Woman: alleges that TSA Agents Singled her out For her Breasts

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The very idea that men would choose a woman so they could have a look under the hood, allegedly that is just shameful, but in reality, is it really a big surprise?

Ok, you know what this is just going too far, if you have had issues with TSA employees, who have not acted professionally please visit this website.

Enough is Enough they are not allegedly doing to keep people safe as they claim but rather allegedly they are doing this to provoke and irritate people into submitting to radiation that could prove in the future to be harmful.

Why do we have to go down paths that have already been trodden and found to be a failure?

Sort of makes you wonder, if they refused this technology in Europe then why do it here at the cost of Millions and Millions of dollars, this is why people are allegedly laughing at the USA, because of how stupid apparently we are to follow in a path to failure yet expect a different outcome.

That people is insanity.

Vote them out, in 2012, because if you do not vote you cant complain when all this hope and change comes home to roost on you.

So the guys picked a girl with rather allegedly large breasts so they could allegedly either see or somehow view them this is just wrong and you know what, it did not stop any problems.