2020 election Politics

impeachment dog & Pony Show!

Well here we are yet again and this time we have a tabloid style arrangement that will sure to bring tears to your eyes.

Well perhaps tears of laughter.

Wait, what just happened about Benghazi?

How democrats manage to display a straight continence is beyond imagining but one thing is clear the 2020 election will bring millions more voters than we have seen in many years.

High voter turnout will be the biggest story that you will likely never hear about in the 2020 election and we have the democrats to thank for that.

So here we are on round two we have Yovanovitch born in Canada She grew up speaking Russian and indeed appears to have lived much of her life in Russia.

Does that seem a bit strange?

Perhaps so but what seems so odd here is that this woman is reading from a carefully worded ignorance.

She says that attacks on her and others were wrong? But if that is true then those same attacks are wrong to incorrectly accuse the president of the united states.

She paints a picture of what? Opinion? Conjecture?

What seems so awkward here is that the democrats begin the questioning by allowing themselves 45 minutes without any ability of anyone else to ask any questions…

Everything they are saying is unproven.

They make leading statements, none of which would be allowed in any court of law.

What is going to happen? Because we see nothing that relates to anything in this travesty of justice. This is a joke and a sad day in America.

2020 election Politics

Democrats betray America?

Are we sitting by and watching a few people that are in control of the democrat party take over America?

IS this The end of America?

Is that what we are doing here?

I realize that there is precious little that the average person or persons can do but what we can do is to vote and support a political party that will oppose tyranny but what is happening today is seriously concerning. 

The democrats have voted to change the process because they were not able to get their way. 

They do not have evidence of a crime or anything else for that matter. 

They know that they cannot beat Trump at the ballot box so what they want to do next is to rig up a fake impeachment trial to try to overturn the will of the American People. 

   What has been done here is UNCONSTITUTIONAL. . . 

It is wrong and it creates the possibility that the Speaker of the House is actively attempting to nullify the 2016 election. 

  Banana Republic?  Perhaps. 

  This entire situation is just insane and furthermore we have a situation here where the speaker of the house is about to overthrow this nation. 

How could they do this?

2020 election Politics

Fact Checking the Fact Fact Checkers.

Facebook lies…

when you see this you have to wonder just why they are so afraid…

So what is a fact?

What? So, the fact checkers just say false, with nothing to really support what they are pretending is the truth. (So what they are saying is that because some people do not believe the truth that God is really in charge of the earth that we people are just a small part of this world… We have nothing to do with the weather, we cannot make it rain we cannot make it snow, we cannot make it hot we cannot make it cold, we cannot do anything to this earth that God does not allow to happen. . . So to all those fact checking fact fact fact checkers, who do not believe in God… Good Luck with that. . .

So these so called, (related articles) they are not really articles at all and that is the beginning of the lies that facebook is engaging here.
What this should say is that it is propaganda aka lies designed to deceive.

Science or pseudoscience
Is this something that is supported by more than just one test?Perhaps done under specific circumstances designed to elicit a set response?   Could it be managed much like polls are now managed to bring about a pre-conceived idea or develop a new one based on biased means. 

Polls are manipulated all the time and so are fact checking websites, they are manipulated to appear to show you a truth based on a certain way of using a word that appears to contradict the truth but only for people that are not really able to tell the difference between the truth and the lies told on facebook.

You just pay the company doing the poll and you get what you pay for…

Could it be done the same way with science?

You bet it can and on top of that it has been done over and over again for many years even as far back as the early 1800s and likely before that as well. 

Books like bad science a book exposing many (but not all) the terrible pseudo science which is seriously flawed in many different ways.   

But apparently facebook does not like to have the truth show up without trying to refute the truth with lies. 

Fact Checking Liars. 

So how can you find out what the truth is when you have a third party constantly lying to you about everything with almost no proof that they are right and you are wrong…

Still we know the truth when we see if and when we hear it right?

Yes, that is something that is correct, the truth reveals itself  to those with the wisdom to see and understand it. 

So the next time you see this. 

Just know that if facebook believes that they have to lie to you multiple times then that is the truth and facebook is the lie.

Hello, this is not a related article, this is propaganda and that is the lie…
2020 election facebook investigation

Facebook censoring 911?

Today I witnessed something incredible…

I saw facebook attempting to censor (allegedly) a post which demonstrates what is wrong with social media…

Recently Attorney Generals from several states call for an investigation into facebook including Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee, and the District of Columbia.

This is a problem because facebook is in a position to lie to everyone about everything they do not like…

What is wrong with the truth?

Why is it that facebook has a problem with the truth?

Take this example …

What is facebook afraid about the truth?

When you see an image like this one you wonder what is going on?

Why is facebook doing this?

What is the agenda?

Why is it that facebook believes that this image is a problem?

The title says that the image shown may contain cruel or insensitive content. Cruel to whom? Insensitive to whom? Think about that for a moment. You can see things on facebook that would make a billy goat puke. There are things shown on facebook that are truly repulsive in every conceivable manner but they are not hidden and they do not have to be UNCOVERED…

It would appear that the truth here is one that is not convenient…

Here is the image that facebook says may be cruel or insensitive.

Facebook is out of control and must be fixed because it is broken…

When you see a problem you have to address it and facebook is a problem not just because they have a different definition about the world but because they appear to want to change reality so that you think the same way that they think…

When you seek to deny the truth in favor of lies and evil humanity is lost and inhumanity becomes what you fear…

Think about it…

2020 election Politics

Elder Financial Abuse

Most of the time when you hear of a horrible situation that has occurred you think “How did this happen” Why didn’t someone say something?

