Just Say no, no more lies…

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This just in, folks, they have lied to you, they have laughed at you, they have insulted your intelligence, they have disrespected you, now it is time to remember, now it is time to get rid of those alleged buffoons in Washington.

Just say no more lies, America was founded on courage and strength of will.

We are all to blame for the mess we have up in Washington now, every last one of us, but what is happening right now is corruption, it must stop or we will cease to be America, this November if they do not try to take over, Millions of Americans will vote, if they allow you to vote that is, one thing is clear, we must take action by voting.

On Friday we here at the Tea Party Express completed an election analysis and have now identified 102 Liberal Democrats in Congress who could face defeat on November 2nd.

Thus, we are spending this weekend expanding our campaign target list and utilizing more financial resources to accomplish what could be one of the most historic election upsets in this nation’s history.

Friends, we could potentially reshape Congress and America in a dramatic and dynamic way. The only thing that will hold us back now is money. We have 11 days – just 11 days to make our final push in these critical races. We need every constitutional conservative in America to step forward and make a contribution to the Tea Party Express Congressional Election Fund ASAP.

Please – pitch in. Ask your conservative friends or family members to match your contribution. Forward this email to everyone you can.

Please support this effort by making a contribution online – HERE.