sequestration Manure?

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  Does any one tell the truth anymore
or is all just a bunch of Manure.

 Manure serves a useful purpose it usually helps fertilize the soil as well as many other things of course it can also be harmful, bacteria can develop from using the wrong type of manure in a garden for instance.

The thing here is this, Sequestration is not Real… It is made up, it is a man made crisis that never existed… So what do we do now we have Washington engaging in lies and not only that they are lying about everything that matters the most. They think they are smarter than anyone else. intelligence will save the world but that is not the truth.

It really is simple, the Sequestration “deal” was created by an unconstitutional action.

  If you doubt that find one place in the constitution where it says lets find less than than 20 of the congress and lets setup a deal where no one can vote on the outcome of the action taken.

Does that sound like anything you have ever read in the constitution before?

No, that’s because it was not legal.