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Just like much of the Media there is an ongoing “Blackout” of Factual news. This is a real problem because lying is the same thing by omission. When you only allow one point of view to be shown and that view is proven as false or fake then you are not providing impartial information.

Take Google for instance, when you search for Election Fraud on Google all you see is stories about fake and false election fraud which to the less educated reader might mislead the reader to conclude that election fraud does not exist.

But that is not the truth..

In fact there are literally thousands of people currently in jail and many more that have been charged with election criminal behavior.

But when you search on Google you do not get the truth you get only a dismissive search result.

Does that sound like a good business decision?

What about the Advertisers on Google…

If you are advertising on Google and Google is allegedly engaged in slanting the search results with lies and fake news stories, that seems like a bad deal for advertisers on Google.

CNN has a headline which shows up when you search google for election fraud, it is not real and it is a lie of a headline, “Trump phones into GOP lawmakers baseless voter fraud event.

But wait, they presented verified evidence and presented real statements about fraud.

So, the statement by CNN is a lie, because it is not baseless.

So again all of these corporations that are advertising on CNN what must they be thinking about how the network is reporting?

When a large percentage of Americans stand up for the truth and we see the truth advertisers may face a consumer backlash that will create serious financial losses.

So while Google may be engaged in blanking out the news and hiding the truth in its search results, Americans are not deceived.

Americans who are the customers of these advertisers are taking note of all of these media corporations that are doing everything they can to Gaslight the Republic.

When the truth does come out…

The Media must be adjudicated for its coverage and its stance as well as its news reports over the last five years.

IT is time for the Media to be held accountable for what they have been doing for years without consequence.

The Truth Will come out!

People are not ignorant and people know the truth when they see it just as they know a lie when they see it on Google, (allegedly)

We have to push forward in spite of the media opposition.

When we have social media and search engines that are silencing the news because allegedly they do not like the news that is wrong and must be adjudicated.

We are a Republic.

We are not going to allow the media to lie to the American People about this election.