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Americas second black president?

The ever villainous Media, (allegedly) is doing every thing they can do to try to create doubt about having a second black president.

That seems odd to most of the rest of the planet.

The reason why that is true is a simple thing, the media only represent about .079 percent of the entire population, thats less than one percent.

Meaning that 99 percent of the rest of the planet do not agree with the media.

Want to know more?


obamacare hoax?

Why is the media not covering the biggest news story of 2014?

The most important story here may not be that Obama Care was based on lies but that the media are not covering that news.

Video has surfaced that casts doubt on the idea that obama care was transparent which is about standard for the media these days however what is really interesting is that the media appear to be ignoring this particular video.

Bait and switch big news you will not see on the media.

Why you cannot trust the media and why you should stop watching these programs that seek to deceive you.

Don’t buy products advertised on these programs.

2014 vote them out Politics

Grace Go I ?

WE have all heard the phrase there but for the Grace of God go I…

 In fact I have said that very thing though at the time I did not truly mean it.

Since that time which was 2007 I have been down a road that few people would to tread.


I have seen the medical system corrupt at its core, rotten with abuse garbage and waste.

Medical doctors that take kickbacks while providing cheap services on the side.

Labs that generate fake invoices (allegedly) with the intent of covering costs and increasing profits.

Insurance companies that promote treatment options that harm patients.


The less educated patients in this system do one thing and one thing alone, they die.

Not because of any intentional action taken by doctors or nurses but because the doctors do not have or take the time to actually examine a patient.


If you doubt that think about the last time you had to take off your clothes and wear one of those drafty robes….


I will let that sink in for a few moments.


You see doctors spend on average 12 to 28 minutes with a patient and if during that limited time you are not asking the right questions your medical condition may never be diagnosed.

You could end up with stage four cancer just because you did not ask the right questions for what would be the most important 15 minutes of your life.


I have walked the pathway where there for the grace of God they go…


The problem is they have never been nor seen the real world where people are turned away by using sophisticated psychology and out right lies by medical doctors and you may be thinking how is this even possible.

I can assure you that it is not only possible but it has happened and does happen ever single day.







High deductable health care

The truth about the insurance companies is that they want to collect your money but never pay out a dime…

That must be the truth because why else would someone making minimum wage be forced to buy an insurance policy that has a $10,000.00 deductible before the policy ever pays one dime.

What this means is that no one would ever get over the barrier of meeting the deductible.

Imagine if you were barely able to survive, in a world where the cost of groceries has doubled in the last 8 years you have to think that a person who has to choose to purchase food for their family and insurance, would make the logical choice.

People are upset because they are just now understanding that they will have to pay for something they will never get.

Perhaps given the benefit of the doubt we could say that the Affordable Care Act, was a step in the right direction but went horribly wrong because it does nothing to fix the problem.

However when you allow an insurance company to define the way that they can offer up an insurance contract then you have a situation where they will play every game they can to deny the insured the ability to obtain services for which they paid.

In a situation where you do not receive a benefit from a paid service how can you expect someone to continue to have the will to support such a scam as that?

The truth here is that in 2014 the true will of the voters will be counted and no amount of cheating will change that, no amount of the dead coming back to life will change the truth…





Could Global Warming be on its way?

We have heard for years that first global warming was going to destroy the world, but the truth is scientifically over the many many years, indications from scientists, (without an agenda) give positive evidence that there have been times when the climate was different hot then colder years, possibly related to the way that our solar system moves in and out of its trajectory.

(sure its a little science geek types stuff)

But what if its true, what if were getting hotter, not because of anything were doing but because of the way that the earth moves in and out of its own orbit, even the most honest scientists will tell you, (if they are in fact honest) that there really is no such thing as fact.  Scientists can guess, most of the time those guesses have a high likely manner of becoming true, however not always.

There can be no doubt that this year it is certainly warmer than in years past, however we cannot be sure that this means that anything that were doing here on this earth effects that situation.

