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  • Vote Fraud!

    Apparently the devil really did go down to Georgia! Remember when all HE double Tooth Picks broke out in Georgia! The Media claimed that vote fraud did not exist. The Democrats screamed and cried and acted like Prating children. Well this just in folks. AUDIT ERRORS The team’s analysis revealed that 923 of 1539 mail-in […]

  • Choice!


    We have a Choice… It is something that cannot be taken away unless you give it away and then that too is also a choice. In the end we all choose one road or another, one car or another, a home to live in or a tent to make your own. Some people even live […]

  • Georgia Ballot Stuffing!

    This is incredible! The media have for days and days been denying that there has been massive fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election! In fact here at Blago Planet we predicted that this was going to happen! When the Governor of the State of Georgia certified the election and the Sec of State of Georgia […]

  • Georgia fraud!

    The truth is coming out about the georgia election and the potential for fraud as well as what appears to be fraud. It is becoming painfully clear that indeed there is irrefutable fraud! They have Photographic evidence showing manufactured evidence. Photographic evidence showing tabulators in use unsupervised! Video evidence showing additional use of multiple tabulators […]

  • Video Proof

    In Georgia in appears that allegedly it is possible that democrat operatives operated tabulators After Hours in the State of Georgia with no one Supervising… This is huge! IT has been alleged that there is video that shows Democrat Operatives who appear to be processing votes without supervision as IS required by GEORGIA LAW! If […]

  • Look at the Ballots

    The one thing that seems beyond belief here is that we have hundreds of thousands of suspect ballots. No one has looked at them. Is it possible that they do not want to look at the Ballots? IF that is the truth then what can we expect in the future if anything concerning the truth […]

  • Bulk Mail Center

    It has been alleged A Bulk Mail Center Processing facility in the State of New York may be implicated and alleged to have been used to transport suspect Ballots for the 2020 Presidential Election! There are serious implications. The time frame that this happened was in October of this year! If proven true then this […]

  • Michigan Fraud!

    Michigan Fraud!

    The Media are already reporting that there is no evidence of vote fraud in Michigan This story is being reported even before witnesses are presented that can confirm the fraud that the Media say does not exist! Think about that for a second… Before evidence is presented in a public hearing officials are saying there […]

  • Arizona Fraud!

    Today some of the most egregious violations of election laws were documented by Eye Witnesses along with Actual Physical Evidence was presented by poll watchers / observers / Representatives of Elected officials along with observers and personal that were witness to Irregularities, Glitches, Anomalies, Errors, Accidents, Machines that were shut down and then restarted with […]

  • Georgia Corruption?

    Georgia Corruption?

    Is the State of Georgia Corrupt? Right now a huge legal battle is going on and the Media are not covering anything. But this is a nation of People! Take a few minutes to see this video because it is very revealing and it could possibly reveal criminal and civil wrong doing in the Government […]