High deductable health care

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The truth about the insurance companies is that they want to collect your money but never pay out a dime…

That must be the truth because why else would someone making minimum wage be forced to buy an insurance policy that has a $10,000.00 deductible before the policy ever pays one dime.

What this means is that no one would ever get over the barrier of meeting the deductible.

Imagine if you were barely able to survive, in a world where the cost of groceries has doubled in the last 8 years you have to think that a person who has to choose to purchase food for their family and insurance, would make the logical choice.

People are upset because they are just now understanding that they will have to pay for something they will never get.

Perhaps given the benefit of the doubt we could say that the Affordable Care Act, was a step in the right direction but went horribly wrong because it does nothing to fix the problem.

However when you allow an insurance company to define the way that they can offer up an insurance contract then you have a situation where they will play every game they can to deny the insured the ability to obtain services for which they paid.

In a situation where you do not receive a benefit from a paid service how can you expect someone to continue to have the will to support such a scam as that?

The truth here is that in 2014 the true will of the voters will be counted and no amount of cheating will change that, no amount of the dead coming back to life will change the truth…