Social Security a Monsterous Lie?

Is Social Security really a lie, is it really the greatest ponzi scheme ever? Perhaps it could be true, if you look at some of the history of its origins, you have to ask the question is it really what we think it is at all?

The biggest Social Security Lies?

1. That contributions to Social Security were voluntary.

The truth is According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), the Social Security (FICA) contribution is a payroll tax and, like all taxes, has never been voluntary.

2. That it would cost only one percent of the first $1,400 of annual income.

The truth

SSA says the original tax rate was 1% on the employer and the employee on the first $3,000 of annual wages.

3. That the contributions into Social Security would be tax deductible.

 The truth

The 1935 law prevented Social Security contributions from being tax deductible and they never have been.

4. That the money would go into a trust fund dedicated to Social Security and not be used to pay other federal bills.

 The biggest lie of all, is the truth According to the SSA, the way that Social Security is financed has not changed since it was enacted in 1939. Social Security payroll taxes are deposited into The Social Security Trust Fund. The SSA says that those funds have never been taken out and put into a “general fund.” There was an accounting change in 1968, however, that listed the Trust Fund under something called the “unified budget” along with all other federal programs. In 1990, there was another accounting change that took the Trust Fund out from under that umbrella, but according to the SSA, it was merely a matter of accounting practices, not the function of the fund itself.

5. That annuity payments to retirees would not be taxed.

 The truth

There was no guarantee that Social Security payments would never be taxed.
Originally, they were not taxed, but in 1983, Congress passed a law that did include Social Security payments as taxable income.

Want to consider the truth, you might be really surprised at what the truth really is.

Amazing things are happening, no matter what the biased media tells you, about what happened at the debate, the truth is clear, insanity is truly doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.



Pay back the money

Is the Media Lying to you?


When will the media cover the real story instead of covering the lies of the politicians?

Many Americans want to know when the media will start doing their jobs again instead of playing politics with the highest bidder for advertising dollars…

Over the years, both the GOP and the Democrats have at times taken money from the social security trust fund like it was their own private slush fund, they did it, saying to them selves that they would pay it back later, but it never happened, so now we have a short fall and guess what they are saying now, sorry we have to start cutting benefits because the money is not there.

How about this

Pay back the money you stole from social security and then take care of the people that need to be taken care of that is the kind of hope and change America voted for but did not get.

It is simply amazing that you then see the biased media including Fox News, that is out there saying we must cut off the poor staving people and then we can go on living our life the way we have always lived it. . .

Sound like any of that hope and change is working out for you…

Remember that the first time in many years, there is no COLA for two years in a row and they are saying that for a third year the same thing is about to happen all over again and guess who is in charge, yes, you bet Mr. Hope and Change his self.

People if you are dumb enough to vote for the same hope and the same change you see now, then you deserve what you get.

See the video below for more informative information.



Social security about to fail?

What is this true?

What about all the hope and the change?

You mean that there are thousands of Americans that paid their money into the system, for years and years and now that they need that money, and they depend on that money you mean that the democrats in Washington are letting the senior citizens just starve (allegedly) and for the first time since the 1970s there has been no COLA for our senior citizens, but wait who was in charge?

Oh, yes, thats right the hope and the change, in Washington…

So let me get this straight, Washington, has for years, “borrowed” money from social security in many different way for many different things, they did this even though it was not legal to do so, and now when the money that should have been going to build up social security trust fund is not there now we have politicians that are saying benefits will have to be cut.

How about this, Pay back the money 

you stole from the social security trust fund…

If The government would pay back all the money they took from social security to fund operations in foreign countries, would we not have plenty of money in the social security trust fund now?

This is perhaps the most stupid thing in the world and you see the media out there pandering to the idiot politicians like a drunken sailor.


Come November we will remember.

They have thought to enslave the people with taxes.

They have thought to emulate a failed health care system, even after seeing Canada and Europe in Turmoil.

With little or no real health care provided.

They have thought to do great things, but they are only human as human as any others that have tried this in the past, sadly they have failed to prove they are different.

It is time to vote this failed car in the ditch speech out of office.

Back of the bus, is that really what was said, they want the rest of America to sit in the back of the bus?

Folks after two years, of lies, and change that no one voted for, after two years of special interests controlling Washington you can now make a difference, in the way your voice is heard, yes you can.

Yes you can fire those clowns in Washington.

Those clowns that have been lying to you for years, while they robbed the social security trust fund and never paid it back.

While they took money from the social security trust fund and now they say its your fault, because you lived too long.

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Vote them out of office, because its time

America, What have we done? Have we turned out backs on those that came before us thinking that we are some how so much smarter than they were.

Will we some day wake up and realize what we allowed to happen?

Moving toward, the end of the democratic rule, and allegedly it has been bad, really bad, in fact even now they are moving to pass more of these 2000 plus pages of things that
they do not even know what is in them, that is where the 14 trillion dollars has gone, up in smoke.

We received the following in an email and we feel it is worthy of your attention.

$500 billion cut from Medicare allegedly

by Harry Reid.

It comes as no surprise that Harry Reid allegedly will stop at nothing to retain his power and his position as the champion of the Obama agenda. Harry’s most recent lies surface in his newest campaign ads accusing Sharron Angle of wanting to take away Social Security and Medicare benefits from seniors.  Reid knows this is a lie, but for Harry Reid, allegedly power is far more important than honesty.

While Harry Reid allegedly tries to frighten seniors about Sharron Angle, he leaves out the truth that the health care bill that HE forced down the throats of all Americans cuts nearly $500 billion dollars from Medicare. Cuts that will make it difficult for seniors to find quality health care. Harry Reid allegedly is the real danger to our seniors, not Sharron Angle. His position as Senate Majority Leader and a complicit media will allow Harry Reid allegedly to spread his lies if we do not counter with ads showing the truth.

Angle’s plan to fix Social Security is similar to others that would allow young workers more control over their retirement investments while keeping allegedly corrupt politicians like Harry Reid from raiding the Social Security trust fund every year to pay for programs that only benefit their political allies.  Angle’s plan does not cut benefits or end a program that American workers paid into their entire working lives.

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The only political agenda we are fighting for is “We the People”. If Congress and the Administration are allowed to continue runaway spending and advance their socialist agenda, the America we grew up in will no longer exist. If we as a nation of voters do not act quickly and remove those responsible for destroying what has made America great, we will never get another chance.

We encourage each of you to get involved and join us in the most important fight of our lives.

Harry Reid; Wrong for America…Wrong for Nevada…


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