Sanctuary cities breaking the law


Breaking the Law…

Acting against the legal
definition of ones office.

Should someone that has broken the law be allowed to be in charge of the largest police force in the USA?

Is it possible that someone that advocates for sanctuary cities become the head of the border patrol?

Think about that for a moment.

When you look at the way that things are going in Washington how much longer should we wait before we begin to take action against these bad choices.

ITs time to stop this insanity, its time to stop the foolishness.

When you have broken the law in this way, you cannot be nominated to head an agency that is directly opposed to your chosen way of life, if you support illegal immigration that is your choice it is against the law, but the American people will not allow this nomination to continue, is it not time that this president begin to act in the best interest of the people he was elected to govern?

Some times it becomes necessary to make difficult choices in order to stop those that are opposed to the American Way of life.

It is time that congress makes a difficult choice because of the mistakes made by the electorate, do not dictate to the whole of the people.

More on this soon…


Closing down the USA?

If you watch the TV or Cable you have no doubt heard about how the shutdown of government and how the sky is going to fall, you know the same old same old you always hear from democrats when they think that something is not going their way.

Perhaps you have heard this, how seniors will have to eat dog food and that social security checks will be cut off.

But you know something the truth is more apparent than lies.

The truth is often something that once you hear it or see it you know it in your heart.

This is the truth.



According to one national park ranger, “We’ve been told to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting.” Read the full story here.

The National Park Service, under the direction of the White House, has gone out of its way to make sure regular Americans suffer during the government shutdown.

Without rhyme or reason, the National Park Service (NPS) is closing open-air, public areas that normally do not involve the need for ranger presence.  For example, prior to the shutdown:

–  The WWII Memorial in Washington was open 24/7 to anyone at any time.  Now it has barricades and guards to prevent visitors.

–  The parking lot to Mount Vernon, privately owned by the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association, was closed by the NPS.

–  Roadside pull-offs to Mount Rushmore in South Dakota now have orange cones, preventing visitors from stopping to take pictures of the monument.

–  NPS rangers blocked the entrance to the privately run Pisgah Inn on the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina because access to the inn leases property along the parkway.

Ironically, it’s costing taxpayers more to close these places than to simply leave them open!

But that’s not all.

Under the shutdown, the Amber Alert website was taken down, while Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” website remained active.  Oh, and those golf courses that the president plays every weekend…they’re still open too.

Furloughed Catholic priests in the military face disciplinary action if they hold Sunday Mass on bases.  And…Harry Reid defended his rejection of a mini-spending bill that would help children with cancer, asking, “Why would we want to do that?”

Many would be surprised to learn that 83% of the Federal Government is still operating.  And it could be more if it weren’t for the Obama administration trying to inflict “pain” on the American people.

Friends, we have an Obama administration that is vindictive, petty and small-minded.  And your elected officials need to know you want them fighting for you!


Recall Harry Reid?

Should Harry Reid be Recalled?

You would think that indeed it might be the case, as the Majority leader in the Senate it is the Sworn Duty of Harry Reid to submit a budget passed by the House to the Senate for a vote. 

But he is holding the people of the USA hostage, Why?


That is the question why is Harry Reid allowed to break the rules, Why is he allowed to ignore the People of the United States?

Could it be that he is so Old, that he knows that he is no longer capable of doing the job and so now will likely retire before his next election?

That would be interesting because that situation seems to create a problem where by the Constitutional duty of a sworn member might be co-opted.


Is it time to remove Harry Reid from office?

It might really be time to Recall Harry Reid because he is not able to discharge his duty.





The news story no one is covering?

Raise the debt, Raise the Debt you can almost here the mythic chanting of the democrats but when will the media cover the real story here and that is a simple thing, when you have spent as much money as you can spend and you can spend no more money because you already are in so much debt from whom will you borrow more money?

The one aspect that no one is covering including Fox news is the very real fact that when your at your limit in borrowing capacity, you cannot get another loan, simply because that is not the way it works. For a majority of Americans, the idea of getting a loan is like winning the lottery, they simply do not have the ability to do that because they have already borrowed as much as they can.

