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  • double standard flap

    The geese are hollering, the geese being the liberal media Trying to slant the news and present biased views as truth. It is of course a lie which most people can clearly see. Perhaps in the 1950s when the average education level was 5th or sixth grade, we have now evolved, were no longer ignorant, […]

  • On Goverment Shut Down?

    Will the government shut down as the politicians predict doom and gloom along with the apocalypse the collapse of the stock market and last but not least trying to blame it on one party or another. Why the republicans will probably cave in and just do what is wanted… The republicans are stupid, its fair […]

  • Media Influence

    Have you noticed how the media these days tend to influence how you think about certain topics? They use specific words to insinuate, they use words that tend to allege rather than present facts. They do this in an attempt to create entertainment rather than hard news… You can see how much influence they have […]

  • supreme court ruling

    Supreme court opens Pandora’s box Is this the end of America as we once knew it…  No one would have believed that America would die in this way, perhaps they once thought that America might in Battle one day loose, but never would we have believed that we would become what has already failed in […]

  • stock market and the White House

    Another serious problem,

  • White House Sues Banks

    In what could be the most alleged, “Bone headed” move in History, it is alleged, that the White House plans to sue several banks over the Freddie and Fannie Fiasco, which resulted in huge losses, for both Freddie and Fannie as well as the Public which bailed them out, then the banks were bailed out […]

  • bernanke traitor?

    In many ways the FED, may not even be constitutional, in fact I have never read in the constitution where the FED is of a legal authority at all. Are we being ripped off by a corporation that is not even allegedly legal at all? Would Bernanke be a Traitor if he were to print, […]

  • Fox news Liars?

    update, Is Fox news, influencing the market, by pushing certain stories at certain times of day? Should Fox news or any {alleged} news company be allegedly manipulating news stories that can influence the stock market? It is really a serious problem, what you have is allegedly a group of highly paid, individuals who are likely, […]

  • bus tour vs Vineyard Vacation

    Well I guess after a few tense encounters with Real Americans, the Vineyard must be a lot better, certainly the wine is… There seems to be some conception that taking a vacation on the eve of what many see as the doom of the stock market is somewhat of a problem but I guess when […]

  • Media Bias, Media Ignorance?

    Is the media being fair in its coverage of this news story? Many people would like the answer to that question because it appears that they are making a lot out of nothing, is there really nothing else on to talk about? Is the media becoming the new threat to the American Dream? This headline, […]