Mandated Health care

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When a man forces himself on a woman we call that rape, when the congress forces themselves on the people it is the same thing.

The members of congress knew this was wrong, because most all of them are lawyers, so they knew this was wrong, where they made their mistake was in thinking that they can do what ever they want and they can just be re-elected.

You must have health care or else?

Requiring a man, a woman, a child to have and purchase health care, is not proper.

It is not the American way, never in the past has this been a part of what America is about, so why now?

Why now do we see what allegedly is unconstitutional, do we see the white house, that is bent upon breaking the constitution?

However, what was done, trying to help people who are on Medicare, (donut hole) and trying to help people who need to have medical care by reducing the exclusion clause of most insurance carriers, however, the problem remains, you just cannot force a man to do something against his will it is not right.

So, will congress fix the problems with this bill or will they fight it out in court?

Will they take steps to do the right thing when it comes to the American people or will they try to preserve their pride?

This is what will be the defining moment for democrats this year at this time, when they have a chance to fix the problem will they act to fix it or will they play games?

Will they do what is necessary to get the job done, to make it right with the people of America?


Will they take the prideful step, that leads to defeat and destruction?

This is something that could effect the democratic party for years to come.

This can be fixed, this can be changed, but will the democrats do anything about it?


Will they do what they have done for the last two years, nothing but allegedly lie and cheat and allegedly steal from Americans?

In so many ways there are many situations where people have been made to do what they would not normally do, to be forced to eat a certain way, to be forced to do certain things a certain way, to have a certain kind of health care insurance, which all in all is not really that bad, but it makes one huge mistake.

It takes away the right of the man or woman to make a choice, some may not see anything wrong with that but most people want to be able to choose how they live their lives, because is it not their life to live or is it the life of the democrats?

Are democrats, trying to make you live your life the way they think you should be living it?

It is a valid question one that makes you think, about how you want to live your life, do you want to have the choice to do what you want to do?

Most people have to answer yes, simply because, life is in the hands of the person who is living that life.

If a woman has the right to choose, then should not everyone have the right to make a choice?