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corruption in the Media

Can America Survive the seriously corrupted media?

That is something to seriously consider as we face a new year and a new president.

Will the Media have its way and distort the real news that is not being presented to the public?

The real question is far more important here and that is Should the Media be allowed to have that much power over the people who choose to continue to watch this destructive very small group of people.

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Democrats in Denial

There is a process for Grief.

The Democrats are in a state of Denial.

  • DENIAL  Denial is the first of the five stages of grief. It helps us to survive the loss. …
  • ANGER  Anger is a necessary stage of the healing process. …
  • BARGAINING   Before a loss, it seems like you will do anything if only your loved one would be spared.

Sadly there is a really big problem for the Democrats they are not only in denial but they are denying what caused them to loose the election and loose it so very badly.

Want to know more. 


Corruption in Washington

Why are we so partisan in Washington.
The truth is all about reality.

There are serious problems with partisans in office.

Corruption in Washington and it starts with Democrats.

This is why we have so many problems in Washington.


Vote in this election 2016

We have to make a difference and the only way that the people can make a real difference is to hold the media accountable for the truth.

The media are trying to diffuse and deceive and deny the truth about this election.


America is still alive and well.

The reputation of this great nation has been tarnished by corruption and by evil people.

It is time that We the People Stand up and expose the lies of the Media and that we will not stand for the bias and the lies and the corruption any more.

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Turmoil in Washington?

With the recent news that the Investigation into wrong doing concerning the email scandal involving the Clinton Campaign you might wonder what is going on with the Department of Justice.

The appearance of impropriety is sobering.

What kind of administration would be produced should Hillary become president.

The truth is shocking and it is disturbing to almost every american.

Should the FBI and the DOJ be infighting?


October surprise from wikileaks

The dreaded October Surprise has begun and it is blatant corruption at its worst.

The truth here is a problem both for the democrats and for the Media.

Transcripts from Hillary’s Speeches to Wall Street where she was paid Millions of dollars (reported by the media)

Imagine what will happen next…

Is America completely corrupted?


corruption in the Senate

This year will be one of the greatest and most pivotal election in this nations history and it is even possible that America as you know it today may not make it.

We tend to believe that America is impervious to failure. 

It should be however the Romans also thought this way as well. 


The news story listed just above and below this line of text is something that makes you wonder and for many Americans it creates a sleepless state of consciouniousness.


High Deductable

Imagine paying for health insurance that does not pay?

Makes you wonder.

The truth about corruption in the health insurance business is easy to see, yet no one in congress has done a thing about it, why is that?

Simple, they get their health care free.

They do not care about other people that make minimum wage and can barely afford to pay for insurance at all.

What good does it do to have health care if your deductible is set so high that you cannot afford to use the insurance.


Corruption in Washington?

Are we seeing the ultimate forms of corruption in Washington?

You might think that things have never been this bad before but while it is true that Grant has long considered to be one of the most corrupt administrations in the history of the US that dubious honor appears about to be broken.



ABC, CBS, NBC, loose more viewers?

What used to be is no more…

The generation that once knew the broadcast networks as the only source of news is no more.

The truth is things have changed and the media has become so corrupted that they no longer report the news in a fair way at all.

In fact they black out much of the news these days and that is sad, however many Americans are no longer relying on the evening news.

For an example lets look at the differences between the corruption reported by the broadcast news back in 1974.

Nixon Resigns

By Carroll Kilpatrick
Washington Post Staff Writer
Friday, August 9, 1974

This was news and real reporting or was it just convenient to report on?

Are we watching the end of broadcast journalism in what was in the past a wedge between complete corruption and the freedom that Americans have always enjoyed…

Have we lost our way because the media is so corrupt that they no longer support the American Dream?

Will we find our way again…

This is news and if it were a republican in office, if it were republicans that were to blame for the IRS scandal…

You would see another

Watergate Scandal.

You would see a resignation in office, you would see the news actually reporting the news but that is not what has happened.

What has happened is the corrupt media has attempted to ignore this scandal and illegal use of power to suppress and oppress the people of the United States of America.

We are not ignorant, we know the truth and we also know that ABC, CBS, NBC and the rest of the broadcast media have corrupted themselves and have soiled the profession of journalism.

They have destroyed the faith the American people once had in broadcast media.

This is why the Internet is so powerful.

This is why fewer people are watching the broadcast media.

They know it and soon the advertisers will also know the truth.

What will happen next is that people will begin to stop watching the media liars.

It is time to send a message to advertisers that support liars and corrupt corporate officials.

No more lies.