trump on Rove, is karl rove a washed up fat man?

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It used to be that Karl Rove was considered an intelligent man, some have said the smartest man in the room but that changed over the last four years and now we know the truth or we think that we should know the truth is Karl Rove actually a washed up old fat man or is he a stupid man?

Is Karl Rove a man who is blind?

Is he Deaf?

Is he Dumb?

Were not entirely sure but it appears that he is attempting to do something very stupid.

Imagine what would happen if a man decided that he would advocate for just 20 percent of the population over the objections of the 80 percent, what would you think about that?

I can tell you for sure that any man or woman who was so blind that they could not understand that the Constitution is valued by 80 percent of the American public, then they really have no voice.

They are not seeing things clearly.

Anyone that backs the loosing party in a war of truth is not a person that you want to invest time and money backing.

It has been reported that Karl Rove is in the process of using his great sized head to defeat the Tea Party Candidates, no matter who they are or how much backing they have, there have been rumors that Karl is secretly working for the democrats because no one believes his “Im so smart” drivel but no matter what the rumors are the truth is that no matter how much money you try to use to discredit a good man of the people will triumph.

Its just a matter of time before people realize that Karl is through in politics except for hiring out to the highest bidder, (allegedly)

What seems to be so disgusting is that Rove does not seem to realize how he appears to most Americans and perhaps he does not care but one thing seems completely clear 2014 will be a repeat of the 2010 election cycle.

This time the People will win…