Election Results

The Media have already prepared the election results.

Now you might wonder how that is possible considering that most of America have not cast their votes yet.
There is a huge issue concerning interference by the press in connection with how the results of the election are published.

The media are actively involved in subverting the will of the American Voter.

We know this is true however to date we have not seen one apology from the mass media when they step beyond what they should be doing as reporters of the facts and not the opinion of a handful of people.

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North Carolina race heats up

The biggest races in the US senate contest may be in North Carolina.

The most expensive election campaign in the history of North Carolina elections has been a huge contention among some voters.


North Carolina Sen. Kay Hagan is sitting on the most expensive hot seat in Senate history.

Spending in her Senate race against Republican State House Speaker Thom Tillis topped $100 million, according to the Sunlight Foundation—$10 million more than the second most expensive Senate contest this year in Colorado, and roughly $30 million more than the priciest Congressional race in history before 2014.

Hagan and Tillis have been running neck-and-neck for months. In the latest CNN/ORC poll Friday, Hagan’s lead was within the margin of error, 48 to 46 percent. But the closeness of the race doesn’t fully explain the costs. Across the map, endangered Democrats and Republican hopefuls are locked in competitive contests within the margin of error.

The truth may be something that the media may be finding hard to swallow and in fact with all the media spin voters may be feeling a little beligered with all the switch and bait ads as well as the outrageous contention that seems to be a big part of this race.

With Millions and millions of dollars being poured into this election you have to wonder what the voters will do, many expect to see a different result that what the media is churning out.

That might make for a great Crow Eating News cycle in the coming days but the truth is that the media hardly ever admit when they are wrong.   In the words of Stephen King ” they have forgotten the faces of their fathers”  The media appear to be so out of touch with the people that they cannot identify with the mood of this nation and that is why it is more important than ever to get out and vote.



Finding the right way forward

During the Election, we heard a lot of talk about moving forward, yet the election results clearly indicates that this nation is divided.

At least half the nation disagrees with the other half.

Yet, in the great context that is politics, we have a media that are continuing to uphold only one view.

In any meaningful discourse we have to look at the truth beyond the media bias that is presented at almost every available opportunity.

 When the media takes only one side in a discussion they do the entire nation a diss-service

The latest and greatest Media bias is that now with a “Mandate” from the American people Washington is set to move forward.

But the truth is that at least half the nation does not agree with that statement.

Where is the representation of the other half, when only one half of the voice of the people is heard then we have failed to actually move forward.

If we are to survive as a nation we cannot be divided in what matters most, when you dictate to one half of the population based on media bias you cannot expect to succeed.

If we are to move forward we must find a way to represent everyone, we know that in life there are bound to be disagreements, however we can and must work together to manage our nation so that everyone is represented.

Without this very basic and most characteristic of what America is there is no forward path.

We may not all agree about everything but we must come together to form that more perfect union.




Millions of layoffs ahead, 12 percent unemployment

Many Large Business and CEOs Announced layoffs just days after the election results.

Think about how many thousands and thousands of people who will loose their jobs this year before Christmas.

That is something that you should carefully consider.

 This is a news story that you will not see on regular TV…

Does that concern you?  

You will not see this news story on CBS, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, you will not even see it on FOX news.

Why is that?  

This is why the Internet is becoming the new DE-facto alternative to biased and state sponsored media outlets.

Just now CBS insinuated, that there is now a mandate from the American people to tax the rich, but we know that the vote was split, much like this nation has been split, 49/51 

So, how is that considered a mandate?

There is a foolish contingent of people in the media that are ignorant and they are literally unable to figure out how the real world is because they do not live in the real world.

They talk about many different things they twist the facts and they try to convince you its raining when you know the truth.

Thousands more will loose their jobs, many more have already lost their jobs and do not even know it.

 Lockheed Martin, will be announcing layoffs in the very near future, and even more a few days after that.

When the True Employment rate reaches 25 percent, then you will see the truth for what it is and the number of media lies and distortions will change the facts.

Be prepared, keep at least a 2week food supply on hand at all times, it not only makes sense but it will also save you money.

The idea that food and water may become disrupted is something that you need to seriously consider.

Hurricane Sandy, the shelves of stores reportedly were emptied in hours, leaving many residents without any access to shelter food and water.

Find the truth because the media is not telling you the real trust.

If you think that Hurricane Sandy is over your very wrong, millions are reported to be still without power, people are cold and hungry, it is very possible that there are bodies yet to be found, but you do not see that on the news media coverages.

Why is that, think seriously about that for a moment because if you are not being told the truth, by omission how will you ever figure out the real world, if all you see if a facade of the real truth. 



Election news why polls mean nothing

You see polls and you see election results they hardly ever work together to produce a meaningful result. You may think that they do because the media tends to play games with the news coverage.

The thing is people are all different they change things change everything changes, so in reality polls mean nothing at all for so many great reasons polls are irrelevant however the most important part of the why polls are not reflective of reality is that people value their privacy.

They have the right to vote the way they want to vote and that is also private.

When some one walks up to a stranger and says say how are you going to vote? The most likely answer is not the one that will give real data to a poll it is the one that people actually think and feel that is the real data and most of the time if some one says one thing its likely that the opposite is closer to the truth.

Ever heard the old saying mind your own business a lot of people feel that way.

Its like asking someone a very personal question one that they do not have the right to even ask so the answer is not always the correct thing.

People feel no responsibility to answer correctly because, you know, “Its none of your business”

That is why polls can never be accurate and they are usually not even close…

Yet you hear it over and over again on the media about how polls tell this story or tell that story or they do this or they do that but really all they do is tell the story of whom ever it is that pays for the poll.

That is the truth and that is what you should consider when you hear the media talk about a poll, because a crystal ball is about as accurate most of the time…


election day election results

election results

Polls will begin to close in the next 20 minutes, so strap up because we are in for a wild ride.

While it may be a while forever for some, the day has only just begun, people will be voting all day long and pundits will be claiming this and that, but to be honest, no one will likely know the true extent of what has happened until later today when the polls begin to close.

Liberals who allowed our seniors who barely are getting by to have their checks cut as health costs rise, need to get out and vote, effect the election, yes you can do it, all you have to do it vote.


Election mid term

Results are just now starting to come in.

Amazing here we are and you know what, turn out is huge, already more and more have showed up to vote.

here we go hope your lap strap is on because its going to be a wild ride.

We just came back from voting, and the parking lot was full it has not been this way in ages, in fact we cannot remember when this many people have come out to vote in a long long long long long time.

You know what we heard?

Vote them out, that is what we heard, and it was not just about liberals, it was about anyone that has been up there for year and years and years, they are sick and tired of these moss back, sick individuals who cant seem to tell right from wrong.

We heard over and over again, public voices, that were consistent, they want real change and not in the way that was promised but resulted in failure.

They want the real thing, real change, that means getting those moss back carcasses out of office.

Time to vote and its time to vote them out of office.



Vote them out of office.


election results

This year is going to be very interesting for politics, simply because we are looking at what could be a huge back lash on incumbents, you know those that have been up there getting fat on the tax payer dime for years and years.

The time is getting closer, November to be exact, While some may claim that all the liberals will be voted out of office, that may not be the case, however, it is clear that the people want to be heard and who can blame them.

Why do politicians choose not to listen to the people?

That is something that is just down right puzzling to me, because all the polls showed, that health care was not important to the people, and the people made it plain they did not want it, yet the politicians did what they wanted.

They ignored the people at the town hall meetings, calling them names?

What?  No sane politician would do that right?