We need insurance reform…

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Will dismantling the health care reform bill, really stop the erosion of health care in America?

Can insurance reform really correct the problems we have faced over the last few years?

Amazing but true insurance companies may not have your best interest at heart, (allegedly)

What we got and what we need are two different things that is why we need to go back and get this thing done right.

What America needs is insurance reform not Health care reform, because it is the insurance companies that have caused the problems we face, and also having administrators, in charge of hospitals instead of doctors and admins together, it should be a joint process not from a business perspective only.

Yet, too often that has been the result, so the problem clearly is not the quality of Health care in the US but the quality of Insurance companies.

This is the real problem and it was not fixed in the health care reform bill and that is why people want it to be repealed, because it was done in a corner, or in a back room with the doors and windows shut to the outside world.

It was done allegedly as a political machination and not to benefit the people.

This is why it must be repealed.

It must be defined and it must be public, this is the only fair and just way to proceed, not in some back room deal that benefits unions and special interests.

We the people need to send a message to congress that the corrupted process that was used to enact this poorly justified bill should be examined and determined to be a fraud on the American people.

Repeal this garbage and enact fair insurance reform, in this nation, that is the only way to do this the right way.