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Trump Rallies Media Twisted

So once again we saw where the media have attempted to create a double standard, all while keeping a straight face.

Difficult at any time but for the rest of humanity, (90 percent) we can see where the media attempt to twist the truth into the media lie.

It can be difficult to read between the lines on how the media tend to twist the truth into a lie.

For one thing they started blaming trump for violence at rallies but this was not correct and the media must have known it and if they did not know it how ignorant does that make them?

The media bias was presented as this is what you get when you exercise freedom of speech?

So, how is this correct or more correctly how is this incorrect?

Simple, protesters are not paid to be there, protesters were not responsible for these issues the people that did this were paid to do so, they were provided with expensive signs, they were trained on how to engage to disrupt free speech…

Think about that then look at what the media did by trying to blame trump…

They totally ignored that this was an organized attempt to silence the freedom of speech.

That is wrong.

This is why people do not trust the media because they are liars and they think they are smarter than everyone else, which is why they are really ignorant.


De blasio without a clue?

Many are furious about how the Mayor of New York has behaved over the last several months.

You may remember this gentleman as the man made a political statement that appeared to side against the police as a political statement.

He said a lot of things that created the events which led to the deaths of two police officers.

source.  Evidence has mounted in support of calls for the mayor’s resignation:

1. He infuriated police when he referred to seven protesters who assaulted two police lieutenants on the Brooklyn Bridge as “alleged” attackers even though the actions were clearly shown on video, while praising the “peaceful” protesters.

There are some serious problems when for political reasons you attempt to play the crowd in a way that makes you appear to be on their side, this has happened a number of times very recently including many very well known celebrities.

People giving public opinion based on what they “heard” on the news.

That is just wrong on so many levels I cannot even begin to understand why someone would do such a thing.

Former New York City Police Department Commissioner Bernard Kerik said de Blasio has created an environment of violence in the city. Police “feel that the mayor has abandoned them, called them racist, said publicly that they target the minority community, they harass people that don’t need to be harassed,” Kerik said. “This type of rhetoric has created this anti-cop, racist rhetoric, which is a lie.”


#Ferguson making it worse

Are we watching as the media make a presentation out of the misfortune of those that actually live in ferguson?

Yes, definitely, they had a split screen on TV the night of the decision.

They showed on one half the announcement and the other half of the screen they showed the protesters…


2014 vote them out Politics

Voting Rights or Cough Syrup?

If you read the Headline below you might think that something terrible was happening in Texas, but the reality that headline is not an honest statement of fact.

GOP strips Voting Rights?

The truth about this news story is a simple thing it is about the death of unborn children!

That might seem dramatic but after you take away all the smoke and mirrors all the little twists of fact into fiction that is what they are talking about the ability of a doctor to terminate the life of a child after a certain number of days.

So contrary to what some people think this is not about voting rights, its not about Identification which is really funny in a way because you now have to show your ID to be able to purchase cough medicine over the counter…   

No this is about murdering children…  

And that my reading friends is unacceptable.

Radicals in Texas think that they can make Abortion after 20 weeks into a story about Voter ID?

That is just plain Stupid, but hey those funny liberals, if it were not so sad you would have to just laugh at how ignorant they really are.

 You may remember a few months ago when a woman in Texas attempted to take a few volunteers some allegedly PTP (paid to protest) and attempted to silence the majority of citizens in Texas who support the fact that 20 weeks is enough time to make a decision about aborting a child. 

This is a hard thing mostly because children are precious and beautiful.

However the idea that somehow voter ID is such a burden on woman voters that it is some kind of political theater.

Just know for sure that this is not the will of the people of Texas, most of these protesters were not even from Texas, (allegedly)

They can try all the smoke and mirrors tricks they want but in the end its about Texans voting in a valid election not strangers coming in from other states trying to influence political policy in Texas.

You can play with the facts and attempt to make this about Voter ID, but we all know the real story here and that is the truth.





2014 vote them out

megyn kelly pepper head?

