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The passing of a legend

Sometimes life hands us news that is often the most depressing that you can imagine, this Monday evening was no different but it was a big surprise for many.

RIP Robin Williams, who was loved by so many.

In so many ways this legend of comedy touched the lives of people all over the world,  his unique energy and talent brought something special into the lives of those that needed a laugh to keep from crying.

He spent so much of his life helping others to feel better.

We will miss him…

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Repeal of health care

I might be dead soon, mostly because I personally seen the level of health care reduced to its lowest level in years, simply because the insurance companies (allegedly) are cutting back on health insurance benefits and they are actually questioning doctors decisions and orders, so do you think that it is better or worse?

Will people die if health care reform is repealed?

The second question but far more important is will people die if it is not repealed?

The Question of how much damage has been done by this program is one that is not well known.

Will it really help to just repeal the health care bill?

Will it hurt, small business.

We know that insurance companies have already raised their rates, in response to the health care bill.

Will they lower them if health care is repealed?

You know, this issue has been with us for some time now and the over all issue of if it is legal to try to force a man or a child for that matter to obtain insurance at all costs, is it constitutional at all? I expect that it is not constitutional.

But in order to make the math work, everyone would need to have insurance, that makes sense.

However, where it does not make sense is this, (and about 1999 pages in addition to this one) fines, enforced by the IRS, again (not allegedly constitutional)

More importantly not only can you not force a man to do something against his or her will but you cannot fine people for not having insurance, you cannot do this because it is not going to help the situation.

What is needed is insurance reform, yet you heard it right insurance should not be profiting upon the backs of sick people all over the USA, but you do not hear about that issue do you?

So back to the issue of repealing health care.

Since allegedly much of the damage has already been done and that is without a doubt, (allegedly) since insurance coverage went down and the rates went up in preparation for this monstrance, the cost of insurance has already gone up so that companies can profit now, (allegedly)

So how would health care repeal really help?

If health care reform is repealed, will the insurance companies go back to 2008 coverage levels and insurance rates?

(Can I say to you truthfully, that NO, they are not going to do that) (allegedly)

An insurance company will not do anything that it does not have to do, which means, with them rates, do not come back down, I know its contrary to the laws of physics, and the laws of gravity too, but that is where it is sort of ignorant to assume that every thing will be ok once health care reform is repealed.

So, in the answer to the state of the union address that is coming tonight, with is likely to put millions of Americans to sleep tonight, (allegedly)

Will it really change anything at all?

Will health care reform, help?

Will repealing health care help?

NO, NO and NO.,


What would help, is reforming our present system of health care insurance.

That would be something worth while, but will they ever do it?

Will insurance companies do the right thing?

Can we expect, that insurance companies will reduce the rates for health care coverage after the health care law has been repealed.

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Will the democrats see the wisdom of fixing the problems that make health care reform illegal allegedly, Many people know that this nation is based on the Constitution, some may not understand it, but it is the law of what we are, the constitution is what makes us free.

The Question remains, will the democrats, continue down the path way to disaster for their party.

Man will not be ruled as in years past, by tyrants, kings and dictators, they realize that as a world we have the choice as humans to do what is right.

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We need insurance reform…

Will dismantling the health care reform bill, really stop the erosion of health care in America?

Can insurance reform really correct the problems we have faced over the last few years?

Amazing but true insurance companies may not have your best interest at heart, (allegedly)

What we got and what we need are two different things that is why we need to go back and get this thing done right.

What America needs is insurance reform not Health care reform, because it is the insurance companies that have caused the problems we face, and also having administrators, in charge of hospitals instead of doctors and admins together, it should be a joint process not from a business perspective only.

Yet, too often that has been the result, so the problem clearly is not the quality of Health care in the US but the quality of Insurance companies.

This is the real problem and it was not fixed in the health care reform bill and that is why people want it to be repealed, because it was done in a corner, or in a back room with the doors and windows shut to the outside world.

It was done allegedly as a political machination and not to benefit the people.

This is why it must be repealed.

It must be defined and it must be public, this is the only fair and just way to proceed, not in some back room deal that benefits unions and special interests.

We the people need to send a message to congress that the corrupted process that was used to enact this poorly justified bill should be examined and determined to be a fraud on the American people.

Repeal this garbage and enact fair insurance reform, in this nation, that is the only way to do this the right way.

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Mandated Health care

When a man forces himself on a woman we call that rape, when the congress forces themselves on the people it is the same thing.

The members of congress knew this was wrong, because most all of them are lawyers, so they knew this was wrong, where they made their mistake was in thinking that they can do what ever they want and they can just be re-elected.

You must have health care or else?

Requiring a man, a woman, a child to have and purchase health care, is not proper.

It is not the American way, never in the past has this been a part of what America is about, so why now?

Why now do we see what allegedly is unconstitutional, do we see the white house, that is bent upon breaking the constitution?

However, what was done, trying to help people who are on Medicare, (donut hole) and trying to help people who need to have medical care by reducing the exclusion clause of most insurance carriers, however, the problem remains, you just cannot force a man to do something against his will it is not right.

So, will congress fix the problems with this bill or will they fight it out in court?

Will they take steps to do the right thing when it comes to the American people or will they try to preserve their pride?

This is what will be the defining moment for democrats this year at this time, when they have a chance to fix the problem will they act to fix it or will they play games?

Will they do what is necessary to get the job done, to make it right with the people of America?


Will they take the prideful step, that leads to defeat and destruction?

This is something that could effect the democratic party for years to come.

This can be fixed, this can be changed, but will the democrats do anything about it?


Will they do what they have done for the last two years, nothing but allegedly lie and cheat and allegedly steal from Americans?

