the dragging feet

It appears that the media are continuing to spin the news and dragging their feet on making predictions.

They keep thinking that Trump will not win as many states as he is now winning but they keep trying to spin spin spin.


We know that the truth is not being told.


Weiner October surprise

Anthony Weiner may be behind the most monumental screw up of all time.

The truth is that people have no idea what is going on but it does appear that the media got wind of this issue and decided that they had pushed as far as they could go with bashing trump.

No matter what happens it is unlikely that this will result in a Clinton Prison Term however it will certainly cast more light on the sheer incredible numbers of amazing scandals at a time when the democrats hoped to have the media completely on their side.

Why did the Media stop pushing the false narrative that trump was being accused by women that some were proven to have been faked by the media?

Want to know even more?

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Trump Rallies Media Twisted

So once again we saw where the media have attempted to create a double standard, all while keeping a straight face.

Difficult at any time but for the rest of humanity, (90 percent) we can see where the media attempt to twist the truth into the media lie.

It can be difficult to read between the lines on how the media tend to twist the truth into a lie.

For one thing they started blaming trump for violence at rallies but this was not correct and the media must have known it and if they did not know it how ignorant does that make them?

The media bias was presented as this is what you get when you exercise freedom of speech?

So, how is this correct or more correctly how is this incorrect?

Simple, protesters are not paid to be there, protesters were not responsible for these issues the people that did this were paid to do so, they were provided with expensive signs, they were trained on how to engage to disrupt free speech…

Think about that then look at what the media did by trying to blame trump…

They totally ignored that this was an organized attempt to silence the freedom of speech.

That is wrong.

This is why people do not trust the media because they are liars and they think they are smarter than everyone else, which is why they are really ignorant.

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trump? Will he make it?

Donald Trump may be the front runner currently in some polls and this is more than likely a result of the media working to discredit him at every possible moment including late night entertainment shows which basically are just another distorted view of how the media really thinks.

On Conan oBrian apparently he and or the producers of that program think that making fun of Trump will keep him out of the race.

What appears to be happening is just the opposite.


Dishonest Press

Dishonest Press, Amazing stuff here folks, Mr. Trump talks about the things others are too afraid to talk about.

This interview is really amazing because you can see just how Mr. Trump really puts it all together, Now, were not saying that he is the best candidate but one thing is for sure, he is not afraid of the press and that is something we really need in this nation.

The press should not be so biased and Dishonest.

The following Video is not necessarily the opinion of this website or its owners.

Were interested in the content of this interview, not the agenda of the people who posted the video, but its interesting none the less.   Watch Video.


trump on Rove, is karl rove a washed up fat man?

[kc_heading_pac_16_pre_headline_11 size=”30″ color=”#d50000″ ]Really..[/kc_heading_pac_16_pre_headline_11]

It used to be that Karl Rove was considered an intelligent man, some have said the smartest man in the room but that changed over the last four years and now we know the truth or we think that we should know the truth is Karl Rove actually a washed up old fat man or is he a stupid man?

Is Karl Rove a man who is blind?

Is he Deaf?

Is he Dumb?

Were not entirely sure but it appears that he is attempting to do something very stupid.


Trump not serious

While it might seem like an interesting thing to the liberal media, Trump is not really a serious candidate for President.

While many people would like to see a popular candidate and it would be a good thing if there were such a candidate, like for real I would vote for Arnold Schwarzenegger right now, but sadly he is not qualified.

The thing is that Trump may be a good speaker and a good businessman, who has made and will make a lot of money, the truth is he is not presidential and he cannot win an election, Now the question becomes is he like a Joe Biden, Perhaps, he could be a vice presidential run, along with a serious candidate.

Again though is he really serious?

When your going to try to run for office in this nation, where apparently we do not use the kind of language you see on showtime at 11PM at night…

When you are going to try to run for office you do not talk about non issues, (all though the media has made more of an issue of the birth certificate than other people have)

Why you ask?  Simple it is a distraction from the politics of the day, which mean that they (the liberal media think) that people will forget that they are paying almost $5 per gallon for Gas, and that people will forget that food is getting higher and higher, and people are getting skinny, (the liberals think it is good for your to be skinny)

They think that they know what is best for you.

But are they really right or are they wrong?

Do you think that you should have no free will?

Do you think that you should not be able to choose?

They think that a woman’s body equals a choice, but when it comes to all other things, then you have no choice?


The way that liberals think is a twisted and convoluted process willed with ignorance and superstition.

Is this the hope and change that you voted for?

Do you want for more years of this kind of hope and this kind of change?


Trump for President?

Amazing news story, Are we standing by as Washington Destroys America?

Is this the hope and the change you voted for?

Is this what you wanted?

Watch the video and decide…


Trump Trumps Obama?

Yesterday, Trump was able to go live on TV before Washington was able to do so, in a news story about the infamous Birth Certificate, many have wondered just why with all the transparency and all the hope and all the change, Why did it take so long to reply?

Why so long to produce a certificate?

The story came out and while career politicians were playing games, trump came out and broke news before our leaders could break a news story.

Arizona law constitutionally fair

The controversial new Arizona law, which from what we can tell is perfectly legal in every way and appears to even be constitutional.

The puzzling thing here is why is the media so upset, because the people of the USA are not upset at all, in fact the latest polls are showing more than 60 percent approve of the notion of defending the borders of the US.


Is the Arizona law fair, well the better question here is this, Is it fair for all countries to have the right to enforce borders?

Try running across the border in Russia and see what happens to you, want a hint?

OK, you will have no problem finding all the bullet holes in your body…

Yes that is right, yet apparently the state department is apologizing for the constitution?

Think about that for a second…

You know this is all a bunch of left wing garbage, and if you dont believe in the constitution you can leave you can get out, you can quit and that goes for everyone who has ever sworn an oath to protect the constitution.

Either you are an American or you are not…

If you are upset about your brethren that are here illegally, then you are not American you need to go home.

Same thing goes for the miss America political garbage that trump is dishing out… Mr. Trump if you have no life, but having to go about finding gays and other homosexuals to ask political questions at what used to be a respected event but now is just a trash heap, then you can get out as well., Real Americans are not center left, Real Americans believe in the constitution.

We do not want or need people that are not American, when you swear an oath to defend the constitution that is what you had better well do… If you are here legally you have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Real Americans are sick of this Arizona garbage, Arizona is actually a great place and if you are an American you already know this, but if you are not an American, I just have one question for you,

If you don’t like it here and you don’t like to obey the law then you really dont have to stay here…

You can move to another country anytime you wish…