Fox news Spin

Is fox new Fair and Balanced or are they just like all the other media companies that tend to spin spin spin, here is a prime example how allegedly stupid these Fox news people actually are.

Headline, New claims for unemployment benefits rose to 401,000 from 395,000 the week before.

Economists had been expecting a bigger jump to 410,000.

Ok, lets think about this for a moment, there are now over 400,000 more people who are now out of work, and perhaps they might not have food to eat, or a place to live in the near future.

And somehow that is what?  Good news, because they expected it to be worse?

You know what that is just plain insulting.

What is wrong with those alleged, idiots, what is wrong, with someone that intentionally tells what really could be a lie, the thing here is this, 400 thousand people that have no jobs, that is just not a good thing.




Fox news hate?

Is fox news promoting hate?

Was fox new Guilty of Bias and Hatred in its coverage of this trial?

Should fox news be shut down due to its emotional and allegedly

biased hate filled speech?

We saw alleged media Assignation, We saw Bobble heads that made un substantiated and often biased statements, unqualified opinions, and just vial vitriol.

Should we just start trying all criminal cases in the media?

Probably not, there are some interesting issues here.

Did the media influence this trial, by using its influence.

The media has proven that they are not really fair or ballanced and that is a problem simply because there is always two sides to a story.


Aarp aclu

Fox news drops the ball?

Did fox news drop the ball on the idea of the donut hole?

Over the last few days, there have been several interviews, where Fox news personal either were ignorant of the facts surrounding the new medicare rules concerning the so called donut hole or they just did not challenge the idea that the donut hole has not actually been eliminated.

The Donut hole is that space between where medicare benefits stop and the claimant has no coverage.

This space for most elderly recipients, is a mountain, in the road, something that cannot be overcome, because the amount of money involved, is over 4 thousand 500 dollars, most of the elderly cannot overcome even 500 dollars in costs per year, let along 4600 dollars in costs, for prescriptions, which is out of control.

So when you watch on TV, and you see some one that is getting interviewed and they say well the donut hole has been eliminated and then the Fox news person does not question this, you have to wonder what are they thinking.

Because the truth is that nothing has changed, the donut hole is still present in 2011 which means that thousands of people will once again have to find some way to struggle through the disabling costs of prescription medications in the US.

For many this situation will be a death sentence because they cannot continue taking medications that would keep them alive.

This is Evil, folks, and when Fox news personal just do not respond when some liberal hack starts talking about how the donut hole is now closed, we just have to ask what are they thinking because they cant be this stupid or can they?

It is really interesting, because there is really only two explanations for this..

Either the Fox new person is not aware, of the actual health care law, and how it currently effects medicare patients or they choose to ignore, the fact that they are interviewing someone who has just made a statement that is not only not accurate but is in fact a bold faced lie.

This is disturbing.

Hopefully fox news can find a way to educate its personal so that they can ask the kinds of questions that result in the truth over a lie.

cnn constitutional democrats out dictotor

Is fox news really fair and balanced?

Is all news emotional based on thin fact checking?

We have to ask because it often seems like fox is not always running with the right headline, (allegedly)

Is Fox news becoming just like all the other networks, full of liberals that spin off in all different directions?

We have to ask because it looks well sort of stupid.

One really has to ask this question, because sometimes it seems like too many of the old style production bag of liberal tricks seems to be flowing behind the curtain at fox news, it could be that they have hired too many liberals, from what used to be the big name now lame stream disabled, halted, non name, no one believes, them anyway, liberal liar hate groups.

Wow, yes, you heard it here first, but in reality and in all serious consideration, is fox new fair, they may have to be a balancer, to try and offset some of the outright liberal lies from some of the other news or should I say allegedly so called news organizations.

The truth here may be difficult to find, but it is certain that producers, over at the self proclaimed fair and balanced, news company, use what could be allegedly said to be tricks, like with the recent speech from Jindal an important speech which was marred by audio problems, were those really audio problems, or was it done as Jack Nicholson would say on purpose.

The world may never know, but one thing for sure above all else we are watching…