Well it appears that once again the producers at Fox news have once again engaged in what is clearly a poorly chosen exerciser in using the teleprompter and a certain blond news lady.

Watch video below warning you will see violence..

Which sort of goes to show you that even if you are well educated and a lawyer, that a teleprompter can often make you appear stupid, stupid, stupid.

See the video below, warning some viewers may become ill

At issue was a group of protesters, who were not causing any harm, nor were they physically causing a problem. But they were assaulted, by a man who had an attitude by his body language that he did not care what he did to those students, now what they were doing of course was wrong, but there is a better way to handle the problem.

See video below, warning this may upset some constitutional jurists.

Over the last few weeks we have seen many that just meekly (when asked) or when the police put their hands on them they complied and they were handcuffed and taken away under arrest. But not this time, this time they were sprayed with pepper spray, (which is what they wanted) The thing here is this are we not smarter than those we must make some allowance for in this situations, now if they were being treating, and if they were creating a problem where the officers were in fear for their safety then yes of course do what you can to effect an arrest but in this situation it just did not look good on national TV.


media bias again?

Can anyone beat the liberal media, and will Americans pay the price for
evil men who have no conscious?

Be very aware, we could be facing the second great depression very soon…

This content was received in an email,
(this contents are published here may not be the opinion of the owners of this website or its administrators)

Dear Patriot,
Over the last two weeks, we’ve seen a group of protesters called Occupy WallStreet grow from dozens to hundreds, and what had been a mostly peaceful protest in New York saw over 800 people arrested over the weekend for disturbing the peace. The demands of the group are unclear, and they’ve been protesting against issues ranging from the 2008 Wall Street bailouts to social inequality and global warming. With hundreds of arrests over the weekend, mainstream media coverage of the group has picked up, and there have been comparisons made between Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party movement. Unsurprisingly, however, there has been none of the hate and venom directed at Occupy Wall Street as there has been directed at us.

Let me say this: the greed on Wall Street – which the federal government rewarded in 2008 with trillions of dollars of taxpayer money – is a problem that must be addressed. Occupy Wall Street, however, is not the Tea Party! First, and perhaps most obviously, despite holding hundreds of rallies across the country, the Tea Party movement has not seen a single event in which it had 800 members arrested. Second, while Occupy Wall Street has drawn maybe 2,000 protesters across the country, the Tea Party protests of April 15, 2009 brought out literally hundreds of thousands of supporters in a single day.

Third, and perhaps most tellingly, Occupy Wall Street’s demands are chaotic, incoherent, and decidedly liberal. They haven’t published clear demands, but the group’s website has a list of “proposed demands” that calls for higher taxes, more regulation and bigger government! In fact, their efforts at advancing the liberal agenda have won them the support of labor unions, as well as professional liberal gasbags Michael Moore and Susan Sarandon!

It’s because of their espousal of these liberal beliefs that the mainstream media has been supportive of Occupy Wall Street. When the Tea Party movement launched in 2009, Anderson Cooper took to the airwaves to call us “teabaggers,” and since then we’ve been under constant attack as being racist, ignorant, hateful, enemies of America, hobbits, terrorists, and right-wing extremists. We’ve been looked down upon by big-government politicians, told that we’re insignificant, and told to go straight to hell.

Because of the unfair treatment of the Tea Party in the media, we’ve come to the conclusion that we need to communicate with people directly and introduce them to who we actually are. We’re not the hateful mob the media loves to portray us as – we’re average Americans who want our country back! We’re veterans, single mothers, blue collar workers and everyday patriots from all walks of life!

We’re putting the finishing touches on a very powerful television ad that I know you’re going to be proud to support. The ad is the first of many, and we’ll be airing it all across the country to introduce people to the real face of the Tea Party movement. This will be the first volley in a sustained ad campaign aimed at defeating the voices of the left that wish to shout us down with false accusations, and we know it will be effective!