In almost every situation it is a family member that creates financial loss for elderly persons in their care.


The problem is often very difficult to address which is one of the reasons why this issue is becoming so prevalent in our society today.

IF you see something say something that is what they say but what if you are not sure ?
2020 election Politics

Thought Police are here!

Minority Report…

Imagine what would happen if like the science fiction movie “Minority Report” is set in the near future where “thinking about a crime” could land you in jail.

While the movie is quite interesting and in some ways very scary the truth about the future is challenged.

Almost everyone in this fictional plot is absolutely convinced that an innocent man will become a murderer.

The truth is often different…

When you think about how often the media are intent on portraying a news story in a particular way and also often incorrectly people get hurt.

What would happen if one day it became illegal to think about doing something bad.

What if we are closer to the thought police than you ever thought !

More and more we are seeing a trend where the media create guilt or innocence depending on the color of skin or the political views of someone online.

The truth here is that no matter what it might look like skipping evidence and truth in favor of instant justice is just plain wrong…

2020 election Politics

Lying Fake news Media?

The truth about the media is out there… Yes it is and people can tell you want it means to watch someone lie to your face.

We deal with this on a regular basis, honesty like the song
by Billy Joel it’s hard to find…

But and of course this is improper in the modality of acceptable english writing skills however that suits me just fine as it is the underlying topic of conversation that I am interested in here and of such it brings me satisfaction knowing that somewhere someone is offended by the its use in the preceding statement.

Why? Do they LIE?

Simply because they have grown accustomed to a mentality that everyone is under educated and unable to perceive when they are being lied to.

If you feel this to be true I would challenge you to walk into a community in the backwoods of any number of southern states and attempt to escape from that community without anyone knowing that you are a liberal…

I rather suspect that you would not be able to do it.

Now of course you could easily escape without any harm or injury unless you happened to make the mistake of thinking that you were so smart that no one could figure out your political persuasion by having a conversation with the same…

So the real question remains why do the media lie?

They are aware of the truth..

I am convinced that they cannot be as ignorant as they sound on TV

Which leaves the final concept here as that of an ignoble precedence.

Oh what tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive.

2020 election Politics

We the People Build the Wall

After years and years of being ignored by Washington DC…

Finally we the people are sending a message to the Swamp…
They can no longer ignore the People.

Build the Wall…

If you are tired of the lies from lifetime politicians who have become wealthy while standing on the backs of the people of America.

Then this is for you.

It is hard to understand why the democrats do not want to protect the people.

It is even more difficult to watch as Nancy P and Chuckie “boy” Schumer, do everything they can to stand in the way of the constitution and the will of the people.

Now it is our turn to show Washington DC and the corrupt politicians who have for more than 30 years ignored the people doing what ever they want to do regardless of what the people of the USA want them to do.

All they do is campaign, raise money for the next election.

They do not get anything done because they are so corrupted.

Now you can make a difference.

Build the wall. . . 

The Democrats want to stop the efforts of the President and the American People to build this wall so that we can have the freedom that so many generations of Americans have fought and died to have and to give to the next generation.

This is not about politics this is about doing the will of the people.

For too long politicians have ignored the people.

With the help of the media they have been able to get elected over and over again while doing nothing
for the people. 

If you are sick and tired of all the lies coming out of the democrat party. 

If you are disgusted by the way that the media lie to the public over and over again. 

If you are ready for something that will reduce the illegal opioid drug problem…

Then this is your chance to really send a real message to washington DC.. . 

The media have been complicit in siding against the American People for years they have engaged in a campaign of misinformation, deceit, lies all with the intent on destroying this nation.

Now the democrats want to impeach the president because he wants to do something instead of just kicking the can down the road.

That is all about to change and you too can be a part of this effort to force washington to do the right thing.

Donate now. 

The difference you make even with as little as 20 or even just 5 bucks can change the course of this nation.

Never before have the people been able to push washington DC to do the right thing but now that is changing.



2020 election Politics

Florida election corruption

There are reports from many different sources that indicate that there are serious problems when it comes to elections in some areas of Florida…

This is a problem for many good reasons but what is really scary is the idea that no one admits that there is a problem.

Even when faced with video evidence of fraud and ballot box stuffing…

They deny it.

We are not just talking about local election officials but the top administrators at the state level.

This is wrong and it must stop.

The voter has a duty to vote and the people have done their duty it is now time for the state to do its duty and prosecute those people who are responsible for criminal acts against the state and its people.

This time may be different.

( – Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi has opened a criminal investigation into allegations of election fraud, and although she refused to go into detail, she said the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, at her direction, is conducting interviews.  Source. 


Where are the missing votes?

in the trash can that is where they are (alleged voting fraud in Broward Co Florida)

vote supression

So when will the law be followed?

When will election officials that are corrupt be prosecuted?

The truth is something that is evident to anyone who will

be honest about what is going on.

Yet, what we see over and over again from the media is

There is no proof.  Well, this time there is proof but will Bondi do anything about it?

That is the real question here.

Will Pam Bondi do anything about the corruption in FloriDUH>

2020 election Politics

Watch the train wreck Media

This is what the Media started up right away.

You can see what happened and how the media began to create an evil situation…

Liar Media, unbelieving response from all the far left media outlets.

Watch as the Media begin the campaign to have President Trump Impeached. . .

The day after the election the Media began a campaign of destruction against the people of the United States of America. . .    

totally horrible situation when you begin to see the pattern of human rights abuses that the MEdia are engaged in. . .

It is not difficult to see the truth here and that is something that the media are afraid that the american voters will take action on November 6th of this year. . .


Send a message to the corrupted and
vile media…

Nov 6th Vote.