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Health Care Crisis the end of America

Is this the end of America and will we have the opportunity to rise above the lies that the media have been trying to make the public believe in.   One thing that you need to understand, recognize and acknowledge, is that there is no Affordable Care Act, it has never been implemented, as it was written by congress because it has been modified by the executive branch. 

Is it legal?

No it is not because STOTUS, pass on the affordable care act, yet it has not been implemented as it was written meaning that the very wealthy have been given a pass, a waiver or some other method of not having to deal with this law. 

Even Congress does not have to deal with this law. 

Amazing but true, the rich and the wealthy are exempted from this but the poor have to get obama care?

That does not make sense.   The truth is that Obama Care is not the same as the Affordable Care Act…

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Abolish the IRS?

Can anyone say that the IRS serves a purpose beyond the idea that somehow the Rich pay less taxes than what they would pay if there was not an IRS?

“I think there’s a major opportunity, given the scandal at the IRS, to really get at trying to abolish that agency,” Miller told FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto on Thursday in an exclusive interview. “I think Americans are now more open to that than ever before”… source

The only thing that would be an issue would be a few thousand people who would be displaced and of course there are plenty of other agencies that are as worthless and cause just as much human misery as the IRS so that should not be a big deal.



Finding the right way forward

During the Election, we heard a lot of talk about moving forward, yet the election results clearly indicates that this nation is divided.

At least half the nation disagrees with the other half.

Yet, in the great context that is politics, we have a media that are continuing to uphold only one view.

In any meaningful discourse we have to look at the truth beyond the media bias that is presented at almost every available opportunity.

 When the media takes only one side in a discussion they do the entire nation a diss-service

The latest and greatest Media bias is that now with a “Mandate” from the American people Washington is set to move forward.

But the truth is that at least half the nation does not agree with that statement.

Where is the representation of the other half, when only one half of the voice of the people is heard then we have failed to actually move forward.

If we are to survive as a nation we cannot be divided in what matters most, when you dictate to one half of the population based on media bias you cannot expect to succeed.

If we are to move forward we must find a way to represent everyone, we know that in life there are bound to be disagreements, however we can and must work together to manage our nation so that everyone is represented.

Without this very basic and most characteristic of what America is there is no forward path.

We may not all agree about everything but we must come together to form that more perfect union.




Vote in 2012

The last opportunity to vote in your life time may happen in the next 24 hours.

What will you tell your children about who you voted for?

This could be the last chance you have to vote.



Vote no matter what the media lies about next

If you were a brain dead robot and you listened to what the media tell you…

You would think that there is no need to have an election that Barack Obama, has already won and there is no need to leave your couch you can just sit there because its over.

The media however are stupid, they lie at every opportunity even the so called fair and balanced, Fox news have hired so many liberals that half of those bobble heads, take every opportunity to sound more and more liberal.

So, Vote…

Because if you do not vote you might never get another chance, every election year the media have become more and more aggressive in trying to influence the outcome of elections.

They tell lies, they distort facts, and they allow others to come on their shows and lie and they never even bother to challenge the lie.

When that happens I just turn the TV off.

Because I am sick and tired of Fox news simple because they tell lies and they distort the news and they have the nerve to try to say they are fair and balanced, If you watch Bill orielly, you can tell that there is some serious spin going on there and very often he just lets them get away with lying on TV, unless it involves a child then he is usually on board.

The thing is this, if you continue to move further to the left eventually you will become left of center and you will become so lost that you will not know where you are, you will think that you are in the middle of a no spin zone but in reality your really further left than you ever thought you would end up.

The truth about voting is that this year may be the most important election in the history of this nation it might decide if we will continue as a nation or if America will become lost in the field of lies and fools that think they are better than anyone else.

This year Vote, find out if your neighbor needs a ride to the polls to Vote…

Get your friends together have a voting party…


America is about to become either a great nation once again or it is going to cease to exist.

Its your choice .


it is that important.


all you need to know about occupy wall street…

You know what, in a fox news story, this morning “if true”
the movement known as occupy wall street showed its true colors…

Here is the headline, that you should be reading about…

Homeless in New York turned away from Food at Occupy wall-street movement.

Here is a group of individuals, who claim to support a socialized approach to government. . .

But when it comes down to it, and they have the opportunity to show what they are, they do the selfish thing, they deny homeless, starving people from eating food…

Now that should tell you everything you ever want to know about the Occupy Wall-street movement.

Because if they were really about social change, the very people they turned away the hungry, the cold, the homeless are the ones they claim to be for helping…

In a perfect socialized world, no one is hungry, no one lacks food, or shelter, or any of the basic human requirements.

When it comes down to it, social justice is just a smoke screen for those that would enslave you and deprive you of all the rights they claim to want to provide you with, this is so typical of a liberal.

When given the chance to show how they care, they show how they do not care.

 When given the opportunity to show they value social justice they show that they are no different
than the capitalists that they say they hate.

When given the opportunity to show that what they say and what they do are the same things, they
fail to show any serious intent.

When you look at it this way, you have to come to the conclusion that this group is little more than
the dregs of society, they have no real concerns that they are able to demonstrate are valid or accurate.


Will the war on terror end now?

Years after the 911 Attacks new companies around the world announced that in fact Usama Bin Laden, Is it true?

Reports are coming in that a burial at sea has occurred, however it is true?

Is he really dead?

video below.

This is perhaps a bitter sweet ending to what many feel is justified, with so many lives lost and such resources devoted to this end for so many years, you just have to wonder why such a thing ever happened in the first place, with reports of a “opportunity lost” in the past, before such lives have been lost you have to wonder why this outcome was not the first instead of the last.

video below.

We may never fully understand but we can certainly count the lives that have been lost on both sides of this issue and it is certainly just as bad for those that lost brothers, fathers, even mothers, to this war, all because of what?

We may never really know the truth, yet here perhaps is an ending of sorts, we know it will not bring back the many lives lost nor will it bring comfort.