running scared, liberals are pulling all the stops out.

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Looks like the liberals are all about being scared, now they want to talk the talk, but you know what, the time to do that would have been last year, you know back when they could have done something about all the garbage that was going on in Washington.

But they failed to do that when it would have made a difference.

They failed because they did not pay attention to what the American people were saying to them.

They failed, not because they were not capable, but because they could not listen to anyone else.

The problem they face here is that they are not willing to try to do anything to govern in the will of the people.

Yet they are the product of the people will and they need to make sure they perform that thing that is so easy to do.

Listen to the will of the people and forget the will of the special interests and the unions, which fail as much as anything else.

Sadly the time for this process was before the money was spent and wasted.

The money they said would create jobs, but did not, that is the problem, they are now scared because the lies of the liberal media have been exposed.

The covers have been torn off and the lies and deceits have been exposed.