health care woes aflict business

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There seems to be many companies that are really in dire straights, if you listen to them that is, about the new health care plans, mandated by the so called Obama care health care plans, including now McDonald’s Corp, which employs over 1.4 million employees.

Some large corporations have suggested that additional layoffs could be the result of this new health care plan if something is not done to correct what appears to them at least to be unrealistic expectations, in regard to what benefits are offered to employees.

This could result in even higher unemployment, figures in a time when every job counts and inflation is slowing creeping into the markets, this seems like a malodorous, compaction.

It really does appear that this thing is just wrong for America or is it?

In the McDonald’s Corp instance they do not offer what most people would consider “real” health insurance in the first place, so one might effectively argue that McDonald’s needs to step up the game plan somewhat, perhaps even step up to the plate and offer something besides a kids meal for their employees.

Yet, most news companies are not covering this part of the story.

Why is it in this modern day and age we have what amounts to a sweat shop for college students, and they have no real health care options?

Shame on McDonald’s Corp for being the greedy profit mongers they appear to be, or is that accurate?

Perhaps it is fair to say that but unfair to tell them how to run their business.

On the other side of the argument, what happens if your in that small percentage of workers that get seriously ill and you do not have “real” insurance what happens to you then?

One thing remains clear, this new health care program may indeed result in better health care for a few people, here and there, but overall there will be more Americans out of work as a result of those few Americans that do have health care.