election results

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What will happen next,

will Obama be removed from office?

Or will he be elected and be able to finish off the United States of America, will Barak Husiene, Obama be the last American President?

 Everywhere you look a political diaster is in progress, in a world where the AG, is pursuing lying to congress charges against a baseball player, while allegedly he is guilty of the same offense.  

But will he ever be convicted for lying to congress?

Is the media right?

Is this just a forgone conclusion, are we wasting our time and money in this contest?

Some people believe this is really a two person race, that if Gingrinch were to (Gracefully Bow out) (Like a real man) that Romney would not be able to win, but because Gingrinch is so Doggedly determined to stay in the race, (at this point its like Ron paul, who will also never give up, even though he will Never, become President, he will run every four years until he is no longer able to walk.

So, What does this mean to you the Voting consumer?

Will Santorum win in spite of what the Media keeps telling us?

Is there really any way that the media can change the truth by lying to you?

Santorum Wins Big, Fox news fails to cover the election results in a positive manner, some even called it a beauty contest, so how does that fly with the voters, I can only imagine how insulted the millions of viewers are, how would you like to be told that your vote does not count…

This year Millions more Americans are engaged in the election process in fact it might well be a historical election.

With the obvious Bias presented by the Media, Americans are sending a message that they are tired of the media involving
themselves in the election process in an unfair way.

For so many reasons, it is clear that reporting is a thing of the past, because so many media producers, allegedly no longer care to present the truth as news they want to create an environment of chaos. 

They want to project bias into the election process until there is no clear winner.

It is time to get back to reporting the news instead of attempting to brain wash America into voting for one candidate or another.