Look at the Ballots

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The one thing that seems beyond belief here is that we have hundreds of thousands of suspect ballots.

No one has looked at them.

Is it possible that they do not want to look at the Ballots?

IF that is the truth then what can we expect in the future if anything concerning the truth about this election.

In the State of Georgia they have not done the right thing.

They have not looked at the mail in ballots that are alleged to have been either manufactured and or altered ballots.

IF this is true then there are so many issues that we cannot even begin to understand how bad that this has become.

WE have reports of the dead voting, we have numerous whistle blowers who are risking everything to tell the truth about this election.

Open up the Ballot Boxes.

Look at the Ballots in order to get to the truth.

The Media can no longer cry that there is no evidence when in fact there is so much evidence that it defies the imagination.

So much evidence.

But nothing happens?

How is this not the subject of an official investigation.

Why are we not hearing this on the News.

We must have a faithful adjudication and so far that is just not happening anywhere.