When a man or a woman goes to the bank and says, hey I need another loan please, the bank will look at that persons credit and then say well Mr. John Q Public, I would love to lend you more money but you have not paid back the last loan you got from this bank and in fact you have not paid back any of the last four loans we gave you so the answer is No, you cannot borrow any more money. 

That is what would happen in the real world if any one of you were to go to the bank with an outstanding loan far in excess of what you were capable of paying back, but apparently we have some in Washington that are playing around like this is some kind of big game where they are in a back smoke filled room playing poker and they put down the title to their Mercedes Benz because they have run out of cash and they really “think” that this is the hand that will get them all the money back they have already lost.

Well you know what happens next right, the guy looses, because he is so desperate to win that he has failed to realize that the game is stacked against him and all the players are cheating him and he does not even know it because he is so convinced that he is going to win but the truth is that he has already lost.

So, the Senate has refused to do the right thing, led by Democrat Harry Reid, and they are now threatening that they may allegedly take matter into their own hands, which would be treason, yes you heard right the option that some are discussing in the news is Treason and might be punishable by criminal law.

But lets put all that aside for one moment and pretend that no one is on any one side or the other in this issues.

Lets say that there is some kind of measure that is passed allowing the USA to borrow more money, (WHO is going to lend it to them?) Who would be that stupid, because they already have so much of our debt, that we can never pay it back unless we stop what we are doing pull back the sheets and the covers on the walls and let the sunlight into the room, open the windows and let the fresh air in so that people can make honest decisions.

It is time to make a decision, to start cutting out the things that we do not need, like the Arts funding, and yes, even the subsidies, for corn and for the Gas companies, we need to examine the budget line by line and find out where the waste is and get rid of it, it is not impossible as some are reporting in the news, we just need to make some serious decisions.

The first step would be to have members of congress pay for their own health care just like everyone else in the USA, get that, it would save millions upon millions of dollars.

Yet, that is not even considered, right?

WE can do this we just have to make the right decisions, we don’t need to be giving Public Radio, money, we don’t need to give Acorn money, we don’t need to give millions to organizations with a political agenda, that is not what the tax payer monies were meant to do.

I would be happy with the promises that then Senator Obama, made with regard to special interests, in Government, Lobbyists, and all manner of special wavers were issued, buy why, do we really need to have the wants of the few outweigh the needs of the many?

That is something that we all need to consider and you dont have to be on one side or the other to make the right decision.

There are wants and there are needs, we are down to what we can afford and that is the needs of the American people.

Do the right thing congress, Whitehouse, the American People are depending upon you to do the right thing.

gold not worth anything stock market

Gas prices go up

When will it stop, and when will Obama be blamed for it like Bush was?  Are they really this dumb that they think the public is not aware of their duplicity?


Will history repeat, remember when a previous president tried to control the market by putting a freeze on prices and how disastrous it was for the economy, what was that by the way?


It seems there is no end in sight to the high prices being paid for gasoline, in fact some are predicting $7.00 per gallon by the end of this year, perhaps even more, but why are the prices going up so quickly, when it is a proven alleged, fact, from petroleum insiders, that it takes three months for the crude oil that is purchased to day to reach the gas pumps, so why is it that no one has done anything to prevent all this price gouging?

That would be a great question to ask if we actually had any reporters that were still asking questions at press conferences.

Considering, that we could release some of the oil for production, and actually pay down the enormous debt, why is this not being considered.

Think about that for a few minutes, how much oil could the US sell, on the market to satisfy some of the debt that we have allowed an out of control Washington to run up?


Crisis, in the USA as Gas prices head toward, the tipping point for the poor and the working consumer.

Diesel prices go up and up, and up, food will be next if you have not already done so, you need to seriously consider stocking up on food, at least buy more than you usually buy.


When the prices keep going up the ones that will be hurt the most are those that have to commute to work, imagine having to spend more money than you make just to get to a job that pays not even enough to feed you.