What kind man or woman might think that arrogantly?

The truth about humanity is that were a speck of sand on a beach and we think were so important that we can effect the world and the tides or the way tornadoes move through places or land or topography?  No we cant even supply you with a decent description of how the human brain works, because we meaning humanity here and learned doctors, intentional misuse of the language there, were really just doing our best to make sense out of a situation where we find it difficult to determine that were not the center of our own universe.

It may be easy to believe that were the masters of our own universe, but the truth is were not even the masters of our own minds.


sequestration Manure?


  Does any one tell the truth anymore
or is all just a bunch of Manure.

 Manure serves a useful purpose it usually helps fertilize the soil as well as many other things of course it can also be harmful, bacteria can develop from using the wrong type of manure in a garden for instance.

The thing here is this, Sequestration is not Real…


could global warming be real?

[kc_heading_pac_16_headline_main_11 size=”25″ color=”#d50000″ ]Global Warming..[/kc_heading_pac_16_headline_main_11]

Just a few short years ago many laughed at Al, thinking he was insane with all of the snow and ice, but now perhaps things may be a little different, is it really global warming or is it something else.

Climate change might be more realistic simply because we know that it has happened in the past and is likely to happen in the future as well. Hopefully it will not be as dire as predicted in the movie 2012, but there seems to be no doubt that something has changed over the last year we have seen some significant increase in heat and weather patterns have changed.


kellys court

subjective lie detector

The idea that you have on one hand a very subjective analysis that is not an acceptable method of detecting a lie, because the process is subjective.

The Ultimate Catch 22

This idea that if a lie detector test is subjectively failed, according to a subjective opinion, yet at the same time, if a lie detector test is passed, most of the time you hear the old “Well lie detector tests are not admissible in court”

Ok, you know what, you cannot have it both ways, either it is accurate, or it is not accurate, and science tells us that it is in fact NOT accurate, the reason why it is not accurate, is that it is totally dependent upon the operators subjective analysis of subjective material.

Simply stated, subjective, analysis of Subjective material, yields a subjective result,
(There is not such thing as a Lie detector test)

It simply does not exist because it is based on an unscientific method…

That is a real problem and when you have someone that is made to “take” a test the only thing that is going to happen every single time is that doubt will be cast, upon that persons honesty, all based on a subjective opinion, you could also take ten operators, and get ten different opinions, this is why it is not scientifically relevant in court, because science does not support this method.

Today, on Kellys court a popular fox news segment, allowed a report to be published that might have been inappropriate, for a number of reasons, one of which was that a member of the staff reported that the person that “took” or was subjected to the test, “Miserably failed” the test, now that is just not really accurate, (allegedly)

That is actually not right at all, (allegedly)

It is ok to say that someone was deceptive, or that the test was inconclusive but to say that someone failed a test “using an adjective like miserably” is not only Unprofessional, but could actually be illegal.

The idea that fox news participated in this kind of subjective analytical process is disturbing.


Biased Elections

Over the last several years we have seen a trend in the media that creates a problem in the electoral process.

Consider this, the media can influence the outcome of an election because of how they choose to cover that election and the candidates that are running in that election. 

If only one viewpoint is presented is it then a fair contest?

Can we have legal elections if the media influences the outcome of an election by using psychological tactics to promote one candidate over another one, even perhaps promote one candidate that cannot win and then later turn on that same candidate and influence the voting public yet again, they might even be able to profit from this process.

The real question then becomes “should the media be directly involved in influencing elections?”

Should the media be accepting advertising dollars from corporate clients that have a direct interest in the outcome of an election?

When this happens, you have some real conflict of interest that might even be close to being a crime…

When you think about how often this happens, and how opinion then becomes a powerful psychological tool to help produce results and influence the outcome of an election then you have to ask the question should a law be passed to prevent the media from participating in an election by using psychological phrases and depicting a candidate in one way or another to attempt to influence that election process.

