Video Proof

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In Georgia in appears that allegedly it is possible that democrat operatives operated tabulators After Hours in the State of Georgia with no one Supervising…

This is huge!

IT has been alleged that there is video that shows Democrat Operatives who appear to be processing votes without supervision as IS required by GEORGIA LAW!

If you live in Georgia!

Call Your Representatives
in Georgia!

Call Your Senators!

This is so so important!

We have seen over the last few days hundreds of examples where not only were ballots treated differently but many appeared to have been manufactured.

These Ballots were 98 percent for candidate Joe Biden!

These things are not isolated events!

These things are not just some strange thing that happened a few times and can be explained!

No No No…

Contrary to what the Sec of State is alleging the Georgia Election was not secure and it was not fair and it was not free from Fraud!

Simply Put it really appears that Both the Governor of the State of Georgia and the Sec of State for Georgia are allegedly either incompetent or they have a Dog in the Hunt!

Now If you have ever lived in the State of Georgia you know that anyone that makes broad statements about the election integrity of the state of Georgia would have to actually Look at the Ballots and that is something that has not been done!

For someone to say that Election Fraud does not exist when there is PROOF! When Experts have uncovered Verifiable Proof! Moreover hundreds of Georgia Poll workers, Voters, Personal and more have Sworn under penalty of Perjury that Serious! SERIOUS!

Egregious Horrible Problems in the Georgia Election!

The Georgia Election….

There is even a report that so called “Dark Money” Or Money that has been provided to democrats allegedly from Billionaire and Facebook Owner, Zuck Zuck, now this is not only disturbing but it is seriously concerning when we have reports Center for Tech and Civic Life that Millions of dollars went to Dozens of Georgia Election Offices. (funds were also provided to republican counties but pennies on the dollar compared to what was given to the largest democrat counties.) Just Wow!

The idea that a state official would deny all of this truth!

Allegedly make statements affirming that no vote fraud existed! But when you begin to look at the truth here you see some very amazing things.

Money was reported to have been received by 44 of the States 159 counties.

Wow, this is huge and it is Amazing…

Millions of dollars from The organizing institute.

Going to Georgia County Election Offices.

55 percent of Biden Counties were funded by allegedly Partisan Organizations by the tune of Millions and Millions of Dollars.

It appears allegedly that democrat voting jumped by 530,000 What happened when these counties received hundreds of thousands of dollars!

What appears to be Privatized Election funding!

This Funding appears and has alleged to come from Zuck Zuck.. Zuckbook… Just like the huge millions of dollars that went to only certain counties in the State of PA!

Can you imagine for a moment how in the world that Millions of dollars went to only certain places in Georgia and those places increased the Vote responses by Democrats by a huge amount!

We have serious problems in Georgia!

more than 14,000 voters are alleged to have voted in the Georgia election who moved away from the State of Georgia!

Thousands of voters who voted in the 2020 election who were casting illegal votes in Georgia!

Witness after Witness have come forward to testify about the problems that have been documented by Photos, Videos, Physical Evidence!

This brings into question the idea that nothing happened!

Something Happened!

People are coming to stand up for the truth!

The American People are not brainwashed by the insanity of the media and the psycho babble from democrats that attempt to try to justify what is allegedly and very likely fraud in instance after instance.

It looks like we are seeing the Media attempting to black out the news so that people are not getting information that tells the truth about what are more than just anomalies more than just isolated instances.

The Media may believe that they can hide the truth…

They may think that if they deny the truth that no one will care…

They are so wrong…

The People of America know what is going on and even if every single media bobblehead in America deny the truth it does not change the truth!

The Truth will be Revealed!

The Truth will come out and it is coming out!