That is the future that awaits the average American if Oil reserves are not released.

As the Gas prices and the Gold prices go up the stock market is going down, it could be a rough ride over the next few days, some allegedly have said that a 400 point loss might be seen before a recovery is made, and that is note written in stone or gold as far as that goes.

Gas at $6 to $8 Dollars per Gallon coming to America?

They say gold is going up and up and up and where it stops no one knows, but hey let me give you one piece of really good advice.

People, You Cannot Eat your gold, it will not feed you when your hungry.

Hope that helps some of you out because, most people live from payday to payday, and they keep less than a three day supply of food and even less water.

Consider that for a moment and the gold comment will fit in much better.

high gas prices

Oil prices soar?

$5.00 Gas? When will the price gouging end?

Well, it looks like hyper inflation may be here folks, and if your not stocked up on a few staples you could find sticker shock something to really worry about in the very near future.


Inflation is near was Glenn Beck right all along.

As prices at the pump continue to go up so will the cost of food, since 99 percent of all food is transported in tractor tailors, the higher cost of diesel is going to cause a food price crisis and it is going to happen soon if Washington does not act to increase the amount of oil available by releasing some of the oil reserves.

Well over the last few days, we have see near steady media publications stating that oil would be going up up and up again, well not surprising is the self fulfilling prophesy of the media has actually taken place, psychologically speaking if you say that the sky is green long enough people will believe it.

So now do we have higher gas prices just because of the media and how they are covering the news?

As the media talking heads continue to talk and talk and talk, do they have a financial interest in Gas prices, do they own gas stock could this be considered, insider trading? Perhaps, but one thing is for sure, people who are reporting the news have a financial interest in the market they should not be in the position of manipulation of the market by being on TV.

One thing for sure, the idea that the cost per gallon for gas may hit an all time high is the USA is not just for Glenn Beck.

Some allegedly are predicting 6 to 10 dollars per gallon for gas because of the ban on drilling in the gulf the cost of gas could get very very high.

What will you do when Gas goes to 5 dollars a gallon, what about 8 dollars a gallon?

When your making less money at work and the cost to go to work is more than your making what happens then?

Will the rest of the world help us like we have always helped them when they needed it?

All you can do is hope but I would not hold your breath.

Wisconsin supreme court election

Wisconsin supreme court election

Wonder what happened, is this no longer news, or how far are the special union interests, prepared to go, will they do even worse things, is this like dealing with Gangsters?

Vote fraud is allegedly being investigated have the dead have once again risen to come and vote in Wisconsin?

The truth may be worse than you think, seems really easy to figure out, if there are more votes that actual people living in a district something is wrong.

More than 10,000 ballots in Dane County, Wisconsin, where the state capital Madison is, voters selected only a pick in the Supreme Court race, while leaving even the hotly contested mayoral and county executive choices blank.

Wisconsin and Illinois are neighbors and how they vote in Chicago doesn’t necessarily stop at the state line.”

Really that is the way you want your children to remember how the USA fell one day in Wisconsin.

hope and change

Nation Guard in Wisconsin?

While most people think that the democrats will back off before someone gets hurt and they jeopardize the 2012 elections with all this punk garbage they are doing in Wisconsin, it does appear that the left has a firm hand in acting out in this madness that is continuing in Wisconsin.


Will the governor have to call on the National Guard to bring alleged union organized violence to an end?

With out of control citizens vandalizing and disrupting the lawfully elected government proceedings, is is time for the Governor to call on the national Guard to restore order and to arrest those individuals who are generating violence in the capitol.

When you look at this situation what you have here is a very small percentage of the population that are attempting to over throw the government of the state of Wisconsin, this is a valid threat to the liberty and sovereign states rights of the state of Wisconsin to conduct business on behalf of the people of the state of Wisconsin.

It is times like these where extraordinary measures may have to be taken to restore order.

Let the unions beware that it is time to back off before people get hurt.

Will the president step in and do his elected duty to uphold the constitution of the United States of America?

