Michigan Fraud!

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The Media are already reporting that there is no evidence of vote fraud in Michigan This story is being reported even before witnesses are presented that can confirm the fraud that the Media say does not exist!

Think about that for a second…

Before evidence is presented in a public hearing officials are saying there is no evidence! This would be funny if it were not such a serious issue which is not only valid but there is allegedly verifiable proof of tampering and fraud.

In what is becoming clear to every honest American in these United States of America is that there is a story that is replaying in almost every state and this is not just rumors these are sworn affidavits under penalty of perjury.

These People are risking their reputations and their personal safety!

These in large part are not paid but volunteers who without pay agreed to take part in observing the election process to be sure that the result was fair, But they were denied meaningful access… As well as the liberty guaranteed under the Constitution of the State of Georgia and the United States Constitution.

This story is being told by Patriots and concerned voters who have eye witness testimony and physical evidence to present that will show the shocking truth behind the 2020 Election Fraud Event!

In every single case it is clear that the “Mail In Ballot Counts” show a clear connection to not only questionable voting results but outright fraud and possibly even criminal acts by Dominion Voting personal and allegedly democrats who are taking every step to deny the voters the truth about this election.

It Started in Pennsylvania where more than a million “Mail In Ballots” appeared overnight after tabulation centers where summarily shut down in several states and the common denominator has been dominion voting machines, Broken chain of custody, Denial of poll observers to meaningfully examine Ballots including Mail in Ballots!

This story is undeniable!

There are just too many Eye Witnesses that are all giving accounts of what happened and what they saw that goes against State Laws!

When a few people say something its easier to just say Oh its isolated but this is not just a few people this is thousands of people and they all have said that they were denied the opportunity to see the ballots or see the signatures or to have access to view these questionable ballots.

Most notably the State of Georgia which has election laws governing the examination of ballots.

The Sec of State for Georgia allegedly has denied the voters of the state of Georgia their Constitutional right to have their votes count.

Then allegedly this man who claims to be a republican but allegedly made a deal with democrats to treat ballots differently in the 2020 presidential election.

This guy has the nerve to then stand up and tell what is likely and allegedly a known lie.

He states that the Trump voters are being misled?


Who is doing the misleading here?

The State of Georgia has an election law governing the examination of Ballots. The Sec of State without authorization of the legislature agreed along with democrats to allow mail in ballots to be subject to lessor levels of validation and almost no oversight.

They allegedly did not accurately or thoroughly examine mail in ballots which is corroborated by the rejection rate of ballots in the 2020 election is at a rate far below the normal rejection rate for most elections in the state of Georgia.

In the 2018 election 3.5 percent of ballots were rejected for things such as signatures that did not match, incorrect addresses, invalid ballots being cast using the same address is just one possible example.

In the 2020 election .3 percent of mail in
ballots were rejected!

This means that approximately 3.2 percent of those mail in ballots with exceeded 500 percent greater numbers than previous elections in the State of Georgia. IF the average per one million ballots is 32,000 ballots that likely were defective in some way and should not have been counted then that is just one example of how the Sec of State is failing to do his sworn duty to the State of Georgia Voters!

Now, his defense is that he settled a lawsuit, (which allegedly Stacy Abrams was a party to either by association or by direct participation)

The lawsuit was from democrats and the settlement thereof was to allow mail in ballots to be treated differently than in previous elections.

They was done even though Georgia law clearly states that the Legislature alone holds this authority and did not agree to this and allegedly they likely were not even consulted?

It makes you wonder what is going on in Georgia!

They allowed the Established Georgia Election laws to be subverted by the Sec of State and the democrats…

This is why that allegedly Stacy Abrams said that “They have 750,000 absentee ballot requests” For the Runoff election…

Because these ballots will not be treated the same as ballots that Republican voters will cast in the runoff election!

Basically what this appears to say to voters is that Democrat Sponsored votes which are claimed to have been received by mail will be held to a lessor standard than other ballots.

To date the State of Georgia have NOT had a valid count of the election results.

They allowed ballots by mail to be held to a lessor standard than all other ballots. They did not apply the same standards to mail in ballots. Think about that for a second. The laws of the State of Georgia clearly state that all ballots shall be treated the same way but this did not happen in 2020 Georgia election.

So Georgia has not yet had a Valid election!

By allowing potentially invalid ballots to be counted at a higher rate of acceptance than all other ballots the State of Georgia has effectively created an invalid election result.

Now to add insult to injury the State engaged in an allegedly wasteful expenditure of tax payer funds to engage in a recount which was not lawful because they did not apply the correct standards of the examination of mail in ballots.

They recounted the same invalid ballots without applying
the law of the State of Georgia!

Now they are actively engaging in another recount…

But until the invalid ballots are audited and adjudicated then the State of Georgia has not yet provided a valid election result.

This clearly is a failure of those respective political officers to both perform their oaths of office and to follow the laws of the State.

You cannot ignore the Laws in one election in order to obtain a different result than all other Georgia Elections.

So, it appears that these actions might well be illegal were it to be examined under the appropriate authorities and judicial oversight.

Yet, these officials are not addressing this issue.

They along with the media are ignoring this change in the application of Georgia Laws to Election Ballots.

The Democrats ignored the Valid election laws governing the examination of ballots. Specifically Mail in Ballots however this very flawed process continues in the State even during the Recount of the Recount! Does that sound familiar? It should because this same thing was done in Florida during the 2000 election!

They were counting and c0unting and counting until they had enough votes.

But even more troubling here is the fact that there is evidence that the Dominion Voting machines were not effective in preventing potential fraud along with the abuse of authority and you have a recipe for a voting system that will never again be valid.

They have evidence that proves this and it is not only valid but also it is demonstrable.

When you add all of this up what you get is what is assuredly an unlawful election and possible criminal actions.

Should the people of the State of Georgia fail to receive appropriate relief from the judicial authorities Never again will elections in this nation be safe from fraud and tampering.

When you see and hear politicians stand up and omit the most egregious violations of the law from a statement they make that has to tell you that they know the truth but are choosing to omit the truth from what they are saying.

That is wrong in so many ways that it is literally impossible to believe anything they say or to trust them to do their duty or perform their oaths of office.

We know the truth!