double standard flap

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The geese are hollering, the geese being the liberal media Trying to slant the news and present biased views as truth.

It is of course a lie which most people can clearly see.

Perhaps in the 1950s when the average education level was 5th or sixth grade, we have now evolved, were no longer ignorant, we have the internet and that has been a very powerful tool to expose bias in the media.

One Cable News Channel has made Millions and Millions of dollars presenting an opposing view to the once powerful broadcast media segment.

Broadcast media no longer matters because most Americans use the Internet and since broadcast media has reached its maximum market penetration most people do not even watch it, they watch cable because it usually comes with the internet.

Yet they (The media) continue to speak lies into the ears of willing viewers few though they may be. 

Watch this video and tell me what you see, its so obvious to most people, yet they continue to attempt to insert their view point over the truth.

That is wrong and that is also why traditional journalism has indeed also reached its Zenith in this marketplace.

Newspapers are going under, mostly because paper is getting to be a commodity because of the trees that have to be cut down every year, just to keep printing news papers which is sort of a problem when you consider that the liberal media are confessed tree huggers.

Hey, I love trees too, no problem, but I only consume digital media, so the local news papers are failing as a business model.

So, I guess you could continue to kill trees for a newspaper that will not be read Or make the move to the digital world, its digital now and people communicate about complex issues in forums and in other digital marketplaces.

It is time that we begin to report the news, to be reporters again to stop slanting the news.

That would indeed be an amazing world, a world worth voting for…