Constitutional Crisis Gun Control evil Harry Reid.

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Now imagine this, you have a man in the Senate that has not had the Balls to put a budget to a vote and allow it to pass for more than four years but he wants to pass an unconstitutional Gun control Law.

This is very important. Stand up for your rights and vote in 2014 because that is the only thing these people will understand. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is preparing to break through Senator Rand Paul’s filibuster as early as Wednesday afternoon, convinced pro-gun Republicans will run for the hills at the first sign of a fight. Tim, without your IMMEDIATE action, I’m afraid he just may be right. That’s why it’s absolutely vital you sign your Emergency Fax Petition IMMEDIATELY.

My staff has delivered 192,673 Emergency Fax Petitions to U.S. Senate offices in just the last 72 hours. If you have already signed your petition, please forward the Emergency Fax Petition to everyone you know and ask them to take action. You see, as of right now, one dozen Senators have pledged to join Senator Paul’s filibuster.

That means you and I need to pressure 28 other Senators to stave off Senate Majority Leader Reid’s scheme. Other Senators are cowering in the shadows and riding the fence. But there’s a handful who are conspiring to hand President Obama everything he wants. In fact, the message Senator John McCain delivered yesterday on CBS’ Face the Nation was crystal clear to anyone listening, saying “I don’t understand” why Senator Paul was filibustering the motion to proceed to debate.  Senator McCain’s underlying message was as hard to miss as it was outrageous . . . “Senate Republicans should trust President Obama and Harry Reid.” Anyone with half a brain and a shred of concern for our Second Amendment rights should see why this would be a horrible strategy to allow Harry Reid to bring ANY gun bill to the floor. In fact, just this past Friday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid laid his strategy bare in a radio interview on Nevada Public Radio, saying:

*** “We’re going to do something on background checks [NATIONAL GUN REGISTRATION].”

*** “We’re going to take a look at the size of clips or magazines.”

*** “And when it’s all over, we’re going to have votes on [the Feinstein Gun Ban].”

As I’ve warned you from the beginning, as soon as a gun bill reaches the floor for debate, Senate Majority Leader Reid will be free to horse-trade and deal with supposedly “pro-gun” Democrats vulnerable for reelection and weak-kneed Republicans to see just how much of President Obama’s anti-gun agenda they can ram into law.

The only thing stopping them until this point was convincing a well-known “pro-gun” conservative Republican to help them break Senator Paul’s filibuster. Knowing just how heated the gun issue is, many vulnerable Democrats were wary of “stepping out on the ledge” and having the gun issue spell their defeat in 2014. The solution? Being able to say such a scheme was “bipartisan” and “even pro-Second Amendment Republicans supported it.” That’s why, for weeks, they’ve been shopping around a “compromise” to weak-kneed GOP Senators they think they can work with. First it was Tom Coburn (R-OK). Then Chuck Grassley (IA). Now Pat Toomey (R-PA) is in “talks” with Obama’s anti-gun Senate ringleader Joe Manchin (D-WV). 


I haven’t heard any news of a smoky backroom deal being struck yet. But Senator Reid’s decision to try and break through Senator Paul’s filibuster as soon as Wednesday makes me fear for the worst. That’s why you and I have to turn up the heat IMMEDIATELY. You see, this may be our last best chance to defeat the bill. Already, GOP leaders in the House have passed three bills with majority Democrat support — even when a majority of Republicans have opposed the bills. Speaker Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor are keeping their mouths zipped, refusing to say whether or not they’ll do the same thing on guns. Tim, you and I both know their silence means Speaker John Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor are planning to betray Second Amendment supporters. I hate to be so cynical, but that is the ugly truth. So please sign your Emergency Fax Petition IMMEDIATELY. And if you can, please forward this email to every pro-gun friend and family member you have. Finally, if you possible can, won’t you please chip in just $10 or $20? Every dollar you give means I can turn up even more pressure on the Senate — and hopefully smoke out any Senate Republican backstabber before the motion to proceed to any anti-gun scheme is voted on. You and I can win this fight. But only if we take action IMMEDIATELY. So please sign your Emergency Fax Petition at once. There’s no time to waste. For Freedom, Dudley Brown Executive Vice President