Mail in Ballots!

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Reports have come in that Stacy Abrams has indicated that they are mailing out 750,000 ballots to be mailed back for a Vote Fest!

How can any Republican ever win an election again in such a corrupt state where the Gov does not even abide by the laws written by the legislature.

All Ballots should be treated the same…

There should not be hundreds of thousands of mail in ballots!

The 2020 Presidential Election in the State of Georgia was subverted by mail in ballots.

Mail in ballots were not subjected to the valid Georgia Election Laws which require multiple steps to be taken when processing a ballot.

Yet, thousands and thousands of thousands of mail in ballots were not even checked for proper signatures, addresses, dates on mail in ballots were not even checked.

So… To all you Republicans that are just sitting on your duff and doing nothing …. You are part of the problem!

Without a proper election canvass and count which abides by the rule of law and not allowing ballots to be treated differently in one election and not other elections that is just wrong…

Now Republicans are crying to be saved!

But how can you be saved when you have the chance to do the right thing but you are doing nothing…

Right now you have the opportunity to do the right thing and examine all of these thousands upon hundreds of thousands of mail in ballots!

Do the right thing because WE cannot save you as long as mail in ballots are going to be used as a way to win elections by Fraud!

You better investigate because should you fail the people in this you will fail them in all other areas.

Google and Social Media outlets are blacking out information and data about the Fraud that created a mathematically impossible vote.

In some states, votes were allegedly counted for Biden at the rate of 20,000 per hour but machines are only able to process 600 ballots per hour.

Yet, Google only has stories about how mail in voting is the safest and fraud free way to vote.

We know that is not true because states like PA and GA materialistically changed the way that mail in votes would be counted.

They simply changed the rules during the game…

Lets say that you win at a game you are playing but before you can collect your prize, they come up and they say sorry but we changed the rules and you did not win…

You would not be happy about that…

That is what happened…

Georgia changed the rules, without changing the law.

The reason why this happened was that only the legislature can change election laws.

But the Sec of State changed the way that Ballots would be treated this created a disparity.

Ballots cast in person were validated, you had to present ID you had to be registered.

Ballots received by mail were not subjected to the same rules.

No ID, No signature, No Address, no validation required.

Do you think that the Gov of the State of Georgia should be in office?

We have corruption in Georgia (Allegedly) but hey you know the truth and we do too.