Repeal of health care

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I might be dead soon, mostly because I personally seen the level of health care reduced to its lowest level in years, simply because the insurance companies (allegedly) are cutting back on health insurance benefits and they are actually questioning doctors decisions and orders, so do you think that it is better or worse?

Will people die if health care reform is repealed?

The second question but far more important is will people die if it is not repealed?

The Question of how much damage has been done by this program is one that is not well known.

Will it really help to just repeal the health care bill?

Will it hurt, small business.

We know that insurance companies have already raised their rates, in response to the health care bill.

Will they lower them if health care is repealed?

You know, this issue has been with us for some time now and the over all issue of if it is legal to try to force a man or a child for that matter to obtain insurance at all costs, is it constitutional at all? I expect that it is not constitutional.

But in order to make the math work, everyone would need to have insurance, that makes sense.

However, where it does not make sense is this, (and about 1999 pages in addition to this one) fines, enforced by the IRS, again (not allegedly constitutional)

More importantly not only can you not force a man to do something against his or her will but you cannot fine people for not having insurance, you cannot do this because it is not going to help the situation.

What is needed is insurance reform, yet you heard it right insurance should not be profiting upon the backs of sick people all over the USA, but you do not hear about that issue do you?

So back to the issue of repealing health care.

Since allegedly much of the damage has already been done and that is without a doubt, (allegedly) since insurance coverage went down and the rates went up in preparation for this monstrance, the cost of insurance has already gone up so that companies can profit now, (allegedly)

So how would health care repeal really help?

If health care reform is repealed, will the insurance companies go back to 2008 coverage levels and insurance rates?

(Can I say to you truthfully, that NO, they are not going to do that) (allegedly)

An insurance company will not do anything that it does not have to do, which means, with them rates, do not come back down, I know its contrary to the laws of physics, and the laws of gravity too, but that is where it is sort of ignorant to assume that every thing will be ok once health care reform is repealed.

So, in the answer to the state of the union address that is coming tonight, with is likely to put millions of Americans to sleep tonight, (allegedly)

Will it really change anything at all?

Will health care reform, help?

Will repealing health care help?

NO, NO and NO.,


What would help, is reforming our present system of health care insurance.

That would be something worth while, but will they ever do it?

Will insurance companies do the right thing?

Can we expect, that insurance companies will reduce the rates for health care coverage after the health care law has been repealed.