In so many ways there are many situations where people have been made to do what they would not normally do, to be forced to eat a certain way, to be forced to do certain things a certain way, to have a certain kind of health care insurance, which all in all is not really that bad, but it makes one huge mistake.

It takes away the right of the man or woman to make a choice, some may not see anything wrong with that but most people want to be able to choose how they live their lives, because is it not their life to live or is it the life of the democrats?

Are democrats, trying to make you live your life the way they think you should be living it?

It is a valid question one that makes you think, about how you want to live your life, do you want to have the choice to do what you want to do?

Most people have to answer yes, simply because, life is in the hands of the person who is living that life.

If a woman has the right to choose, then should not everyone have the right to make a choice?

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Health care reform is unconstitutional

Some say its legal other say its illegal, but all in all if they find this is constitutional then what will be next, home owners policies, all have to be mandated, everyone has to have slip and fall insurance.

It is more than a slippery sloop, it is the pits of hell.

Ok, in a sweeping judgment, that firmly places states rights in the constitution as law, the mandated health care premium law has been struck a mortal blow.

Funeral will be held in three days.

States rights, have proven victorious, this is to be expected as it is the basis for what we as Americans enjoy as citizens.

You cannot come and take rights that are guaranteed in the Constitution and take them away.

Yet congress did this thing, they did it, knowing that the people did not like it they did it anyway.

They knew this was not legal but they did it anyway.

Now they may come out and deny that they knew this was wrong, but you know what, more than 70 percent of the congress are in fact lawyers, who went to law school, so my question to these bozos is this, you knew it was wrong yet you did it anyway, and a fair few of you are now going home and have been voted out of office.

So why did you do it, was it for money?

Did you do it because of special interests?

Did you do it to line your own pockets?

It just seems crazy that people would do what they know to be wrong, and think that they would get away with this trashy behavior, crazy, yes, but they did it anyway, they thought that the American people would not and could not care less.

Like Good ol Chuckie boy, apparently in some parts of the country they really don’t, but for most of your colleagues, Mr, I can assure they do care.

health care

health care is it good or bad?

Are we seeing a change, are we seeing something different?

The health care bill, was it really good?

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health care woes aflict business

There seems to be many companies that are really in dire straights, if you listen to them that is, about the new health care plans, mandated by the so called Obama care health care plans, including now McDonald’s Corp, which employs over 1.4 million employees.

Some large corporations have suggested that additional layoffs could be the result of this new health care plan if something is not done to correct what appears to them at least to be unrealistic expectations, in regard to what benefits are offered to employees.

This could result in even higher unemployment, figures in a time when every job counts and inflation is slowing creeping into the markets, this seems like a malodorous, compaction.

It really does appear that this thing is just wrong for America or is it?

In the McDonald’s Corp instance they do not offer what most people would consider “real” health insurance in the first place, so one might effectively argue that McDonald’s needs to step up the game plan somewhat, perhaps even step up to the plate and offer something besides a kids meal for their employees.

Yet, most news companies are not covering this part of the story.

Why is it in this modern day and age we have what amounts to a sweat shop for college students, and they have no real health care options?

Shame on McDonald’s Corp for being the greedy profit mongers they appear to be, or is that accurate?

Perhaps it is fair to say that but unfair to tell them how to run their business.

On the other side of the argument, what happens if your in that small percentage of workers that get seriously ill and you do not have “real” insurance what happens to you then?

One thing remains clear, this new health care program may indeed result in better health care for a few people, here and there, but overall there will be more Americans out of work as a result of those few Americans that do have health care.

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Did fox news tell the real story?

Is Bill really as moderate as he claims to be?

It would seem that the spin stops here slogan has over the last few weeks, been more of a the spin starts here.

Is Bill still the no spin zone, or is he letting everyone slide these days, is bill mellowing out, because this does not seem to be the no spin zone, anymore, when Juan Williams, can say that the earth is flat and bill says nothing, you just have to wonder, I mean really what is up…

Is fox just as bad as the other networks…

I like fox news, for the most part they at least try to tell the story, unlike some other media outlets, that do not tell the truth but allegedly tell lies all day long, in fact were a real disaster facing us, you would hear about it last on these other networks, they are for the most part liars, they do not report the news, they report by emotional digression.

This is not news, it is entertainment, and debauchery, (allegedly)

The thing is I caught Fox news doing the same thing and I find it disturbing, slanting the news is not OK, I do not care if you are a republican, or a democrat, spinning the news, (modern term which is the same as slanted news) which used to be a bad thing, back in the days of yore, when journalists were not entertainment oriented or beholding to the administration they were supposed to be reporting on, as with so many reporters who are now working at the white house, this is not right and would never have happened, back in the 60s or even 70s, reporting is not spinning the news, as we so often see on ALL the networks, even the vaunted, fair and balanced fox news.

Most of the time Fox news is better than any other network, but the other day I saw a video that was taken out of context, showing president obama, making a remark about BP, but it did not tell the context of his statement.

Now that was just wrong, it was not fair nor was it balanced, it was presented, in such a way as to appear to be one way when in fact it was something completely different.

Now this is not to say that, they do this all the time, but it is done and that is a problem, the news should not have to be fair and balanced, it should be the truth, but we are after all human, however, it is apparent that we need to examine the need to be fair and balanced, because our reporting should not be unbalanced, yet it is in many cases, or we would not need fox news at all.

It is a fact that we need balance, because we are not getting it in most of the news coverage today, that is far more disturbing than watching a new story that is slanted, when you see what amounts to lies all day long and a failure to cover the news along with a biased presentation to the extreme, that is worse by far.

We seem to be moving farther away from reporting and more and more toward entertainment, this is not only a mistake but a shame on those that went before…

I know that it is only human to hold opinions, however, it is not right to lie to the american people.