A great example occurred on Fox news just recently, when a bobble head, made a statement to the effect that a particular candidate might have not been telling the truth during a debate, now there was no direct evidence that this comment was true, however this bobble head, made the statement anyway even though they had no method of proving what they said, the problem was that the net result was that this bobble head created doubt in the minds of the viewing and voting public.

This “Bobble Head” caused an event to take place that cast doubt on this candidates ability to get elected, now that is interfering with an election.

This candidate may not be able to win votes, in the future because this media figure used psychological tricks to develop a doubt about this candidates ability to win an election, now that is just wrong, and this happened on Fox news, so perhaps it might be accurate to say that a media organization that participates unfairly in an election in this manner should be shut down because they have ceased to be a news company and have become instead an unauthorized participant in the election.

For years the media has been doing this type of thing and for the most part, they have gotten away with it, but it may be time to start a process to refute this practice and stop them from attempting to influence the American Electoral process.

The media should report the news.

The media should not make the news.

The Media should develop good reporting practices.

The media should not develop opinions with the intent to influence the way voters see any particular candidate.

People are not anywhere near as dumb as companies like Fox news think that they are and so it is time for the media to report the news and stop trying to derail a candidate based on opinion alone that is wrong and a law should be passed to prevent the media from making a profit when they do this, in fact they should be fined a big big fine, (more than they take in for advertising for that same time period) that would stop this insanity and create a real election again, because we have not had a fair election in a long long time.

It is time for the news media to step back from the brink of insanity.

As anyone will tell you when you actively engage in deception using psychology in this way, the result is insanity and it is wrong.

Advertisers, can no longer be allowed to pay a news company to influence the news that is just wrong, and it is evil.

Fox news is just as guilty as many of these other news companies have been in the past, and that is just as wrong as what these other so called news companies are doing now, when a so called “reporter” fails to report the news or fails to question a biased statement by a guest that is also wrong.

Two wrongs do not make a right, and it is time that the media “wake up” because this is not what classic journalism is about what the modern news media is all about is influencing elections, that is wrong, there is a difference between news, entertainment, and advertising, when a news company engages, in all three, and does not distinguish between these different methods of media, that is also wrong.

Bias in the media is a horrible thing because it take from citizens the right to make up their own minds, when bias rots the core of the media you cease to have a real reporting news company and you have a state run media, that is wrong.

The fact is that for more than 30 years the media has been doing this unquestioned, it is time that they stop doing this.



State of Florida Vs Casey Anthony Again?

Warning….  You might have been brain washed by the media?

It is possible that the media has “invented” the girl that everyone loves to hate, by using psychological words and phrases.

Ok here we go again, a judge has ordered that Casey Anthony appear in a Florida Court to serve probation even after receiving many death threats, and also the premise of this alleged bad decision by the judge might actually lead to a risk of life for this woman who is hated universally if you believe the media bias that is.

Should the state of Florida be made to pay for her security that she will need?

Should the state of Florida be sued if Casey Anthony is murdered because this judge has tried to enforce an unfair process, allegedly.

So what about it, should the State of Florida pay for the Security services of body guards, which is likely to be more than 150 thousand dollars a year, just so she can serve probation in a county that arguably the most dangerous place on earth for this hated girl that by the way the media seems to have made guilty beyond any doubt.

 So what is the responsibility of this state to keep this woman safe?

Does the state of Florida really want this kind of risk because the risk is real and the threat is real, one thing for sure, you have to really seriously consider this when thinking about moving to the state of Florida, who wants to allegedly live in a state that is so vindictive anyway?

Who would want to live in a state where so many court cases allegedly are consuming so much of the tax dollars of citizens of Florida?

When you think about it, there have been several cases where the state of Florida went after subjects when they did not have enough proof to substantiate the charges…

What this allegedly means to you is that you might be on vacation and get stopped while you are having ice cream and end up in prison?