Health care reform is unconstitutional

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Some say its legal other say its illegal, but all in all if they find this is constitutional then what will be next, home owners policies, all have to be mandated, everyone has to have slip and fall insurance.

It is more than a slippery sloop, it is the pits of hell.

Ok, in a sweeping judgment, that firmly places states rights in the constitution as law, the mandated health care premium law has been struck a mortal blow.

Funeral will be held in three days.

States rights, have proven victorious, this is to be expected as it is the basis for what we as Americans enjoy as citizens.

You cannot come and take rights that are guaranteed in the Constitution and take them away.

Yet congress did this thing, they did it, knowing that the people did not like it they did it anyway.

They knew this was not legal but they did it anyway.

Now they may come out and deny that they knew this was wrong, but you know what, more than 70 percent of the congress are in fact lawyers, who went to law school, so my question to these bozos is this, you knew it was wrong yet you did it anyway, and a fair few of you are now going home and have been voted out of office.

So why did you do it, was it for money?

Did you do it because of special interests?

Did you do it to line your own pockets?

It just seems crazy that people would do what they know to be wrong, and think that they would get away with this trashy behavior, crazy, yes, but they did it anyway, they thought that the American people would not and could not care less.

Like Good ol Chuckie boy, apparently in some parts of the country they really don’t, but for most of your colleagues, Mr, I can assure they do care.