Disorder in Wisconsin, is this the beginning of the end for the USA.

democrats in congress

Riots in Wisconsin?

We could be watching the beginnings of what could be a riot between pro unions and the tea party.

With the news coverage that has been developing over the last few days, including an apparent White house involvement (allegedly) if someone dies will it be President Obama’s fault?

When you take on the responsibility of the highest office in the USA you have to accept the idea that there are consequences involved with every word that comes out of your mouth.

What we are seeing in Wisconsin is a direct result of efforts that allegedly have been linked at least allegedly so.

Union officials have been pressuring the White House to speak out forcefully against Walker’s attempt to roll back pension and health care payments to plug a $3.6 billion budget gap — and administration allies have been in close contact with labor leaders for a week, officials say.

Organizing for America, Obama’s 2008 grass-roots campaign organization posted a statement on its website late Thursday, announcing it “is mobilizing on the ground in Wisconsin to defend the rights of public employees from an attempt by the governor to take away their right to organize.”

It is difficult to understand why the white house would participate in this kind of thing because it could go very very wrong.

What if, the worst thing happens and there is a huge riot?

If that does happen and someone dies, will the White House be responsible for that death?

The answer of course is not criminally, but you could say that it is incredibly irresponsible of someone to promote a potentially violent event when we are just days removed from an assassination attempt on a sitting congresswoman.

When they said that we should tone down political rhetoric because tensions were running high then you have this kind of thing you really have to question the idea that we have democrats in office that perhaps need to be voted out of office.

Will we find a way to stop this before it gets worse?
Will democrats continue down this path?
Why did the white house do this?
Will people die because of what the white house has done?

health care health care reform

Repeal of health care

I might be dead soon, mostly because I personally seen the level of health care reduced to its lowest level in years, simply because the insurance companies (allegedly) are cutting back on health insurance benefits and they are actually questioning doctors decisions and orders, so do you think that it is better or worse?

Will people die if health care reform is repealed?

The second question but far more important is will people die if it is not repealed?

The Question of how much damage has been done by this program is one that is not well known.

Will it really help to just repeal the health care bill?

Will it hurt, small business.

We know that insurance companies have already raised their rates, in response to the health care bill.

Will they lower them if health care is repealed?

You know, this issue has been with us for some time now and the over all issue of if it is legal to try to force a man or a child for that matter to obtain insurance at all costs, is it constitutional at all? I expect that it is not constitutional.

But in order to make the math work, everyone would need to have insurance, that makes sense.

However, where it does not make sense is this, (and about 1999 pages in addition to this one) fines, enforced by the IRS, again (not allegedly constitutional)

More importantly not only can you not force a man to do something against his or her will but you cannot fine people for not having insurance, you cannot do this because it is not going to help the situation.

What is needed is insurance reform, yet you heard it right insurance should not be profiting upon the backs of sick people all over the USA, but you do not hear about that issue do you?

So back to the issue of repealing health care.

Since allegedly much of the damage has already been done and that is without a doubt, (allegedly) since insurance coverage went down and the rates went up in preparation for this monstrance, the cost of insurance has already gone up so that companies can profit now, (allegedly)

So how would health care repeal really help?

If health care reform is repealed, will the insurance companies go back to 2008 coverage levels and insurance rates?

(Can I say to you truthfully, that NO, they are not going to do that) (allegedly)

An insurance company will not do anything that it does not have to do, which means, with them rates, do not come back down, I know its contrary to the laws of physics, and the laws of gravity too, but that is where it is sort of ignorant to assume that every thing will be ok once health care reform is repealed.

So, in the answer to the state of the union address that is coming tonight, with is likely to put millions of Americans to sleep tonight, (allegedly)

Will it really change anything at all?

Will health care reform, help?

Will repealing health care help?

NO, NO and NO.,


What would help, is reforming our present system of health care insurance.

That would be something worth while, but will they ever do it?

Will insurance companies do the right thing?

Can we expect, that insurance companies will reduce the rates for health care coverage after the health care law has been repealed.