Voting Rights or Cough Syrup?

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If you read the Headline below you might think that something terrible was happening in Texas, but the reality that headline is not an honest statement of fact.

GOP strips Voting Rights?

The truth about this news story is a simple thing it is about the death of unborn children!

That might seem dramatic but after you take away all the smoke and mirrors all the little twists of fact into fiction that is what they are talking about the ability of a doctor to terminate the life of a child after a certain number of days.

So contrary to what some people think this is not about voting rights, its not about Identification which is really funny in a way because you now have to show your ID to be able to purchase cough medicine over the counter…   

No this is about murdering children…  

And that my reading friends is unacceptable.

Radicals in Texas think that they can make Abortion after 20 weeks into a story about Voter ID?

That is just plain Stupid, but hey those funny liberals, if it were not so sad you would have to just laugh at how ignorant they really are.

 You may remember a few months ago when a woman in Texas attempted to take a few volunteers some allegedly PTP (paid to protest) and attempted to silence the majority of citizens in Texas who support the fact that 20 weeks is enough time to make a decision about aborting a child. 

This is a hard thing mostly because children are precious and beautiful.

However the idea that somehow voter ID is such a burden on woman voters that it is some kind of political theater.

Just know for sure that this is not the will of the people of Texas, most of these protesters were not even from Texas, (allegedly)

They can try all the smoke and mirrors tricks they want but in the end its about Texans voting in a valid election not strangers coming in from other states trying to influence political policy in Texas.

You can play with the facts and attempt to make this about Voter ID, but we all know the real story here and that is the truth.