2020 election Politics

Not Republican

Not Democrat

Not Independant

We are not a Label or a Barcode that someone tries to make up for who we are…

We are People…

Complex living human beings that are often different every day!

This notion that you have to be a republican or a democrat is ignorant and foolish mostly because neither of these two political parties are doing the right thing for People!

Lately Democrats have become radical and out of control on issues that only make sense to themselves.

Republicans tend to at times become too strict with legalistic views and too loose on white collar crimes but the more recent surfacing of conservative values which basically is where this nation started out as has been become a victim of political two faced politicians who cannot tell the truth about anything.

But now we face a dire situation where agenda has created a problem with liberty.

In short liberty cannot be forestalled by trading it like a commodity!

Liberty is a sacred oath in this nation and it began when tyrants attempted to treat citizens and humans like they were the property of kings instead of who they really were and that was people.

Imagine the frustration when you look at history and find out that in reality much of the taxation was an attempt to profit from people who were dependant upon shipping companies to import products and many other things from thousands of miles away and profit may have indeed been at the bottom of the higher prices and thuggish behavior that caused a conflict that was heard around the world!

These days most students know little or nothing about the circumstances that created the freedom they now enjoy and it now being threatened by the same type of thugs and tyrants that created Excessive Taxation and now even your liberty may be in jeopardy!

You are no longer free to go outside!

What is this type of nonsense?

IT is Tyranny!

IT is Oppressive and it must stop else we may find that we are all subjected to the whims of evil men and women who believe in Thee But not Me!

Simply stated they believe that the rules and laws they make up are only for you but not they themselves!

That is Evil and it is becoming a real problem more so when the media are joining in with traitors and threatening liberty!

This year is an election year in which the media want to create fear so much that they can create a mail in ballot!

Imagine how many ballots could just be cast aside in order to change history!

How easy would it be to dump ballots in to a dumpster!

How easy would it be to just throw them away!

We cannot allow this to happen or else we will become like so many other nations where it does not matter if you vote or not the outcome of the election has already been decided for you regardless of who you actually vote for!

We must end this madness and stop out of control governors who would enslave you because they believe they are better than you are!

Think about that for a moment and you will soon see that it is not about politics and it is not about your health at all!

2014 vote them out Politics

Voting Rights or Cough Syrup?

If you read the Headline below you might think that something terrible was happening in Texas, but the reality that headline is not an honest statement of fact.

GOP strips Voting Rights?

The truth about this news story is a simple thing it is about the death of unborn children!

That might seem dramatic but after you take away all the smoke and mirrors all the little twists of fact into fiction that is what they are talking about the ability of a doctor to terminate the life of a child after a certain number of days.

So contrary to what some people think this is not about voting rights, its not about Identification which is really funny in a way because you now have to show your ID to be able to purchase cough medicine over the counter…   

No this is about murdering children…  

And that my reading friends is unacceptable.

Radicals in Texas think that they can make Abortion after 20 weeks into a story about Voter ID?

That is just plain Stupid, but hey those funny liberals, if it were not so sad you would have to just laugh at how ignorant they really are.

 You may remember a few months ago when a woman in Texas attempted to take a few volunteers some allegedly PTP (paid to protest) and attempted to silence the majority of citizens in Texas who support the fact that 20 weeks is enough time to make a decision about aborting a child. 

This is a hard thing mostly because children are precious and beautiful.

However the idea that somehow voter ID is such a burden on woman voters that it is some kind of political theater.

Just know for sure that this is not the will of the people of Texas, most of these protesters were not even from Texas, (allegedly)

They can try all the smoke and mirrors tricks they want but in the end its about Texans voting in a valid election not strangers coming in from other states trying to influence political policy in Texas.

You can play with the facts and attempt to make this about Voter ID, but we all know the real story here and that is the truth.






voting rights struck down ?

If you believe the media you might think that the headline above would tend to indicate that something bad happened.

The truth is far from what the media might want you to believe.

Lets have a truthful and UN-biased look at the decision this week by the Supreme Court.