Georgia fraud!

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The truth is coming out about the georgia election and the potential for fraud as well as what appears to be fraud.

It is becoming painfully clear that indeed there is irrefutable fraud!

They have Photographic evidence showing manufactured evidence.

Photographic evidence showing tabulators in use unsupervised!

Video evidence showing additional use of multiple tabulators in use without any supervision.

Photographic evidence of Actors who may have been involved in alleged fraud.

Credible Witnesses!

Pallet loads of Evidence!

Video, Photographs, testimony, documented manufactured ballots!

Real Proof of Fraud!

Election bags with missing security tags!

Dominion Employees hired by Fulton County!

Red Flags everywhere.

The sheer Mountain of Evidence here is just so compelling that no one in their right mind could deny it!

You cannot deny what has happened unless you are biased!

IF you are biased then everything you have to say is suspect!

The truth here is a simple thing!

There are Multiple issues of both alleged fraud and Photographic evidence of actual fraudulent ballots! (Manufactured Ballots) Printed out at some other location? Or possibly printed in a foreign nation and transported into the United States! (Allegedly)

Unsupervised use of vote marking machines.

Video and photographs as well as audio information that contains Damning information!

The Media and the State of Georgia Can No Longer Deny that Fraud Happened and not just in small amounts!

Hundreds of thousands of votes!

Vote Manipulation, Manufacturing votes, broken security tags on bags and bags of votes!

Sealed tabulated ballots that later were found to have been removed from the secure election bags and presented in a cardboard box.

This is just flabbergasting!

How can the people of Georgia be ignored!

How can the politicians of Georgia fail to take action.

We must have justice in Georgia!

Hundreds of thousands of Georgia Voters have been disenfranchised by unbelievable efforts of fraud and alleged fraud!

The democrats are just sitting there just lying about everything!

These democrats are just plane ignorant!

WE will find out the truth and the lies of these ignorant democrats will be exposed!

When we find out what the truth is then we must prosecute these democrats that are telling lies on National TV!

We have the truth!

The People of Georgia will prosecute these people!

If the democrats were interested in the truth they would
do the right thing!

But the argument they try to make is invalid!