Category: 2020 election integrity

  • Vote Fraud!

    Apparently the devil really did go down to Georgia! Remember when all HE double Tooth Picks broke out in Georgia! The Media claimed that vote fraud did not exist. The Democrats screamed and cried and acted like Prating children. Well this just in folks. AUDIT ERRORS The team’s analysis revealed that 923 of 1539 mail-in […]

  • Twisted Politicians

    Twisted Media Lies along with a betrayal by Democrats and Republicans and the entire judicial branch has left Americans stunned by what has happened in this election. The Media is busy using propaganda to try to make us believe that we did not see the fraud… You did not build that road, you did not […]

  • Choice!


    We have a Choice… It is something that cannot be taken away unless you give it away and then that too is also a choice. In the end we all choose one road or another, one car or another, a home to live in or a tent to make your own. Some people even live […]

  • Subversion

    the undermining of the power and authority of an established system or institution. This video tells the truth about the 2020 election. It is difficult to imagine what we are all watching happen… While our elected leaders do nothing but parrot and repeat what the media are saying… No Such thing as Election Fraud? No […]

  • The Truth!

    The Truth!

    IF you want to see what the truth is… Then just look! IF you do not look then you cannot see and so you are blind. Do we still have freedom in America? Freedom may something that we are about to lose forever. We have seen what the truth is and because the media and […]

  • Truth about Georgia

    The truth about the Georgia Election! There can be no doubt that huge issues are outstanding in the Georgia Election results. It is seriously concerning that we have public officials in the State of Georgia who are denying calls for a forensic analysis of the ballots. They are refusing to look at the problem and […]

  • Google Censorship

    Perhaps you may have heard about how much of the Media are ignoring the most important news stories to the American People! You can see it everywhere or more correctly you Cannot See it anywhere! Facebook is allegedly blacking out so many news stories that you cannot find anything about what is really going on […]

  • Real Election Results

    What America needs now! What we need is the truth! The Media and many others have been talking about overturning the election results. Is that correct? No, What is happening is getting to the bottom of what the actual REAL Election results were not overturning Fake Results! But all you hear from the media is […]

  • Ballot counting at night?

    A huge problem exists with regard to what this video shows. There are so many issues here yet the media say, nothing to see here! They say hey we had a monitor there? Really? What about Georgia State Laws? Not Open to the Public, no Republican watchers, media absent! It looks like there are no […]

  • Georgia Ballot Stuffing!

    This is incredible! The media have for days and days been denying that there has been massive fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election! In fact here at Blago Planet we predicted that this was going to happen! When the Governor of the State of Georgia certified the election and the Sec of State of Georgia […]