Come November we will remember.

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They have thought to enslave the people with taxes.

They have thought to emulate a failed health care system, even after seeing Canada and Europe in Turmoil.

With little or no real health care provided.

They have thought to do great things, but they are only human as human as any others that have tried this in the past, sadly they have failed to prove they are different.

It is time to vote this failed car in the ditch speech out of office.

Back of the bus, is that really what was said, they want the rest of America to sit in the back of the bus?

Folks after two years, of lies, and change that no one voted for, after two years of special interests controlling Washington you can now make a difference, in the way your voice is heard, yes you can.

Yes you can fire those clowns in Washington.

Those clowns that have been lying to you for years, while they robbed the social security trust fund and never paid it back.

While they took money from the social security trust fund and now they say its your fault, because you lived too long.

Breaking News: A new analysis by the strategists for the Tea Party Express reveals that the number of Democrats in Congress vulnerable to losing their campaigns for the November 2nd Midterm Elections has now reached 104!

Friends, we could potentially reshape Congress and America in a dramatic and dynamic way. The only thing that will hold us back now is money. We have 9 days – just 9 days to make our final push in these critical races. We need every constitutional conservative in America to step forward and make a contribution to the Tea Party Express Congressional Election Fund ASAP.

Please – pitch in. Ask your conservative friends or family members to match your contribution. Forward this email to everyone you can.

Please support this effort by making a contribution online – HERE.