We’ve put in the extra production time because we know this ad needs our very best. We’ve gone back, edited and re-edited the ad to make it as effective as possible, and now it’s time to start buying nationwide airtime. As we’ve been preparing for the ad buy, we’ve come to realize this will be a costly endeavor. In order to maintain a pervasive presence on the air, we must raise $150,000 this week. You can help us reach this goal by making a contribution of whatever you can afford.

This will be one of our most important projects going into 2012. The incessant barrage of attacks against the Tea Party movement must be countered with the truth! We need every patriot who is tired of hearing these attacks, tired of the liberal media trying to silence us, and tired of Barack Obama and his liberal allies in Congress pushing this country down the wrong path, to stand up and be heard! Please, make a generous donation to help us beat back these liberal attacks.

Without great patriots like you, we couldn’t fight to take our country back. We remain humbled and honored by your continued support.

Thank you,
Todd Cefaratti
Freedom Organizer

P.S. Our strength is in numbers. Please help our efforts by forwarding to a friend.


Police Arrest Protesters

Police Arrest More Than 700 Protesters

In a move that was inevitable, the police did what they do best, they imprisoned, oppressed, and subjected others to what they wanted to do.

For those of you that may not have been watching Television lately due to the fat that most of the time you cannot get “real” news anyway, what we have seen happening in Greece could be coming to a neighborhood near you soon.  The problem is that most of these protesters are voting age 20 to 35 years of age and they are angry and upset with some of the policies of the White House.

The one thing that the police under the alleged orders of the embattled Mayor and billionaire Bloomberg, are not considering is that what will they do when they have no more room to arrest and detain protesters.

What will happen when the day comes when 150,000 protesters show up.

When there are so many protesters that they cannot possibly arrest them all, what will they do then.

Will they shoot them, will they do as we have seen in the past, bring in tanks and begin to run over them in the streets.

If this sounds impossible consider that this is not the first time this has happened.

There is a method of dealing with protesters and this was not it, the fact here is that for every one police officer there are thousands of citizens.  That is where Mayor Bloomberg has made his mistake, consider what will happen next, what if there are 2000 protesters arrested next time.

How long will it take to process them, how many man hours will be needed, how much  money will be spent on this?

What about the court system already at the breaking point, what happens when cases begin to pile up higher and higher…

There is a way to handle this issue, setup a time and a place and let them protest, it would save the city millions of dollars.

However, that is not likely something that will happen simply because this mayor is not a real person, this mayor is a rich man who cannot understand what
It is like to find yourself working 60 hours and after you pay the bills you have barely enough to buy food or to keep your home warm in the winter.

Now that is what bloomberg does not understand about these protesters.

It is a bad thing to watch as we see people in the process of tearing their lives apart while the city makes plans to arrest them and to put them in jail.
Imagine how this is really a bad thing but even worse imagine that we have seen it all before and we failed to learn from our mistakes.

That is what is really interesting, is that we have seen this happen in the past but all our leaders did was to make larger jails, hire more police officers, and buy more guns.
They did nothing to prepare for this day and that is what a lot of these protesters are upset about, the real problem is not the protesters but the fact that many of the mayors and the
governors of this land have forgotten that there are more protesters than they can put in jail.

I hope someone in government pays attention before this gets out of hand, because really what they want is someone to pay attention and offer up a real solution to the problems that
these youth see as impossible to overcome, this is why they are taking to the streets because they see nothing has changed.

They see that the hope that was promised was not real, they see that the change that was promised never came.

Corruption was what they received, while only a small number of people get Union Jobs, most are working for the lowest wage.

While the rich pay no bank fees the poor are forced to pay for debit card fees.

Perhaps that sounds petty, but when you make only a few dollars a day, and some bank tells you sorry but were going to have to
start charging you for all our services, even if you dont need them, because your poor.

Now that can really be an insult if you a person that has so very little and the only alternative is to close your bank account, it is
like taking away the little hope that they have.

The youth are seeing that things are getting worse not better, they are beginning to see that this is not hope and there is no change.

But this does not have to be the way things go.

This does not have to be the way the biased news media has depicted it.

