Election news why polls mean nothing

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You see polls and you see election results they hardly ever work together to produce a meaningful result. You may think that they do because the media tends to play games with the news coverage.

The thing is people are all different they change things change everything changes, so in reality polls mean nothing at all for so many great reasons polls are irrelevant however the most important part of the why polls are not reflective of reality is that people value their privacy.

They have the right to vote the way they want to vote and that is also private.

When some one walks up to a stranger and says say how are you going to vote? The most likely answer is not the one that will give real data to a poll it is the one that people actually think and feel that is the real data and most of the time if some one says one thing its likely that the opposite is closer to the truth.

Ever heard the old saying mind your own business a lot of people feel that way.

Its like asking someone a very personal question one that they do not have the right to even ask so the answer is not always the correct thing.

People feel no responsibility to answer correctly because, you know, “Its none of your business”

That is why polls can never be accurate and they are usually not even close…

Yet you hear it over and over again on the media about how polls tell this story or tell that story or they do this or they do that but really all they do is tell the story of whom ever it is that pays for the poll.

That is the truth and that is what you should consider when you hear the media talk about a poll, because a crystal ball is about as accurate most of the time…