How the FCC could shut down Fox news?

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Will Fox Fall to the Trap setup by the liberals in Washington?

We ask this question not because we really think that fox news is this stupid, but because we think that fox news may have producers that are that stupid.

Will Fox news be so ignorant as to fall for this trap?

So you might be wondering about this, well it is so secret, at all, This current Administration and even some hot headed liberal senators have come right out and suggested that Fox news should not be allowed a voice (unless they say what liberals like to hear) but this seems a little crazy, we already have that in virtually every media outlet out there.

So why would they want to silence and censor the one news company that has a different view?

Well there are a number of things it could be none of them are very nice.

The way though that Fox news will fall victim to the efforts to silence them is with the new CALM act.

Apparently Fox news is too stupid (allegedly) to figure this out and this is even more interesting, advertisers that pump up the volume on their commercials, so that it is so loud as to wake someone that is jaded enough to actually fall asleep during the commercial.

So all Fox has to do is to enforce this new law, but see they will not do it, why because Advertisers will pay more money to have louder commercials, so eventually what will happen, (allegedly) is that Fox will be fined and fined, until they either do one of two things, they capitulate, and stop producing shows with two views and only produce the liberal view, (same as every network out there now)


They get shut down by order of the FCC for violation of the CALM act, sure at first they will cut them a few breaks, from time to time, they may ever suggest that a fine would be cheaper, but eventually they will say you have violated this law over and over again and we have given you every chance to do the right thing since it is obvious that you refuse to abide by the law.

The FCC will shut you down.

Seems like a simple thing to avoid the trap right?

All they have to do is to abide by the CALM act and under no circumstances break it even when an advertiser insists on higher volume.

The funny thing is that there will still be some advertisers will want to breat this because they “think” that it will make a difference.

In reality no it will not make any difference at all, no one cares about watching a commercial they do not want to watch.

It is really just that simple, you can lead a horse to water, right but you cant make them watch your commercial.

So here is the story you heard it first on Christmas Day, 2010, how the FCC will eventually silence Fox news because they are so greedy that they cannot stop themselves from producing loud television commercials.

Sounds funny almost but in reality it is all about loosing the freedom of speech under the guise of the CALM act.

Humanity is really very predictable, greed even more so, a producer will do that which they know is wrong just to get more advertising dollars.

So that in the end, journalism will be dead and only some weak bought and paid for monstrosity will remain.