tea party at fault?

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What, really that is what you want to say?

The tea party did not increase the deficit, by 35 percent, Washington did, the Tea party did not refuse to vote on Cut Cap and Balance, The Senate led by Harry Reid did that, the Democrats did that, seems obvious that the Democrats are the ones that own this mess. In a short time, the President will come out and make a speech, (watch what happens in the stock market,) it is really interesting to see how this process plays, out, if the president comes out and says that he will sign a cut cap balance, and tax bill, that would cause a rally in the stock market, but that likely not what is going to happen. What will the president do will he blame everyone else for his problems or will he say lets pass a cut cap balance, and tax bill.

It is really interesting to see what might happen next.

What will happen if we have no leadership is that the value of the dollar will continue to decline and the value of our nation will decline, it is sad but true, that blaming everyone for all the problems that you have no solution to is not a winning strategy.