Fox news drops the ball?

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Did fox news drop the ball on the idea of the donut hole?

Over the last few days, there have been several interviews, where Fox news personal either were ignorant of the facts surrounding the new medicare rules concerning the so called donut hole or they just did not challenge the idea that the donut hole has not actually been eliminated.

The Donut hole is that space between where medicare benefits stop and the claimant has no coverage.

This space for most elderly recipients, is a mountain, in the road, something that cannot be overcome, because the amount of money involved, is over 4 thousand 500 dollars, most of the elderly cannot overcome even 500 dollars in costs per year, let along 4600 dollars in costs, for prescriptions, which is out of control.

So when you watch on TV, and you see some one that is getting interviewed and they say well the donut hole has been eliminated and then the Fox news person does not question this, you have to wonder what are they thinking.

Because the truth is that nothing has changed, the donut hole is still present in 2011 which means that thousands of people will once again have to find some way to struggle through the disabling costs of prescription medications in the US.

For many this situation will be a death sentence because they cannot continue taking medications that would keep them alive.

This is Evil, folks, and when Fox news personal just do not respond when some liberal hack starts talking about how the donut hole is now closed, we just have to ask what are they thinking because they cant be this stupid or can they?

It is really interesting, because there is really only two explanations for this..

Either the Fox new person is not aware, of the actual health care law, and how it currently effects medicare patients or they choose to ignore, the fact that they are interviewing someone who has just made a statement that is not only not accurate but is in fact a bold faced lie.

This is disturbing.

Hopefully fox news can find a way to educate its personal so that they can ask the kinds of questions that result in the truth over a lie.