their respective states to certify what is most certainly a deeply flawed vote tabulation that must be investigated.

When Elected officials refuse to do their duty and they refuse to honor their oaths of office and then ignore the factual representative affidavits that not only demonstrate the actual breaking of state laws but likely and allegedly criminal behavior then it is time to remove those persons from their offices.

Additionally there has been experts in mathematical science that have proof as to what has been done in these voting and tabulation machines. Yet they are dismissed by the Media as false news?

The truth is clear and it is real!

We cannot just accept that the Media have any authority to declare a candidate won an election and even more so when you look at how all of this happened.

This is the time to stand up and to be certain that the alleged criminal actions that have taken place are investigated and are adjudicated by addressing the truth and not the lies of the Media.

It takes great courage to stand up and to testify about fraud and actions in a few areas in so many states that point to election fraud and malfeasance.

On election night we saw things happen that had never happened in our history of elections.

We saw ballot counting machines that were shut down in several states.

We saw as democrats blocked poll observers from doing their duty as afforded by law and by civic responsibility.

We saw windows that were blocked while democrats were allowed to do what ever they wanted to do with no one watching.

We saw in the State of Georgia where a false report of a water pipe bursting prevented the poll observers / watchers from being allowed to see what democrats were doing.

We later learned that this was a complete falsehood!

Then we watched in shocked disbelief as the Sec of State of Georgia deny the voters of the State of Georgia their rightful and due diligence by not allegedly not allowing mail in ballots to be examined as required by Georgia State law.

To add insult to injury we then watched as the Gov of the state of Georgia then failed to do his duty and failed to honor his oath of office and ultimately he failed the people of Georgia by being AWOL during this election integrity issues.

The truth is available to anyone that cares to look at the voting process.

I encourage you to watch the Arizona and Pennsylvania election fraud hearings because once you see the truth you can’t Un-see it!

The truth is being exposed and the truth will come out!

We need to call our representatives.

The people of these states need to do the right thing.

The one clear thing that you can see when viewing these videos is that there was fraud, there was dishonesty, it is so much the same thing, over and over again.

WE see the same things play out from people who saw what happened.

Eye Witness Testimony!

Physical Evidence!

Facts Figures and real life verifiable information that cannot be denied.

Perhaps if there were just a few people who observed these issues you might be less inclined to agree that there was fraud but this is not just a few people this is hundreds and hundreds of people that have seen the same things in different states.

There is no possible way that these things are not related.

These things are proof that we must address this issue and we must adjudicate it and we must hold those politicians and state officials that have either knowingly or ignorantly failing to do their duty and failing to honor their oaths of office and finally failing the people of the state where they swore that they would do the right thing but now have failed to do what the constitution insists that they do.

America must stand up and address these issues.

We must stand up and be counted.