Finding the right way forward

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During the Election, we heard a lot of talk about moving forward, yet the election results clearly indicates that this nation is divided.

At least half the nation disagrees with the other half.

Yet, in the great context that is politics, we have a media that are continuing to uphold only one view.

In any meaningful discourse we have to look at the truth beyond the media bias that is presented at almost every available opportunity.

 When the media takes only one side in a discussion they do the entire nation a diss-service

The latest and greatest Media bias is that now with a “Mandate” from the American people Washington is set to move forward.

But the truth is that at least half the nation does not agree with that statement.

Where is the representation of the other half, when only one half of the voice of the people is heard then we have failed to actually move forward.

If we are to survive as a nation we cannot be divided in what matters most, when you dictate to one half of the population based on media bias you cannot expect to succeed.

If we are to move forward we must find a way to represent everyone, we know that in life there are bound to be disagreements, however we can and must work together to manage our nation so that everyone is represented.

Without this very basic and most characteristic of what America is there is no forward path.

We may not all agree about everything but we must come together to form that more perfect union.