Repeal of health care

I might be dead soon, mostly because I personally seen the level of health care reduced to its lowest level in years, simply because the insurance companies (allegedly) are cutting back on health insurance benefits and they are actually questioning doctors decisions and orders, so do you think that it is better or worse? Will […]

We need insurance reform…

Will dismantling the health care reform bill, really stop the erosion of health care in America? Can insurance reform really correct the problems we have faced over the last few years? Amazing but true insurance companies may not have your best interest at heart, (allegedly) What we got and what we need are two different […]

Mandated Health care

When a man forces himself on a woman we call that rape, when the congress forces themselves on the people it is the same thing. The members of congress knew this was wrong, because most all of them are lawyers, so they knew this was wrong, where they made their mistake was in thinking that […]

DOJ to appeal Unconstitutional health care issue

If the Supreme court rules that this can be done, then all hope for America will end. Because, eventually they will decide that certain Americans with certain illnesses, need to be put to death, it is for the best, and it would be for the best for the health care system. The shocking idea of […]