Sanctuary cities breaking the law

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Breaking the Law…

Acting against the legal
definition of ones office.

Should someone that has broken the law be allowed to be in charge of the largest police force in the USA?

Is it possible that someone that advocates for sanctuary cities become the head of the border patrol?

Think about that for a moment.

When you look at the way that things are going in Washington how much longer should we wait before we begin to take action against these bad choices.

ITs time to stop this insanity, its time to stop the foolishness.

When you have broken the law in this way, you cannot be nominated to head an agency that is directly opposed to your chosen way of life, if you support illegal immigration that is your choice it is against the law, but the American people will not allow this nomination to continue, is it not time that this president begin to act in the best interest of the people he was elected to govern?

Some times it becomes necessary to make difficult choices in order to stop those that are opposed to the American Way of life.

It is time that congress makes a difficult choice because of the mistakes made by the electorate, do not dictate to the whole of the people.

More on this soon…