If you spend a little time listening to them, give them a venue to talk, give them a place where they can communicate what they feel, perhaps that would be
better than arresting them at every turn and forcing them in to what is really slavery.




TSA arrest mother of child

Is this the hope and the change you wanted?

Allegedly this story should make you ill, I apologize for even having to write it, however the more we examine what the TSA is doing the more we should be looking at a better way to manage our security than the eventual outcome of this type of thuggary, and that is "Papers Please"

Case in point  TSA homeland security, tsa careers, (perverts preferred allegedly) but is that fair?  perhaps not, however, it does seem that the rest of the known world do not have these problems, and yet they seem to be able to keep air port saftey nicely.

Tennessee Woman Arrested For Protesting TSA Grope of Her Daughters Crotch?

Excuse me, the TSA wanted to do what and I am truly sorry that this needs to be even talked about in this nation of the "Free" and home of the Brave, but really? 

This is what you want, this is the hope and the change you voted for?

This really is amazing, you have a 95 year old woman, who is asked to remove her "under garments" (really?)

Now a TSA agent allegedly wanted to grop a childs Groin and Crotch, and a mother rightly refuses and is arrested.

How long before they start shipping protesters in trains to "camps"

So this is what you want right?  This is the hope that you wanted?  This is the change that you wanted?

The TSA is continuing its criminalization of ordinary traveling Americans. A mother is arrested for protesting the TSA’s groping of her daughter’s crotch. Just another day in this country we still call America.


Why do Americans continue to fly?

Only the ignorant, the masochistic and the perverted would knowingly subject themselves and their family members to the humiliating groping–or naked body scans–of the Transportation Security Administration.

We’ll mark this mother down to the category of “the ignorant.”

Amazing stuff folks and you just cannot make this stuff up, and on top of that, its your Tax Dollars that are paying for this rude and crude treatment, you voted for this in 2008, yes you did.  I know its hard to find someone that will admit it, but it is true, this is the hope and the change that you can expect, can we really afford four more years of this kind of foolishness?

I think not.



Will Washingtons plans backfire

In many ways the idea of busing in protesters who are not even from the state where they are protesting is something that is likely morally wrong, if not criminally wrong, there must be some direction from Washington because what is happening right now is just not right.

Calling in sick then going to support organized labor events is something that is as UN American as you can get.

In times like these the best of what it means to be an American is coming together to do what needs to be done.

The state is broke it cannot afford to pay the obscene wages, budgets must be cut.

Changes must be made, we cannot simply continue on as we once did in the past, this year our health care cost have gone up, the cost of medicine has tripled, the cost of Gas is going up higher and higher, which means the cost of food will continue to go up and up and up.

Changes must be made if we are to continue, marshaling to protest will not do anything to stop the financial crisis in fact it will likely cause a drop in the stock market, which could further destabilize the United States of America, democrats could be said to be fermenting treason in its actions.

What the unions are doing here is wrong and it can only be hoped that they will do the right thing and help put Americans back to work, even if it means that they have to God forbid pay for their own health insurance just like the rest of us.

Will democrats see the light in time to prevent disaster?

In so many ways, the idea of publicly protesting using unions is against every thing this nation has fought for all these years.

Since the beginning of this nations history men have given their lives so that the rest of America could grow and live free from evil.


Vivian Schiller suggest Juan Williams is mentally ill?

No way this just happened, and they are not filling up the buses with protesters?

I mean, where is all the anger, the outrage, all the crazy marching in the streets?

Did a White Woman just say that Juan Williams is not as smart as she is?
is that what she suggested because, this is really scary, when this kind of thing can happen.

Did this just happen in the United States of America?

a White Woman, Firing a Black man, and then suggesting that the same black man is mentally ill by stating that he should be talking to a psychiatrist?

If there is any justice in this world this will not pass.

This is insane, This Woman needs to resign right now.

In what world does this kind of thing happen then they turn around and insult then insult the listeners intelligence.

Fire Vivian Schiller.

These people are allegedly sick and should be fired.